Ludicrously easy path to Hyatt Globalist status (top-tier status for 2 years!)

Update 2/22/2021: Reminder that most of Hyatt’s overlapping promos end Feb 28. Make sure your checkout date is Feb 28 or earlier.

Update 1/8/21: Reminder that you must register for both Bonus Journeys and Free Nights on Sale (rebate on award stays) by January 15th. Even if you’re not sure that you’ll use these promotions, it makes sense to register while you can just in case. Nick can confirm that all of his bonus nights posted from Bonus Journeys and he now has 60 elite nights and all of the choice benefits in his account. Skip to the Ludicrously easy path to Hyatt Globalist status post here.

Update 1/7/21: One Mile at a Time reports that the bonus elite nights are starting to now post in batches. Ben also notes that individual members may see the bonus nights post in multiple batches in a single account — so if you don’t see all the nights right away, Relax: your elite stuff will post. As of 2:09pm Eastern, I do not yet have my bonus nights, but I’m sure they’re coming.

UPDATE: Hyatt intends to post bonus elite nights early!  Those enrolled in Hyatt’s Bonus Journeys promo (Register here by Jan 15), earn a bonus elite night for each night earned from actual stays through Feb 28 2021.  The original terms stated that bonus elite nights would post after the end of the promotion (i.e. in March), but One Mile at a Time reports (and we’ve since confirmed) that Hyatt is planning to post bonus elite nights this week for stays already completed, and then once every two weeks going forward.
Now that Hyatt has slashed 2021 elite status requirements and extended several lucrative promos, it will be ludicrously easy to earn top-tier Hyatt Globalist elite status early in 2021. That status will then last through February 2023!

Hyatt has many overlapping promotions that now extend through Feb 28 2021. Plus, they’ve cut in half the requirements for earning elite status in 2021. Taken together, it will now be super easy to earn top tier status 2021!

Table of Contents


Elite Status Requirements Cut in Half

For those seeking to earn Hyatt elite status in 2021, Hyatt has cut in half the requirements. Here are the new requirements for each elite level:

Membership Level Elite Nights Usually Required Elite Nights Required in 2021 Key Benefits
Discoverist 10 5 2PM late check-out; Earn Hyatt points w/ AA spend
Explorist 30 15 Match to M life Gold; Room Upgrade
Globalist 60 30 Waived resort fees on all stays; Suite upgrades, 4PM late check-out; Club access or free breakfast; Free parking on award stays; Guest of Honor bookings

For those who earn status through spend at Hyatt properties, the requirements for earning status through base points has also been cut in half.  For example, in 2021 you can earn Globalist status by earning 50K base points instead of the usual 100K.  This would require $10K calendar year spend at Hyatt.  Most people will do better earning status through stays.

What are tier qualifying nights?

Tier qualifying nights are often referred to as “elite nights”. With many hotel chains, you can earn elite status by acquiring a number of tier qualifying elite nights each year. For example, Hyatt usually requires earning 30 elite nights per year to achieve mid-tier Explorist status, or 60 elite nights for top-tier Globalist status, but they’ve cut those numbers in half for 2021. Additionally, Hyatt offers “Milestone Rewards” which are perks like free lounge access, free nights, bonus points, etc. Milestone Rewards are earned within a calendar year when you achieve 20 elite nights, and every 10 elite nights after that up to 100. Read more about Hyatt elite status and Milestone Rewards in our World of Hyatt Complete Guide.

Overlapping promos

Here’s a summary view of all Hyatt promos that extend into 2021 (make sure to register for each!):

  • Bonus Journeys: October 1, 2020 through Feb 28, 2021 (Register by Jan 15)
    • Earn double elite nights, with base elite nights credited to the check-out year and bonus elite nights credited towards 2021.  In other words, any stays with a check-out date in 2021 and by Feb 28th will earn double elite nights.
    • Earn triple points (15 points per dollar) at all Hyatt properties, participating MGM Resorts, Small Luxury Hotels of the World locations, and Lindland Expedition experiences.
    • Earn quadruple points (20 points per dollar) at select properties (Find the full list here). Hyatt cardholders only.
  • Free Nights on Sale (Up to 25% back): July 8, 2020 – Feb 28, 2021 (Register by Jan 15)
    • Points rebate: 25% back for Hyatt cardholders; 15% back for everyone else
    • Free parking on award stays
    • Triple base points per dollar spent on dining at Hyatt properties.

Note that as far as I know the following promos have not (yet) been extended into 2021:

  • Miraval BOGO: July 15, 2020 through December 31, 2020 (call and Use offer code World of Hyatt Miraval BOGO at time of booking). No registration required.
  • AA 3X Miles (targeted): September 22, 2020 through December 31, 2020 (Register by Oct 31)

Top Tier Hyatt status: Why chase Globalist?

Breakfast at the Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht. Breakfast is free for Hyatt Globalist members.

In my opinion, Hyatt offers the best top-tier elite perks of any hotel chain.  Top tier Globalist elites get free upgrades including standard suiteswaived resort fees on paid nights (resort fees are waived on award nights for all members), free breakfast or club accessfree parking on award nights, etc.  Mid-tier Explorist status, meanwhile, offers very few meaningful perks.  In my opinion, Globalist status is worth a lot.  Explorist status is worth very little.

Room service breakfast at the Park Hyatt Vendome in Paris.  A number of top Hyatt properties offer free room-service breakfast as an option for Hyatt Globalists.
Hyatt lounges typically include a full breakfast, afternoon canapés, and evening dessert.  Often free wine and beer is available during set hours as well.  Shown here is the outdoor deck of the Grand Club at the Grand Hyatt NYC. Hyatt club access is always free for top tier Globalist elites. Those with club access awards can also get in free on points or cash stays, but not when a free night certificate is used.

