Chase World of Hyatt Credit Card

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Chase World of Hyatt Credit Card
Up to 45K points ⓘ Non-Affiliate
Up to 45K: 30K after $3K spend plus 1 extra point per dollar for non-bonused spend, up to $15K spend in 6 months.
$95 Annual Fee

Click here to learn how to apply
This is NOT an affiliate offer. We always present the best offer even when it means less revenue for Frequent Miler
This card is subject to Chase's 5/24 rule.
Information about this card has been collected independently by Frequent Miler. The issuer did not provide the details, nor is it responsible for their accuracy.
FM Mini Review: Great card for welcome bonus and annual free night. Might be worth using regularly for additional free night and as a path to status.
Earning rate: ✦ 2X restaurants / cafes / coffee shops, airlines, local transit, fitness clubs and gym memberships ✦ 4X Hyatt
Base: 1X (2.1%)
Travel: 2X (4.2%)
Dine: 2X (4.2%)
Brand: 4X (8.4%)
Card Info: Visa Signature issued by Chase. This card has no foreign currency conversion fees.
Big spend bonus: One free Cat 1-4 night certificate after $15K spend in a calendar year. ✦ Get 2 elite qualifying night credits every time you spend $5K in purchases
Noteworthy perks: ✦ Free category 1-4 night every year upon renewal ✦ Additional free category 1-4 night after $15K spend in calendar year ✦ Discoverist elite status ✦ 5 elite qualifying nights

Application Tips

Chase Application Tips

  • Shut-Down Caution: Signing up for new Chase cards can lead to Chase reviewing your accounts. This may lead to Chase shutting down all of your accounts if you appear to be a credit risk. See this post for details and recommendations: Why Chase shutdowns have increased and how to avoid them.
  • 5/24 Rule: With most Chase cards, you won't get approved if your credit report shows 5 or more cards opened in the past 24 months. Details here.
  • 24/48 Month Rule: With most Chase cards, you can get the same card and bonus again 24 months after having received the bonus as long as you no longer have the card open. With Sapphire cards, you must wait 48 months. No wait is required for Chase Ink cards.
  • 30 Day Rule: It is tough to get approved for more than 2 Chase cards within 30 days
  • Get Same Card Again: You can get the same exact card and again if you first cancel the older card and follow the 24/48 month rule. Ink cards are OK to get again without cancelling previous card if you apply with a new business.
  • Better Offers: You may be able to get a better offer than the best available public offer. Details here.
  • Hard inquiries combine into 1 when approved same day (not always true when mixing business and personal)

Call (888) 338-2586 to check your application status
If denied, call reconsideration here:1-888-270-2127 for both personal and business cards

Related Cards (Hyatt)

Card Offer
60K points ⓘ Affiliate
60K after $5,000 spend in 3 months
$199 Annual Fee
This card is subject to Chase's 5/24 rule.
Up to 45K points ⓘ Non-Affiliate
Up to 45K: 30K after $3K spend plus 1 extra point per dollar for non-bonused spend, up to $15K spend in 6 months.
$95 Annual Fee
This card is subject to Chase's 5/24 rule.
Information about this card has been collected independently by Frequent Miler. The issuer did not provide the details, nor is it responsible for their accuracy.

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Looks like the sign up bonus increased to 65K points in my Chase app: 35K bonus after $3000 spend and 2x points up to $15K spend

Tim Steinke

Interesting. We’ve heard that offer would be changing, maybe that’s what it’s headed to. Note that it’s actually 50,000 points, because they’re including the 1x that you would get normally get on the card from the 15K spend as part of the “bonus.” We’ve refused to display it that way because we find it misleading.


FYI, Greg’s link shows up to 30,000 More Bonus Points by earning 2 Bonus Points total per $1 spent in the first 6 months from account opening on purchases that normally earn 1 Bonus Point, on up to $15,000 spent.

Robert David

Hello! Just a quick heads up: the alternate World of Hyatt personal card offer above includes a Category 1-4 Certificate, not a 1-7. See the terms here.


I am a Globalist and I am thinking of signing up the WOH credit card. I have a question and hope someone can help to answer. If I stay at a property that offers double points rate (I believe it is 1 base point + 1 bonus point) and I decide to pay with my WOH CC. So say my hotel bill is $1000. Then with all the bonus and status I have here, how many points will I get on this transaction?

