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This is a quick note for those interested in attending this year’s Star Mega DO (basically a big party on a chartered jet for frequent flier fanatics, hosted by United Airlines).  If you’re interested, you probably know that getting a spot on this DO is harder than finding and booking low level award availability on Delta.  Fortunately, the Milepoint Kiva team has come up with a chance to win a spot on the DO (note: this doesn’t pay for the DO, it just gives you a chance to pre-book (if you win) so that you can pay for the DO).  Here is the text taken from this Milepoint post:

Kiva to the DO: Win a SMD4 Pre-Booking Opportunity

Win a StarMegaDO 4 early bird booking opportunity** by supporting Milepoint Kiva group loans. Recently, friends of the Kiva Lending Team generously purchased TWO Pre-Booking slots for the SMD4 and are giving them away to interested members of the Milepoint Kiva Lending Team. A drawing will be held for these slots to any Milepoint Kiva member who supports one of our group loans — starting now through July 3rd (12 pm MT/Noon).

How to Enter
1) You must be or become a member of our Milepoint Kiva team; 2) Have a public profile so we can identify you; 3) Support one of our group loans on the Helping Each Other to Save Some More Loans thread by July 3rd (12 pm MT/Noon). Winners will be notified July 4/5.

Each member will get one entry, regardless of the number of loans they support. Two winners will be chosen.

This MegaDO is expected to be a quick sell-out, so this pre-booking opportunity is sure to be … priceless.

** pre-booking opportunity does not include the actual cost of the MegaDO event.

This Mega DO runs during my son’s birthday so I’m not planning to attend.  That makes one less competitor for those valuable seats…

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I saw that Frequent Flyer University is also giving away an all expense paid seat if anyone is interested. Hopefully The Points Guy runs his MegaDO contest too!

Grant Thomas

How much does a typical MEGA DO cost?


Grant Thomas: This one with cost $1000 for coach. You can read more here: