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Welcome to the new Frequent Miler Week In Review series. Every Saturday we recap what you might have missed from Frequent Miler during the week and bring you some of the best posts from around the web. Enjoy!

This Week From Frequent Miler

A faster way to add money to your PayPal account – A look at Paypal’s move away from reload cards to a “load at the register” system.

Citi adds Virgin Atlantic as a transfer partner – Citi continues to enhance the ThankYou points program with an additional partner.

My manufactured spend strategy – A look at my manufactured spend goals and what methods I use towards reaching those goals.

Amex’s crazy PointsMatch scheme. How to make the most of it – Summary of a new targeted Amex offer allowing the use of Membership Rewards to book flights on American & United.

How to get 30,000 miles & lots of satellite TV for free – Analysis of current DIRECTV offers for both new and existing customers.

Surviving (and thriving) Delta 2015 – A look at recent changes to Skymiles and the sweet spots and best approaches to the program.

Using the Citi Prestige 4th night free benefit – The math of using the card’s 4th night free benefit compared to other booking options available.

Bet You Didn’t Know: How to setup credit fraud alerts by text or email – A detailed summary and description of how to setup alerts for each of the major banks.

This Week Around the Web

How I Saved 47% On My Last Flight With a Fake Location – A look at how changing your country on an airline’s website can result in significant savings.

How to Gift Card Churn Like A Pro – Finding the Best Rate – One part of a series on buying and reselling gift cards.

Mileage Expiration Rules – A list of airline, hotel & bank loyalty programs and their corresponding mileage expiration rules.

Shopping Cart Trick – Get Credit Cards Without the Hard Pull – How to get some store branded credit cards without a hard credit inquiry.

Most Underrated Credit Cards As Chosen By Your Favorite Bloggers – A variety of interesting responses from over 30 points & miles bloggers.

Regional: new AAA Visa gift card daily limits – Using AAA Visa gift cards for manufactured spend and why a new daily limit may be a good thing.

Churning Citi Checking Account Bonuses – The Offers, Strategy & Real World Experiences – A look at two lucrative Citi checking account bonuses and the best strategy for getting them.

Have a great weekend!

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This is another case where the scores you show do not mean anything with these particular issuers. You are about two years after BK filing. I would consider it pretty good that you have some cards currently. These huge bonuses are offered because it attracts high tier credit users with lower risks to the companies. Unless Greg thinks otherwise, I think it could be a few years or more before you can get these bonuses. However it would be interesting for you to post some of the card product you have now to see what issuers. If those are unsecured cards I tend to think they are not from Citi, Amex, Barclays, US Bank etc.



My wife and I had a Chapter 7 BK discharged in March of 2012.
We’ve rebuilt our credit since then…she has a 710 score and me a 700. We currently have 5 available credit cards for nearly $18,000 total limit. We always pay them off every month to avoid interest and don’t usually carry more than 3,000 in balances. We’ve had these credit cards for varying amount of time, but used them to start rebuilding credit 3 years ago. We also have 2 car loans now for 7 months with no missed payments.

We’ve done everything we need to do in rebuilding credit, but are still not able to get approved for these nice mileage bonus points cards yet.

Is it one of those things that no matter what your score you need to be a certain amount of years outside of your bankruptcy to qualify? Curious to know when it would be best for us to try and get approved for one of these again.

Greg The Frequent Miler

That’s great that you’ve for such a good job rebuilding your credit!. I don’t have experience with bankruptcy so can’t say how long it will take before you get credit card approvals again