US Bank Altitude Reserve Allowing Dining Purchases Towards $325 Travel Credit (Temporarily) + 3x On Dining


US Bank has announced a couple of enhancements to its Altitude Reserve card, both of which relate to dining purchases.

First up, the card’s $325 travel credit can be used towards dining purchases through December 31, 2020, similar to how the Hilton Aspire’s resort credit can temporarily be used towards dining purchases (although that’s only valid from June to August this year).

This is a great deal if you’re not likely to have any travel-related expenses before the end of the year and hadn’t already used up the travel credit. In fact, it could be even better than that because as Doctor of Credit notes, the $325 travel credit benefit is processed on a cardmember year basis rather than calendar year. If your Altitude Reserve is due to renew between June 1 and December 31, that should mean that you can get $650 back on dining purchases.

The second card enhancement is that you’ll earn 3x on dining purchases. While the Altitude Reserve earns 3x on mobile wallet purchases (and travel), that’s not always a viable option when paying for meals, so it’s great having this additional bonus category. I’m not sure if you’ll earn 3x on dining spend which is subsequently credited back from the travel credit change mentioned above though.

Doctor of Credit advises that these benefits went live on June 1, although there’s currently no mention of them on the landing page for the Altitude Reserve card. It might therefore be best to test out the credit with a small dining purchase (or wait for other data points) before dropping $325+ of dining purchases on the card, only to find out that the benefit doesn’t actually start until July 1 or something like that.

h/t Doctor of Credit

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