Weeks 4 & 5 Of Daily Getaways Announced – 20% Off Marriott GCs, Cheap(er) Hyatt Points & More


The final two weeks of Daily Getaways deals have been announced and there are at least two that could be of interest – Marriott gift cards and Hyatt points.

Daily Getaways 2019 Week 4
Daily Getaways 2019 Week 4

You can find week 4 deals here and week 5 deals here. May 30 will see three denominations of Marriott gift cards go on sale for 20% off. There’ll only be 200 of the $500 denomination with a limit of 1, 252 of the $250 denomination with a limit of 2 and 1,070 of the $100 denomination with a limit of 3. Those sell out extremely quickly, so you’ll want your finger on the trigger just before 1pm ET on May 30.

The day before, Hertz points will be going on sale for between 4.23cpp and 5.09cpp. I’m not familiar enough with Hertz points to know how good of a deal that is, but I’m sure that in some cases you’ll be able to get good value out of those points.

Daily Getaways 2019 Week 5
Daily Getaways 2019 Week 5

On the penultimate day of Daily Getaways you’ll have the opportunity to buy World of Hyatt points. Those are going on sale in packages costing between 1.04cpp and 1.1cpp. If you have a specific redemption in mind, you could certainly get outsized value by buying these. For example, each package means you’d effectively be paying ~$55 for award nights at category 1 properties as those cost 5,000 points per night.

The final Daily Getaways deal will be Hilton Honors points. All three packages will be selling points for 0.5cpp which is the rate at which you can often buy them, so it’s not a once in a lifetime Daily Getaways year opportunity. The RRV of Hilton points is 0.45cpp so that’s another strike against the packages, but if you’re short on their points and can redeem for far more than 0.5cpp, it’s worth considering.

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