Up to 75K Lufthansa Miles & More miles w/ new offer


Barclays has increased the offer on the Lufthsansa Miles & MIle credit card to what I believe is an all-time high: Now get up to 75,000 bonus miles, though that will require significant spend in the first year. Still, Miles & More can be quite valuable points (you can sometimes fly round trip between the US and Europe for just 55K miles, so this offer could certainly be worth it.

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The Offer

To learn more about this card and find an application link, click the card name below to go to our dedicated page for the Lufthansa Miles & More card.

Card Offer

Key Card Details

Card Name w Details & Review (no offer)

$89 Annual Fee
Earning rate: 2X Miles & More
Base: 1X (1.3%)
Brand: 2X (2.6%)
Card Info: Mastercard World issued by Barclays. This card has no foreign currency conversion fees.
Noteworthy perks: Cardmembers receive a companion ticket and two complimentary Lufthansa Business Lounge vouchers after first purchase and each year after paying the annual fee

Quick Thoughts

Again, this offer could be terrific in the sense that Miles & More runs monthly deals like Flying Blue. However, Miles & More deals can be a much stronger value for premium cabins — offering chances to fly round trip to Europe from 55K miles at times. In fact, right now, they are running just such a Mileage Bargain from Chicago or Washington, DC.

However, and that’s a bold “however”, it was announced a few months ago that Miles & More intends to go to dynamic pricing. There has been no timetable announced and I would expect that we’ll have some notice before they make the change, but I have no idea how much. Collecting Miles & More miles is a bit of a gamble at the moment. That said, it might be a worthwhile gamble in the short-term if you’re able to meet the spend (and I have some ideas as to how you could) and take advantage of Mileage Bargains while you can.

On the other hand, Miles & More is a pretty niche program since it does not partner with any of the major transferable currencies, making the credit card your main method of topping off your miles. That could be slow going at 1x unless you are a heavy spender.

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Looks like there is a new Barclays Lufthansa Miles & More offer that is much easier achieve the bonus. 80k points for $3k spend in 3 months.

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[…] Up to 75K Lufthansa Miles & More miles w/ new offer […]

[…] Up to 75K Lufthansa Miles & More miles w/ new offer […]

[…] week, we found out that Barclays has increased the offer on the Lufthansa Miles & More credit card to an all-time high of up to 75,000 mile. Getting the full bonus requires $20,000 spend in the […]


Any idea when this offer expires?


pho tastee

just got approved for the Red AA bizz 75k from Barclays, what is the chance of getting approved for this card?


I just got that too only 65k because I won’t add another card holder . Pick ur cards WISELY I’m 2 out 4 in the last year but I have another B card + others I canceled in 5 years with them.

[…] Lufthansa Miles & More card 75,000 mile offer. Years ago when a Lufthansa card was first introduced into the market I let my miles expire, but it was far fewer miles than this. […]


This is a bit tangential to this discussion, but… Are Marriott Points transferable to Miles and More, or is it still frozen?


Miles expire. Beware.


Even the “mileage bargain” deals are irrelevant — surcharges on LH J metal have spiked to crazy heights of around ~1500$ for US-EU round trip. Worse than BA now and not worth getting baited into the Arrivals card over.


I got the Arrival+ card in June. Is this too soon for another Barclay’s card?


Do they have any partner sweet spots with using the miles for?


Best two sweet spots (IMO) are United business class domestically (20k OW) and United or Avianca business class to southern South America (56k OW). For most of their other redemptions you’re generally better off using other Star Alliance miles. And they pass on fuel surcharges on almost all their partners, which is why sticking to carriers like UA and AV makes sense.

Issue is that UA award space being available for partners is more of a question mark now that they’re in the process of abandoning their award chart. And of course the value proposition for LH miles drops even more once they go dynamic.

Personally I’d give this a hard pass unless you have a very clear idea of what you want to use them for, especially given the high spend requirement for the second tier. I’d also probably skip that second tier as I’d rather put that spend towards something else.


The only sweet spot that I can recommend is booking Lufthansa First class international flights since they can only be accessed by other star alliance programs within 14 days of departure (which seems to work well for full-time travel bloggers but has obvious limitations for those of us with normal jobs that need to actually plan our vacations).