(EXPIRED) (Update: Targeted) Earn 4% Or 6% Cashback On Rakuten Visa At Grocery Stores, Restaurants & Mobile Wallet Purchases

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Update: Based on comments below, this unfortunately seems to be a targeted offer rather than being available for all Rakuten Visa cardholders. As per Philco’s & Stefan’s comments, other cardholders might get an offer for 4%, while others might not be targeted at all.


Rakuten Visa cardholders have struck it lucky this month as the card is offering bonused spend in a few different categories this month. Not only that, but they’re some great categories too – grocery stores, restaurants and mobile wallets.

Rakuten 6% Cashback Groceries, Restaurant & Mobile Purchases

The Deal

  • Earn an extra 5% cashback on purchases in the following categories on the Rakuten Cash Back Visa card for a total of 6% cash back, or
  • Earn an extra 3% cashback on purchases in the following categories on the Rakuten Cash Back Visa card for a total of 4% cash back:
    • Grocery Stores
    • Restaurants
    • Mobile Wallet Purchases

Key Terms

  • Expires June 30, 2020.
  • Please allow up to 90 days after the promotional period ends for the 6% Cash Back to post to your Rakuten Cash Back account.
  • Only one offer per account.
  • Transactions within other establishments (i.e. supercenters or warehouse clubs) may not apply. Synchrony does not evaluate whether merchants correctly identify and bill transactions, however, they do reserve the right to determine which transactions qualify for this offer.

Quick Thoughts

This is a fantastic deal because it seems like the 6% earnings are uncapped. That could make June a particularly rewarding month if you have the time and inclination to hit this hard.

What makes it even better is that Rakuten earnings can be converted to American Express Membership Rewards if your account is set up that way (see this post for more). 6x Membership Rewards with uncapped earnings at grocery stores is a potentially phenomenal deal and makes me wish I had this card.

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[…] Visa cardholders have been targeted for some decent offers recently. Last month some cardholders earned 4% or 6% at grocery stores, restaurants and on mobile wallet purchases, while a new offer has gone out today […]

[…] was one of the lucky ones who received this targeted offer for my Rakuten Visa card.  Since I earn Membership Rewards with my Rakuten account, for the month of June I was able to […]


I got nothing, nada.

[…] Update 6/4/20: Confirmed that this is targeted. Hat tip to FM […]


This may be a dumb question, but are online Paypal purchases considered mobile wallet?

Greg The Frequent Miler

I don’t think so


Nice: Shop everywhere you’re likely to get Covid-19 and get a rebate!
Are they giving 6x points on hospital bills?


That all depends on if an upside down can of whipped cream can cure what ails ya


Samsung Pay would probably work at the hospital. Uncapped 6X at the ER?! Woo Hoo!

Presuming “all goes well” with their test and I get targeted in the next round, I will use the card for groceries I order on-line that get delivered. The 2 stores I actually walk into (bakery around the corner and the local garden center) encourage mobile payment so no one touches the terminal.


I was not targetted. I called and spoke to an agent, and she said it was sent out to a select number of cardholders. She said, “If it goes well, we are planning to extend the offer to all cardholders between now and August.”

The question is, what needs to happen for Rakuten to think that it “went well”?


probably targeted folks not spending thousands of dollars on buying GCs I suppose LOL

Greg The Frequent Miler

LOL, great question. My guess is that they’re looking to see if those who received the offer end up using the card much more than before. In my case that’s exactly what is happening.


No offer for me….I guess hundreds of thousands of MR were enough…..

Stefan Krasowski (Rapid Travel Chai)

4% offer for me. Was great until I heard other got 6%. Now I will pout and not do it.


Is this a targeted offer? I have the Rakuten visa and I wasn’t notified about this.


I haven’t gotten anything either.


You might want to mention it seems targeted. Some folks got this offer, some got a lesser offer and some got nothing at all. Unless you know this is an offer that is valid even for folks who didn’t receive the email.


DoC had an article a day or two back. There was a 4% offer and a 6% offer email so I think targeted (else why two offers). I got an email that day around the time that others were getting those offers but my email was just a reminder of the standard features. I am going to test but not particularly hopeful.


Is this targeted or open to all Rakuten cardholders?