Milestone rewards

It’s important to understand that some of the perks that people associate with Hyatt Globalist status are actually earned with Milestone Rewards.  These are rewards that are earned when you hit different milestones of elite nights.  Suite Upgrade Awards, a free night category 1-7 certificate, and access to My Hyatt Concierge are Milestone benefits, not elite benefits.  Therefore if you earn elite status with only 30 elite nights, you won’t earn those perks.

This chart shows the details:

Completely separate from elite status, Milestone Rewards are available to everyone and are based on the number of nights you stay in a calendar year. Club Lounge Access Awards and Suite Upgrade Awards are valid for the rest of the current calendar year and 14 months beyond. Free night awards are valid for 180 days from the date issued. FIND Experience discount must be used within 6 months of issuance.

More details about Milestone Rewards, including value estimates, can be found here.

How to earn 2 years of top-tier status

Earn 30 Elite Nights

Hyatt’s top-tier Globalist status usually requires earning 60 tier-qualifying elite nights within a calendar year, but in 2021 it requires only 30 elite nights.  The key to earning 2 years of status is to earn 30 elite nights early in 2021.  Once you do, you’ll have Globalist status for the rest of that year, all of the next year, and through February of the year after that.  If you earn Globalist status in 2021, you’ll keep that status through February 2023.

Earn Double Elite Nights

Thanks to the Bonus Journeys promotion, all stays with a checkout date between January 1 and February 28 2021 will earn double elite nights in 2021.  15 nights at Hyatt hotels (with check-out dates between Jan 1 and Feb 28) will be enough to earn top-tier Globalist status for 2 years!  Make sure to register for the Bonus Journeys promo.

Double Elite Night Q&A

  • Do award stays count? Yes
  • Do free night certificate stays count? Yes
  • Do Points + Cash award stays count? Yes
  • Do bonus elite nights count towards Milestone Rewards? Yes
  • Do elite nights from World of Hyatt credit card spend count? No
  • What happens with stays that span December and January? For example, if I stay Dec 28 – Jan 4 (7 nights), how many tier qualifying nights would be awarded for 2020 and how many for 2021?  Elite nights are earned based on the checkout date. So, in this example, the 7 night stay would earn a total of 14 elite nights in 2021 and zero nights for 2020.
  • What happens with stays that are entirely within 2020? For stays with a checkout date in 2020, you’ll earn the usual number of elite nights this year and the same number again in 2021.  So while you won’t earn double elite nights in 2021, this year’s stays with checkout dates between Oct 1 and Dec 31 will help with qualifying for status in 2021.  All of this assumes of course that you’ve registered for the Bonus Journeys promo.

World of Hyatt Credit Card

Note: This section was written in late 2020 when the World of Hyatt welcome bonus included 10 elite nights in 2020 and 10 in 2021.  The usual deal is that cardholders get 5 elite nights each year.

Even easier status with the World of Hyatt credit card: Those who applied for the card under the current no longer available offer (good through the end of the year 2020) will earn 10 elite nights in 2020 and again in 2021.  All other cardholders automatically earn 5 elite nights each year.  Plus, the card offers 2 elite nights with each $5K of spend.  Without considering the latter, those starting with 10 elite nights would only need to stay 10 nights with checkout dates between Jan 1 and Feb 28 to earn Globalist status.  Those with the usual 5 elite nights would have to stay 13 nights during that period.


Here’s a high level view of how this can work for someone who signs up for the World of Hyatt credit card by the end of the year:

  1. Get 10 elite nights automatically from the credit card (thanks to the current welcome bonus, found here).
  2. Book 10 nights worth of stays. These can be award nights booked with points or paid nights booked through Hyatt (don’t book through a 3rd party like Expedia though as you won’t earn elite nights that way).  All check-out dates must be between Jan 1 and Feb 28 2021.
  3. Thanks to earning 3X or 4X points on paid stays or up to 25% back on points stays, these stays will be much more rewarding than usual.  Other overlapping promos can also make the stay more rewarding and/or less expensive.
  4. After each stay, you should earn double elite nights.  In other words, a 5 night stay will earn 10 elite nights.
  5. After your elite nights post from your stays, you should have 30 elite nights.  With that, you’ll earn top tier Globalist status plus the Milestone Rewards that are offered at 20 and 30 nights:
    • 1 category 1-4 free night certificate
    • 4 useless club access awards (as a Globalist you won’t need them and can’t transfer them)
  6. Your status will be valid through February 2023

Decision Tools

I’ve created a number of tools to help you figure out how much Hyatt elite status is worth to you; whether to earn elite nights through credit card spend or stays; and whether to book stays with cash or points (or both).

To use these tools, do the following:

  1. Open the worksheet by clicking here: FM’s Hyatt Worksheet
  2. Copy the sheet so that you can make changes. Within Google Docs, go to the File menu and click File.. Make a Copy
  3. In your copy of the sheet, on each tab, edit all of the cells in blue, but don’t touch other cells.
  4. You’ll find answers at the bottom.

The rest of this section explains how and why to use each tab of the worksheet…

How much is status worth?

If you plan to stay often at Hyatt hotels, Globalist status can be worth a lot both in terms of cost savings (free breakfast, waived resort fees, free parking) and luxuries (suite upgrades, welcome amenities, club lounges).  If you don’t plan to stay at all at Hyatt hotels over the next two years, then status is obviously worth nothing at all.  If you’ve read this far into the post, I expect that your answer is somewhere in-between.  The question is whether it’s worth spending extra money (or points) to get to top tier status.

