United Extending Status For Some, Reducing Elite Status Requirement For All For 2022


United is reducing elite status earning requirements for all MileagePlus members for 2022, while also extending status for some members.

United Airlines Airplane

Status Extension

Only certain MileagePlus members are having their status extended again for 2022 which means they’ll retain it through January 31, 2023.

This targeting is apparently being extended to “select members who were not able to engage with United at their accustomed level due to the pandemic restrictions.” That presumably means that it’s being extended to some flyers based on their activity in 2019 and possibly before.

If you have United Silver status as a result of earning/retaining Marriott Titanium status, your Silver status will already be getting extended automatically for 2022 thanks to Marriott extending status for all Bonvoy members themselves.

Reduced Status Earning Requirements

While only some members are getting their United MileagePlus status extended, everyone will have an opportunity to earn status with reduced requirements during 2022.

That’s because United is maintaining the earning thresholds that they introduced in 2021 to make it easier for members to earn status. As a reminder, here’s what the normal status earning requirements are along with how those requirements were reduced for both this year and next year.

United MileagePlus Elite Status Earning Requirements For 2021 & 2022

h/t TPG

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Reduced thresholds still not announced anywhere… Is it confirmed that’s the case again for 2022/23 ?


I trust TPG 🙂 – It’s just odd that 2 weeks before year’s end United still has info on 2022 (21 flying) quail only on their site :).


I am assuming the targeted people have already received the notification of extension?


I received an email today (Dec 6) – @5:17pm eastern – they may be starting to send them now.


I got notified today too!


Ok, thank you


I noticed it a few weeks ago, I think. I haven’t been notified in any way. The status tracker clearly shows I haven’t met the requirments for the status they gave me, but it still reads “Congratulations, you’ve already qualified…”