Since I only travel a few times each year, I am trying hard to see how I can maintain my Globalist status.

Appreciate your help

Greg The Frequent Miler

Base Hyatt earnings w/out credit card: 5 points per dollar
With Globalist 30% bonus: 6.5 points per dollar
With double points: 6.5 + 5 = 11.5 points per dollar
Hyatt cc adds 4 points per dollar = 15.5 points per dollar
$1,000 room rate charge (not counting taxes & fees) x 15.5 = 15,500 points
Only 5 x 1000 = 5000 will be base points though that count towards elite status.


What is a “Resy” offer?
Do not understand why to spend $15K for another Category 1-4 Hyatt room? You get the free night every year after paying the annual fee. That $15K could be better used elsewhere. If needed just spend $100. for a Hyatt room. Or buy Four nights at Hyatt and get higher status….that would still cost less than $15,000. Respectfully submitted. Thank you.

Nick Reyes

“Resy” has nothing to do with the World of Hyatt card, but to answer your question that refers to the best current offer on the Amex Platinum card. Restaurant reservation website Resy has a better offer for the Amex Platinum card than if you applied for the Platinum card through a referral or affiliate link or if you went directly to the Amex website. It is the standard Amex Platinum card, but the welcome offer is an all-time-high 125K points after $6K in purchases in the first 6 months *plus* 15x at restaurants worldwide and when you Shop Small in the US. That’s better than you’ll find anywhere else and that high offer is only available when clicking through the offer from the Resy site (note that Amex owns Resy and the application link from Resy does bring you to the Amex site to apply, but you have to start at Resy). We have a convenient link to that off on our Amex Platinum card page (as well as more information about the offer and the card):

In terms of spending on the World of Hyatt card:

1) $15K spend gets you several things:
-An additional Category 1-4 free night certificate (all cardholders get the annual free night certificate, those who spend $15K on the card during a single year get an additional second certificate)
-6 elite nights (since this card provides 2 elite nights per $5K spend)
-15K Hyatt points (since the base earning is 1x)

Whether or not it is worth putting $15K spend on the Hyatt card comes down to how much you value the elite night credits and the free night certificate.

One could easily use the free night certificate for a hotel that costs $200-$300 per night. During peak travel periods, if you can find availability, sometimes it can be far more valuable (Greg used one a few years ago at a hotel over the Christmas/New Year’s period when the hotel he chose was charging around $1,000 per night).

If you would use the free night certificate on a night that otherwise costs $100, then it certainly would be a poor return on your spend. However, if you value Hyatt points at our reasonable redemption value of 1.5c per point and you value the free night certificate at even just $200, spending $15K on the card can represent a decent return:

-$225 (15K points at 1.5c per point)
-$200 (valuation for a free night certificate)
$425 back on $15K spend = 2.83% back

Getting 2.83% back on otherwise unbonused purchases can be a solid deal. If you would use the points and/or certificate for far more value, spending $15K could be an even better deal. And that’s to say nothing of the elite nights: if those would help you qualify for Globalist status or reach a valuable milestone benefit that you otherwise wouldn’t, that can be icing on the cake.

It’s not necessarily a slam dunk. If you would otherwise put that $15K in purchases toward other welcome bonuses, then you could definitely come out far ahead. But if you aren’t constantly opening other new cards for welcome bonus spend, spending $15K on this card can be a good deal for Hyatt fans.


Almost end of 2021. Regarding Hyatt CC $15,000 in spend yielding a cat1-4 bonus night, two questions: first, how quickly do these bonus nights based on $15k spend hit our account? We don’t have to wait till our anniversary do we?

And…if we did $15k in December and $15k in January, that would yield two nights right? And with P2 involvement that could be four nights, right?

$60k in spend….opportunity costing or knocking???


Greg – the current public offer is better than your affiliate offer above (just thought you should know).


Actually not true – you just do the math correctly as it’s really just 45k “bonus points” over the 15k you’d earn on that spend – but you promoted it differently 🙂

David Ramirez

looks like the old Hyatt offer is dead. I am receiving this message/

The offer your are attempting to access is no longer available, you will be redirected to the most current offer. If you are not automatically redirected, click here.

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