A good way to answer this question is to look at each elite status benefit, as well as the Milestone Awards that you’ll earn along the way, and determine how much you’d be willing to pay for each one if it was available to purchase in advance.  For example, it’s possible that you would save many hundreds of dollars thanks to getting free breakfast, but you shouldn’t pay that much in advance.  The only reason to pay in advance is if you’d be then likely to save much more than you spent.  When valuing things that save money, as a rule of thumb, I recommend valuing them less based on how uncertain you are about getting those hoped-for savings.  For example, with Globalist status I might save $2,000 on breakfasts over the next two years, but that’s an extremely random guess.  I’d be willing to pre-pay only $200 or so for this benefit.  On the other hand, one Milestone Reward choice at 40 nights is a $100 Hyatt gift certificate.  I’m nearly 100% sure that I’ll use it during my next Hyatt stay.  In this case, I’d be happy to prepay $80 for the $100 gift certificate in order to lock in 20% savings.

Use the “Elite Night Value Worksheet for 2021 ONLY” tab to figure out how much each of the Milestone Rewards and elite perks are worth paying for.  At the bottom you’ll find summary results.

In the above example results (and this is just an example, your results will differ), you can see that the cumulative value of earning Globalist status is $485.  If considering a mattress run, I should spend no more than $485 to get to Globalist status.  Interestingly, though, there are other benefits earned at 40, 50, and 60 nights that might be worth pursuing.  If suite upgrade certificates are particularly valuable to you, you may be interested in earning 50 nights (or more) in 2021 so as to secure those upgrades.

Points or Cash (or both)?

The Bonus Journeys promo and the Free Nights on Sale promo are similar in that they both offer a way to earn a lot of points.  Via Bonus Journeys, you’ll earn triple or quadruple points on paid stays.  Via Free Nights on Sale, you’ll earn either 15% or 25% points back based on the points price paid and whether or not you have a Hyatt credit card.

Figuring out whether you’re better off paying for a stay with points or with cash is always complicated.  These two promos make the decision even harder.

To answer this question, use the “Cash or Points?” tab in FM’s Hyatt Worksheet to figure it out.  After filling out your copy of the worksheet, you’ll find an answer at the bottom like this:

This result will tell you two things:

  1. Which type of booking is best (points, cash, or points+cash); and
  2. Whether it’s worth booking this stay at all.

World of Hyatt Credit Card Spend Instead?

Even if you find a good way to earn status through stays, it’s worth checking if there’s a better option…

If you have the World of Hyatt credit card, then you always have the option to earn elite status through spend.  Is that a better option than booking a stay?

Use the “Credit Card Cost of Spend for Elite Nights” tab in FM’s Hyatt Worksheet to figure this out.  After filling out your copy of the worksheet, you’ll find an answer at the bottom showing you your opportunity cost per elite night.  In my case, the answer was $34.  This means that if I put the same spend on my best “everywhere else” card instead of my Hyatt card, I would come out $34 ahead per elite night (e.g. per $2,500 spend).

This result will tell you two things:

  1. Whether its worth spending on your Hyatt card in general (by comparing to how much you value elite nights); and
  2. Whether you should pursue elite status through credit card spend or stays.  If the cost per elite night is less with credit card spend, then that’s your best option.

Can you start from scratch and spend nothing out of pocket?

Suppose you sign up for the World of Hyatt credit card now.  Could you turn its perks and welcome bonus into Globalist status?  Let’s take a look…

1) Sign up now for the World of Hyatt card, and spend $6,000.

Assuming that none of the $6,000 spend will be in bonus categories, and that you won’t complete $5K of that spend until January 1st, you’ll end up with the following:

  • 56,000 World of Hyatt points (50,000 welcome bonus + 6,000 from spend)
  • 10 elite nights for 2021 (this is part of the card’s current no-longer available welcome offer)
  • 2 elite nights for 2021 for spending $5K (this is a standard perk of the card)

2) Book 9 nights in category 1 Hyatt hotels with points

Category 1 hotels cost only 5,000 points per night.  With your 56,000 Hyatt points, you can book 9 nights and have 11,000 points leftover.  You can book all 9 nights as one stay or book multiple separate stays. The key is to make sure that every stay ends within 2021 and by February 28th.  That is, as long as the check-out date is between Jan 1 and Feb 28, inclusive, you’ll earn double elite nights in 2021.  From these stays, you will earn 18 elite nights in 2021.

3) Collect your rebated points

As a Hyatt cardholder, you will get a 25% points rebate (as long as you register for the rebate promo).  So, after your 9 nights, you’ll get back 45K x .25 = 11,250 points.

4) Add it up

At this point in 2021, you should have the following:

  • 22,500 Hyatt points
  • 30 elite nights (10 from the credit card + 2 from credit card spend + 18 from stays)
  • 1 category 1-4 free night certificate as a Milestone Reward at 30 nights.
  • 4 useless Club Lounge Access Awards (they’re useless because you won’t need them when you have Globalist status)
  • Globalist status

So, the answer is yes, you can get Globalist status with no out-of-pocket spend.  I’ll leave it to the reader to decide whether it’s wise to do so.

What will I do?

Since I currently have Globalist status, the opportunity to earn status for 2 years isn’t as compelling for me.  I already have status through February 2022, so there’s no point in my hurrying to get to 30 nights early in 2021.  I have all year to get there…

I previously booked a 7 night Hyatt stay that spans the new year.  This will give me 14 elite nights in 2021.  There’s also a possible 2 night Hyatt stay in early December.  That would give me another 2 elite nights in 2021.

