Wells Fargo to add transfer partners and launch new Autograph card


Wells Fargo has historically been a minor player in the points and miles universe, primarily due to its lack of cobranded cards or a currency that transfers to travel partners (outside of the Bilt card).

The bank dipped into the cobrand world earlier this year when it took over the portfolio of Choice Privileges cards, while adding some very good welcome offers in the process. Then, over the last couple of months, Wells Fargo has been telling cardholders (via monthly statements) that the ability to transfer to partners would be added in some fashion to its points-earning cards. Originally, it said that this would occur on November 15th but it’s now expected to happen on December 10th. We still don’t which partners will be added or what the transfer ratios will be.

Today, it became public that the bank recently filed trademarks for two new Autograph cards and even briefly made the initial welcome offer and earning details public on one of them. Things are starting to get a little more interesting on the ‘ole stagecoach. (h/t: DOC)

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What’s Happening with Wells Fargo

  • Wells Fargo is expected to add transfer partners in some form to its points-earning cards on December 10th.
  • It has filed trademarks for two new Autograph cards: the Autograph Journey and the Autograph Beyond.
  • There was briefly a public web page that gave details for the Autograph Journey card. The page has since been taken down, but here’s what it was showing:
    • Initial Welcome Offer: 60,000 points after $4k spend in first 90 days
    • Annual Fee: $95
    • Earns 3x at:
      • Entertainment
      • Food/Drink Establishments
      • Fuel/Charging Stations
      • Telecommunication Services
      • Transport
      • Travel
      • 1x Everywhere else

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Quick Thoughts

Well, well, well(s). Wells Fargo has never moved the needle much for most of us in the hobby and didn’t seem to care much about competing with other banks’ portfolios of cobranded cards and transferable currencies. It appears that’s about to change and possibly in a potentially exciting way. While it’s not unheard of for companies to file trademarks for new card names that never see the light of day (ahem, Citi), the fact that there is a launch page and specific URL for the Autograph Journey seems to indicate that there’s fire in the smoke…and it’s coming this way soon.

We don’t know the details of the transfer partners that Wells Fargo will be adding and, maybe more importantly, don’t know whether or not they will be at a 1-1 transfer ratio. If that is the case, these cards could be very interesting. Being able to earn 3x transferable currency on restaurants, gas stations, travel and entertainment on one card would be competitive with some of our other favorite cards (although it should be noted that the current welcome offer on the Chase Freedom Unlimited gives you a minimum of 3x everywhere for one-year).

It should be noted that the Autograph Journey’s bonus categories bear a striking resemblance to the current Autograph card. That makes me think that it either will be a replacement for the current no annual fee card or that it will need to be paired with an Autograph Journey card in order to transfer to partners. If the regular Autograph does stick around in its current form and transfers 1-1 to partners, it would make it one of the more attractive free cards out there.

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[…] It is good to see another bank jump into the travel rewards space I guess. I wish it was not Wells Fargo but it is as they appear to make a serious effort finally. We’ll soon find out more and especially the travel partners to be announced soon. Some old timer hobbyists took this bank to the cleaners earning almost unlimited 5% cash back, a hole they let wide open for a very long time. I guess the bank finally overcame that trauma to get back in the saddle lol. I am not talking anything illegal of course, just legendarily badly run. Anyway, something to look forward to I guess and definitely do not plan to go big most likely: Wells Fargo to add transfer partners and launch new Autograph card. […]

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Well, if Wells is serious, they need drastic changes in their approval process. We’ve been a WF customer for decades. Had an ancient WF card we rarely used, plus a never-used business card they gave when I opened a biz checking account. Applied for their 2% cash card and was denied for having ‘too much existing credit’ with WF. Crazy underwriting.

[…] buddies over at Doctor of Credit, Miles to Memories, and Frequent Miler published articles over the last few days about the upcoming Wells Fargo Autograph Journey credit […]

Michael Y

Anyone think it might be wise to apply for this card in the off chance it might be converted to the new $95 card, with the chance to be grandfathered with no annual fee?


I think you are asking whether to apply for the current no fee version of the card. The SUB is a lot less (30k). I think there is a decent chance they would waive the AF for 1 year, but I don’t know if they would waive it for 3 or more (which would be needed to make up for the lower SUB). Personally I would probably pass on that strategy.



Paul hernandez jr

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Last edited 4 months ago by Tim Steinke

Another Q devotee heard from.


I wondered when the Bilt card became a Wells Fargo if that might lead to WF playing the game. It’ll be interesting to see what they have as far as transfer partners. The points above look pretty solid for a $95 card.


Wells needs a travel portal with an earn rate akin to the Chase UR travel portal. If they don’t, it’s hard to get excited.


Just a random data point on the Choice Privileges card: I had the old no AF Barclays card that was converted. Have not used it since the conversion. A couple days ago I received a promo saying something to the effect of “we see you haven’t used your new card. Spend at least $100 and get 8000 Choice points.” Definitely one of the better recent spend promos I have received. Maybe they want in on the points/miles crowd?


And I received the same offer in the mail yesterday.


‘seems to indicate that there’s fire in the smoke…and it’s coming this way soon.’ – LoL!!

Waiting patiently for December 10! Can’t wait!

Thanks Tim!