So, here’s what I expect to have going into 2021:

  • 2 elite nights from stays that happen during the Double Elite Night promo, but which complete in 2020.
  • 14 elite nights from my 7 night stay that completes January 4th.
  • 5 elite nights from the World of Hyatt credit card
  • 6 elite nights from spending $15K on the World of Hyatt credit card (in order to earn a free night certificate)
  • Total: 27 elite nights

I’ll be just 3 nights from earning Globalist status again for 2022 without breaking a sweat.  And since I’ll have Globalist status (which was earned this year), I won’t feel the need to hurry and earn it again early in 2021.  I have no doubt I’ll spend more than 3 more nights at Hyatt hotels or SLH properties throughout the year, so in my case, there’s no point in mattress running.

Questions and Answers

Hyatt Mattress Run Q&A

A “mattress run” is where you book a stay just for the rewards earned.  Usually it doesn’t make sense to waste points or cash on mattress runs, but Hyatt’s many overlapping promos makes it reasonable to do.

Q: What are elite nights or “tier qualifying nights”?

Tier qualifying nights are often referred to as “elite nights”. With many hotel chains, you can earn elite status by acquiring a number of tier qualifying elite nights each year. For example, Hyatt usually requires earning 30 elite nights per year to achieve mid-tier Explorist status, or 60 elite nights for top-tier Globalist status (but in 2021 the requirements are cut in half). Additionally, Hyatt offers “Milestone Rewards” which are perks like free lounge access, free nights, bonus points, etc. Milestone Rewards are earned within a calendar year when you achieve 20 elite nights, and every 10 elite nights after that up to 100. Read more about Hyatt elite status and Milestone Rewards in our World of Hyatt Complete Guide.

Q: Do I have to physically go to the hotel to check in?

Usually yes.  Most mattress runs involve physically checking into the hotel.  That said, if you’re lucky you may be able to find a hotel manager willing to process your check-in remotely.  If so, you may have to fax them a photo of your ID and credit card.

Q: Should I speak with a hotel manager about my plans?

Yes!  If you don’t speak with a hotel manager, they may find your room unoccupied and check you out early. If you’re not planning to actually stay at the hotel, then I think it’s critical to explain to hotel management what you want to accomplish and why.

Q: Do I have to physically go to the hotel to check out?

No.  You can check out with the Hyatt app or you can simply ignore it and the hotel will automatically check you out.

Q: Do rates with free nights (e.g. 3rd night free) earn elite nights for those free nights?

Hyatt Rep: No. Due to limitations of our program operations system, free nights applicable through a ‘BOGO’ offer, or the likes thereof, would not qualify toward earning Tier Qualifying Night credits.

Greg: I’ve heard mixed results from people who did the Miraval BOGO offer. Some reported that they did receive elite nights for all nights of the stay, others said no.  Miraval isn’t as tied in technically with Hyatt as most other brands, so this result might be dependent upon how the stay is keyed in after checkout.

Bonus Journeys Promo Q&A

Hyatt’s Bonus Journeys promotion offers triple points for all eligible spend; quadruple points at select resorts (for Hyatt credit card holders only); and double elite nights, with base elite nights being credited the year in which you check-out and bonus elite nights credited to 2021.

Here are the answers to questions relevant to this promo:

Q: Are there limits to how many bonus points or bonus nights can be earned with this promo?

Hyatt: There is no cap on the amount of nights a member can stay and earn on during this promotion. However, there is a maximum of 150,000 Bonus Points that can be earned during the Promotion Period. An additional maximum of 75,000 Bonus Points (for a total of 225,000) may be earned as a Hyatt and World of Hyatt credit cardmember during the Promotion Period for eligible spend at participating resorts.

Greg: If I calculated correctly, the above translates to a cap of $15K spend at Hyatt during the promo period for earning triple or quadruple points.

Q: Which properties qualify for quadruple points?

The property list includes 160 Hyatt resorts, almost 200 Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) properties and 16 MGM Resorts properties.  Find the full list here.

Q: Do award stays earn bonus elite nights?


Q: Do free night certificate stays earn bonus elite nights?


Q: Do Points + Cash award stays earn bonus elite nights?


Q: Do bonus elite nights count towards Milestone Rewards?


Q: Do elite nights earned from World of Hyatt credit card spend earn bonus elite nights?


Q: On an award stay, can I earn 3X bonus points for incidentals charged to my room?

Hyatt Rep: Yes, members may earn Bonus Points for eligible incidental spend charged to their guest room for eligible stays during the Promotion Period.

Q: What happens with stays that span December and January (with checkout by Jan 4th)?

You will earn double elite nights in 2021.  Example: If you were to stay December 28, 2020 – January 4, 2021 (7 nights total), you would earn 14 elite nights in 2021 (7 tier qualifying nights + 7 bonus elite nights)

Q4: Does Hyatt give points and elite night credits for long term stays? [Some chains do not give points or elite credits for stays of 30 nights or longer]


Hyatt Rep: There is no cap on the amount of nights a member can stay and earn on during this promotion. However, there is a maximum of 150,000 Bonus Points that can be earned during the Promotion Period. An additional maximum of 75,000 Bonus Points (for a total of 225,000) may be earned as a Hyatt and World of Hyatt credit cardmember during the Promotion Period for eligible spend at participating resorts.

Q: Award stays longer than 10 nights can’t be booked online. Is there a workaround?

Hyatt Rep: This is due to the number of night limitations to which we can issue an award stay. We issue awards in increments of 10 nights. If a member would like to redeem multiple free night awards for longer than 10 consecutive nights, they should contact the Global Contact Center to assist them in booking multiple awards under one reservation.

Q: If Hyatt strings together multiple point awards into one reservation that spans the new year, when will elite nights be credited?

Hyatt Rep: Since nights are always awarded based on checkout date, those awards under one reservation would be based off of the Jan checkout date, and therefore, earn Tier Qualifying Nights and bonus nights for 2021.

Greg: Some people are understandably nervous about this. The concern is that elite nights for the first increments may be awarded to 2020 rather than 2021.  My advice: after booking the stay, contact the hotel and confirm with them that they see it as a single long stay with checkout in January.  As long as this is the case, my bet is that this will work as Hyatt has said.

Q: If I earn 30 elite nights early in 2021, how long will my Globalist status last?

Once you reach 30 nights, your status will last for the rest of that year, all of the next, and through February of the year after that.  So, in this example your status will last until the end of February 2023.

More Info

Much more info about the Hyatt’s loyalty program can be found in our World of Hyatt Complete Guide:

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Jeff H

This was the best thing in the points and miles game that I have ever done. As my 2 years of Hyatt Globalist status is about to expire, I have to reflect on the insanity that was this deal. To achieve globalist before my spring break 2021 plans, I booked 13 nights at a Hyatt Place near me in the first two weeks of February 2021. This hotel is right next to a popular wedding venue and in the heart of corporate HQ part of town, but there was still no business travel then and big weddings were still taboo. So I got these rooms at an average of $65/night after tax. Insane! This hotel pre and post Covid is consistently $150+/night on a weeknight. I spent a total of $825 to achieve globalist status in a few weeks time. After subtracting out the value of the points earned on the hotel stays using my Hyatt card, the 40 night 5,000 point bonus, and the value of the 30 night category 1-4 certificate, I figured the true out of pocket cost was about $350-400. What I got in return was worth 10x that.

In my 2 years as Globalist we stayed at:

Savannah Hyatt (Cat 1-4 cert) (upgraded to suite)
Savannah Andaz (Cat 1-4 cert) – 2 nights (upgraded to suite)
Bellagio – 3 nights (no real globalist benefit)
Hyatt Place – Salt Lake City
Hyatt Centric – Park City – 4 nights (cash stay upgraded to 1 bedroom suite)
Alila Maria Beach Resort Encinitas (upgraded to suite)
Seabird Resort (used suite upgrade cert) – 3 nights
Hyatt Residence Club (Maui) – 2 bedroom condo – 2 nights
Hyatt Regency (Maui) (used suite upgrade cert) – 7 nights
Park Hyatt (NYC) (used suite upgrade cert) – 4 nights
Hyatt Regency Louisville (work trip – 2 nights)
Thompson Nashville
Grand Hyatt (Wash DC) (used suite upgrade cert) – 4 nights
Park Hyatt (Chicago) (used suite upgrade cert) – 3 nights

In total, my globalist benefits resulted in:
$713 in free parking
$2,250 in free breakfasts (Park Hyatt NYC room service for 4 was $300-400 each morning – but free to me)
$1,000 value (minimum) I assign to club lounge access for 4 people in Maui for 7 days and DC for 4 days (free breakfasts, snacks, drinks)
$160 in waived resort fees on the Hyatt Centric Park City stay I paid with cash
Total saved: $4,123+

I spent under $400 for 2 years of luxury and excess that my family would not otherwise have enjoyed. All thanks to reading this blog and doing some quick math to realize booking a cheap hotel room for 2 weeks that I only slept in one night and spent $850 on was going to hopefully be worth that initial crazy cash outlay.

Globalist benefits (if you spend enough nights in the right properties) is the best elite perk in the hotel game. The room service breakfast spread we got each morning for 4 nights at the Park Hyatt NYC (for free) was insane! The bill was literally $300-400 each morning. 100% waived.

I would have never been able to stay in these suites without those suite upgrade certificates.

We made the most out of those two years. I can close but not close enough to re-qualifying for globalist for 2023, but our travel plans for 2023 only have one week at the Grand Hyatt in Kauai (which I booked a Grand Suite with points for that trip) so we don’t really need Globalist for that trip anyhow.

Thank you to all in the points/miles world for your work sharing information with all of us. People think I am nuts with all I do to get point and miles… until they see all the trips we take and luxury suites we stay in (all with points).

Vacations are far easier to justify when your only expenses are rental cars, food, and shopping.

Trenton Lockhart

Hey Greg

So late last year I followed exactly steps 1-4 in your article (best article on this subject btw. Great work!). Everything worked perfectly but Hyatt matches the 10 qualifying nights from late last year but not the 2 from card spend. They’re sighting that the promotion to match qualifying nights requires to stay at a hotel and not card spend. Have you seen any other instances like this? Is that accurate? I’m at 28 qualifying nights and was expecting them to match the 2 additional qualifying nights that I received in December 2020 from card spend. Anything you would recommend?


Those who applied for the card under the current offer (good through the end of the year) will earn 10 elite nights in 2020 and again in 2021.  I am so confused. I opened the card 8/6/20. I only received 5 elite night credits. Will I get 10 in 2021? I asked in another post and you said no, but I found this and I don’t understand why it states “again in 2021”? Thank you


2/20 now. Can I still stay 7 nights (=14 nights) +5 credit card nights. Then later on this year earn remaining 11 (actual nights or cc spend?)


Wondering if you know if I stay locally and use my points to book a room for another (and the manager allows ‘remote’ checkin for me), would I be able to earn double elite nights for both stays? Thanks!


Why not just check in yourself and then give key to friend and let him/her use it. No need to check out – I would just have friend drop the key off at the desk or call and let them know you left. Also have friend leave do not disturb sign on door.


Guess I misread. I though he wanted to have someone stay in his place. Sorry.


Checkout 15 Feb and bonus nights posted 18 Feb, now I am Globalist again, my 4th year.


Great breakdown. Thanks for this. Any idea how regularly upgrades are granted (in general) on award nights for Globalist members?

Last edited 2 years ago by Tiffany

Can one ask for upgrade and if refused, go to reservations on line and if higher level is available, “demand” the room be given? I thought if available (whole stay), the should be granted.??


Greg, thanks for the prompt reply. I am sure you are correct, but per the Hyatt terms, they say WILL (not MAY). Of course if a room is not available for the whole stay, that could preclude the hotel from granting that upgrade. What prevents the receptionist from denying you the Upgrade because he/she does not like your clothes, looks, accent, etc.? Best Room Available: Globalists will receive the best room available at the time of check-in at Hyatt hotels and resorts, including Standard Suites and rooms with Club lounge-access. The best room available will be determined by the applicable hotel or resort in its sole discretion and may vary from stay-to-stay. The “best room” may, but will not necessarily be, of a room type/category higher than that booked by the Member. Best-room-available benefit includes only Standard Suites (where available), which are defined as rooms within each participating hotel’s or resort’s introductory suite category. Premium, Specialty, Premier, Presidential, Diplomatic, and other suites other than Standard Suites are not included in this benefit. Not valid at Caption by Hyatt, Hyatt Place, Hyatt House, Destination Residences, or Hyatt Residence Club hotels and resorts.


Bonus night still not posted from stay ending on 01/21/21.


Just made Globalist through 9 one-night Best Rate Guarantee stays at cheap Hyatt Places (taking the 5000 point reward for each one).

Earned 58,818 Hyatt points so far for a total cost of $748.05, so this seems to have been a profitable endeavor (without even taking into account any of the milestone rewards or Globalist status itself) 😛

Have a bunch more of these BRG stays lined up over the next month to get me to 60 nights 🙂

Brian Cogswell

Hey Nick and Greg,

Wondering your personal opinion on this. We have a stay at Ziva Puerto Vallarta scheduled for the spring. Would you try to have Globalist status before that stay? Or let those rooms be a part of the total that gets you to globalist?

Put another way, what would globalist status get you at a Ziva property?

Also, we have two rooms booked for 4 nights (one for adults and one for kids) so specifically wondering if there is a way that globalist could save us at a Ziva by allowing us to get 1 suite instead of two rooms?


Nick Reyes

Sorry, I don’t know what the benefits are at the Ziva Puerto Vallarta. If I remember correctly, at the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos, I believe that Globalists get better alcohol of some sort (I’m not really a drinker and didn’t have Globalist status when I went, so I don’t know what the difference was). I imagine you’ll still be in line for a suite upgrade. I had dinner at the Ziva Los Cabos with a fellow points enthusiast who I believe was a Globalist and had gotten a big suite upgrade.

I assume you’re talking about 30-night Globalist rather than 60-night Globalist. If that assumption is correct, I don’t know as though having Globalist in advance would be hugely helpful since you won’t have any suite upgrade awards to apply for a confirmed upgrade in advance. You may well be able to get upgraded to a suite on arrival, but I don’t think there is a way you would be able to get confirmed in 1 suite in advance without paying for a premium room award (note that I’m not positive they have these at that property) or paying for the suite.

Note that if you are paying a cash rate for two rooms, you should be able to get 50% off the second room for the kids with the family rate.

In short, I’d probably let that reservation be a stay that counts toward Globalist status rather than focus on getting Globalist status in advance unless you’re going for 50 nights before the stay to have 2 suite upgrades on hand (and then I’d first confirm with the Hyatt Concierge on Twitter which room type that books into to be sure that it is a room that would accommodate 4 people). Since it’s all-inclusive, you’re not likely going to see a huge benefit with Globalist status.


Nick and Brian, I also have Ziva P. V. reserved – for early May (thought at first this post was aimed at me – ha). I will have about 39 nights by next week and likely 50 by end of Feb, 60 by end of Apr. . I think 50 nights gets me Confirmed Suite Upgrades (you mentioned 60 that I think gets 2 more), unless I am missing something.

Also I have trip planned in late Apr for Argentina/Chile with the $970 Round trip in Business on AA using their one day specials. Not sure with Covid if this will go, but I do have 2nd vaccine dose in 2 weeks. Will get more Hyatt nights in Santiago, but Buenos Aires is a bit too steep for points or cash.

Nick, Is there any way to interpet the postings in Hyatt account to track back to bonuses from stays, credit cards, or promotions. It appears the listings I find are in no real order and the descriptons not real clear what the Bonuses pertain to. . No running totals in date order like other programs. thanks.

Brian Cogswell

Thanks a million for the great reply Nick. Yes, 30 night globalist so I am guessing not much benefit at a Ziva

I am paying points for the rooms, not cash, so don’t think there is a discount for the second room.

We’ve stayed at the Ziva Los Cabos 5 times and loved it! This is our first at PV, just trying it out 🙂

Thanks again.

Nick Reyes

According to my post about the family rate, it can be combined with an award stay (I assume you pay half the cash rate for the second from though).


Bonus nights from stay with 1/12 checkout posted today


I stayed 13 nights at the beginning of Jan ‘21 and only received 13 elite nights for that stay. I reached out (via Hyatt app chat) and was told “allow 2-3 weeks after the promo has ended (2/28/21) for the double elite nights to post” and “allow 6-8 weeks after the points redemption has been completed for the bonus points (25% rebate) to be posted.”

Nick Reyes

As noted in the first couple of paragraphs of this post, Hyatt is posting the bonus nights every couple of weeks. The terms say that the bonus nights will post after the promo has ended, but they have already started posting bonus nights. If you didn’t receive your bonus nights around January 7-8 (and/or if your stay ended after that), I’d expect you may be in the next batch which would seem to be later this week following what Hyatt has said. I’d just be patient. As long as you registered for the promo, I am 99.7465462820205% confident that the bonus nights will post as expected and sooner than expected.


Thanks for the reassuring feedback! I also decided to go for 60 nights (rather than 30 nights) to secure the extra goodies (4 DSU’s, 1 cat 1-7 cert, hyatt concierge). I’m planning to hit 59 and leave it there for as long as possible, since the cat 1-7 expires in ~6 months and would rather be safe than sorry. Appreciate all the hard work you guys put into this detailed thread. It will be an interesting year, given the vaccine rollout, etc. and hopefully super interesting travels starting in the fall. Cheers!

Nick Reyes

Word on the street is that Hyatt is extending those certs through 12/31/21 but doesn’t plan to update the date on them for a while, so I don’t think there is an advantage to waiting unless you’re going to wait until sometime much later this year so you can have the cert valid into 2022 (which certainly isn’t a bad strategy if you’re not planning travel during the first half of 2021 anyway).


Certs now showing expiration 12/31/21 for me! 🙂 Doesn’t look like official policy has been updated yet though.


Question – going for Globalist in February. Now that I saw that MGM extended their status match promo through March 2021, we have the opportunity to get matched to Explorist first. Does that change the amount of nights we would need to get to Globalist? Effectively reducing them? Or are elite nights not counted that way?


I read through all of the comments & questions and haven’t seen this.

My original strategy to Globalist was:
5 nights from WofH cc
20 nights from a 10-night mattress run 1/6 – 1/16 on pts
6 nights from $15K spend on my WofH cc
31 nights

My 5 nights from my WoH cc posted on Jan 1
My WoH credit card statement closed yesterday. I spent ~ $5800 Jan 1 – 15 & ~ $1000 in Dec. That should mean 2 nights credit, but 4 posted.
So, I’m at 9 nights right now instead of the 7 I thought I would be.

I checked out of the 10-night stay yesterday. 20 nights should post in the next day or two. That will put me at 29 nights, instead of the 27 I thought I would have.

I had planned to pay my property taxes this week, thinking I needed another $9200 in spend to put me over 30 nights with 4 nights. Obviously, that will incur fees, but generate points and another Category 1-4 cert.

My other cheaper, quicker option is to just book another 5,000 pt night at the same nearby Category 1 Hyatt Place.

The real question – are the two extra nights a mistake that could be clawed back?


Aren’t you supposed to count 15 elite nights for opening card in 2020 and having it in 2021? 10 nights for opening in 2020 and 5 nights for 2021? Your calculation only counts 10 nights from the card. I signed up in December and now I see 15 nights in my account already. I will get 2 elite nights from spending 5K, so doesn’t this mean I only need to stay 7 nights between now and Feb 28?

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Thanks Greg! I am one of the lucky ones.

[…] loyalty programs, one of my 2021 resolutions is to attain top tier elite Hyatt Globalist status (which is now very easy to earn). That way I can earn confirmed suite upgrades at some of the most luxurious Hyatt hotels […]


Someone please confirm my math:
I already have 5 nights from CC. I just need to stay 13 nights with all promos to reach 31 nights and get Globalist for 2 years?


I checked out from a 15 night stay on 1/4. Got Globalist confirmation email on 1/6.

Craig Johnson

You only value a CAT 1-7 at 50.00 ? ….in your example at 50 nights for 2 suite upgrades were worth 200 dollars …….then in your example at 60 nights for 2 suite upgrades and a CAT 1-7 only 250 dollars for worth saying that CAT 1-7 is only worth 50 dollars ?


I am considering doing this. I did not sign up for the Hyatt card in 2020 so it would look like the following: Get card in 2021. 50K points for $6K spend (web shows in 6 months but the T&Cs shows 3). I would get 5 base elite nights PLUS 2 for spend of $5K+ (Correct?). This means to get 30 nights I would need to stay and be out from a hotel by 2/28 and have 12 nights (doubling to 24 based on promo) as I need 23 nights to get to 30. I have found a hotel that is $58/night close to me to do the 12 nights. I could use it as an office for a few days a week and maybe a weekend getaway as well. All in I would be paying $695 for the stay (and I think that would get me either 9X or 15X points (do I need to do one quailfy stay before the 15X kicks in?)(lets assume 9X so that would be another 6,264 points. So in the end, I would have 31 nights (5 base + 2 spend + 12×2 stay)and will have 56,264 points (with spending $6K of which $695 is via Hyatt). Did I do this all right? Any other creative ways/thoughts?! Thank you.


Thanks for this helpful blog. I did follow this blog to do the mattress run. I started my stay on 12/22/2020 and finished my stay on 1/4/2021 (all award nights). Normal night credit was posted 1/5/2021. Bonus night credit was posted on 1/8/2021. . Got 2 club access. Now my account has 26 night credit, but the 5 night credit from Hyatt card hasn’t posted yet. Currently I’m Explorist. Hope I’ll become Globalist soon.

Mike D

My WOH credit card nights posted in Jan 2. Maybe you should call customer service or tweet #HyattConcierge


Hi Greg, Can anyone tell me how I can verify that I am signed up (registered) for  Bonus Journeys and Free Nights on Sale for Hyatt? I am sure I did it, but cannot see on their web site where it shows me. Thanks.


Could just try to register again, it will tell you that you are already registered if you are, or it’ll register you if you aren’t

Mike D

I called customer service and they confirmed it for me.


Please help out a lost soul: Planning a Hyatt mattress run (to achieve Globalist). Currently a legacy card holder that is due to be transitioned to the new WoH version (according to data on the interwebs). Questions: (1) will new (transitioned) WoH car give me 5 elite nights automatically? (2) When? (Based on my understanding), since I (hopefully) will be getting 5 elite nights through credit card, should I book for 13 nights. My math: 13 nights * 2 (bonus journeys promo)= 26 elite nights + 5 elite nights (WoH conversion) = 31 elite nights = enough for Globalist. Is my understanding correct? MANY THANKS IN ADVANCE!


My 5 WoH “transitioned” credit card nights posted today. I’m happy, as it will enable me to hit Globalist status next week. Thanks for the hlep.


For me it is really just over a year of status as I don’t see myself traveling much until well after the first half of the year. The other problem is hos do I travel to the low cost Hyatt right now when non-essential travel is ot advised??

I agree Globalist benefits are the best of all the chains but is it worth it given the pandemic and uncertainty right now.


I just checked out after six nights and my folio says qualifying nights are ZERO. I used the office promo code


I stayed earlier this week with OFFICE code one night…only showing credit for 1 night even though I registered with promos.


I think Chase has cheated those of us that have had the Hyatt card for many years and now we only give us 5 elite nights vs the 10 anyone that cancelled and opened a new World of Hyatt card.


Not sure if this is normal or not, but I was charged a $454.84 and a $0.03 “deposit” (two separate charges) on the same day as checking into a 13 day Hyatt Place points reservation (which is to be paid entirely with points). Separately (but on the same day), I was also charged a $100 fee. The $100 fee is still in pending status (which I think is normal for things like incidentals), but the other two “deposits” actually posted to my statement. Anyone experience this before?


If those charges actually cleared, best that you give Hyatt customer service a call to look into it. Accounting/billing issues do happen. I’ve had one charge me 2 times for the same 6-night stay before.


If I stay at an MGM property, will that stay be eligible for the bonus elite night offer?


Only the ones in Las Vegas I believe. I don’t think the other MGM properties around the world participate in WOH.


Hi All, I’m confused by this post since I’m currently an Explorist and have the WoH so I also earn 5 nights this year. How many more night do I need for Globalist by the end of Jan? TIA

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Through the end of this year, to earn Globalist you need a total of 30 nights.
However, if you have stays with checkout at or before Feb 28 2021, those nights are worth double.


Hey All,

I’m confused about something. I currently have the legacy old $75 a year annual fee Visa card. Does this card give 5 qualifying nights per year or is it just the new WoH $95 card?

Follow up to that please, it looks like the legacy card is discontinued and I’ll be forced to product change to the new $95 WoH card anyways later this month, would I get 5 qualifying nights for that anyways if the above isn’t true.

Thanks so uch!


Thank you for the response.

Casey Mitcheltree

Question… on the Hyatt’s Bonus Journey… if I book 15 nights on one reservation… does this qualify me for 15 elite nights or 30 elite nights? I’m getting conflicting information from World of Hyatt. Thanks so much for helping me!


You should be getting 30 total elite nights. (15 from your stay + 15 from the promotion)

Billy Bob

Doesn’t Casey’s stay have to be in Jan or Feb?

Casey Mitcheltree

I’m booked January 4th – 18th and then booked again January 20th – Feb 4 this year (2021). Should be ok??


That works.


On your Example topic you wrote that club access vouchers are useless. You may reconsider it after you had booked a second room or three rooms, no one there does not have a Globalist status and the lounge access for them are not granted by hotel.


That’s a good point. I guess you can use the vouchers to guarantee your second room access to the lounge.

Although not required of them, I’ve stayed at hotels that chose to extend that privilege to my extra rooms without me saying anything.


Finished my mattress run on 12/31 to reach exactly 60 nights for 2020 and 26 bonus 2021 nights + 5 cc nights for 31 total. Globalist through February 2023!

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[…] the Ludicrously easy path to Hyatt top-tier Globalist status that’s happening right now, many of us have been Justifying the Hyatt Globalist mattress run. […]


Any idea when 2020 bonus nights show up for 2021?


My guess is later today, probably at the same time CC nights show up.


I just checked out of my 20 night cat 1 award mattress run. Booked it when the promo still ended 1/4 and kept it that way so I have as much remaining time in Jan/Feb to “buy” suite upgrades for ~19k a pop.

My guess is there are lots of mattress stays ending today so hopefully lots of posts in the coming days about status changes.


I just completed this. Through spend and stays I was at 34 days this year. I booked a 26 day stay at a category 1 hotel in my area (stringing together 3 separate bookings) for 130,000 points (because of this year I have hundreds of k of points to burn, so this wasn’t a concern). I get 32,500 points back on my promotion, so my “cost” in points was 97,500.

Because I did it in 2020- I received 4 suite upgrade awards, a $100 gift card and also the category 1-7 award. PLUS Globalist.

I have the WOH card, so I also get the additional 26 elite nights for 2021, plus the 5 extra for my card, so I ALSO have Globalist thru Feb 2023.

I think for the investment of points, I come out ahead given I’ve earned over 2 years of status, plus the tier awards. I have over 800,000 Chase and Hyatt points at the end of this, more than enough to take advantage of a few great stays with the suite upgrades once travel resumes.


It appears the offer details on the WoH Chase card no longer mention the 10 elite nights. Only says 5 nights. I was all set to sign up today because I thought the 10 nights was available through 12/31 but now I’m having second thoughts. Any recommendations on what to do? Should I wait til after the first of the year at this point to see if a better offer comes out?


Has anyone’s 5 additional bonus nights from the new CC posted yet for 2021? I had the first 5 nights post on 1/1, but the additional 5 nights hasn’t yet.


Hey Greg, as I rolled up my sleeves to plan the spend for the new WOH card I got approved for (per my personal email), I was going through your Hyatt worksheet to see what works best for me. I value the Hyatt points identically as you (1.25) and the alternate spend too (I assume its the BofA Premium Rewards with Plat Honor which I also have). I think there may be one thing missing in it, which could make spending on the credit card for elite status almost a toss-up (or better considering the lack of hassle) for that case instead of the $34 opportunity cost per elite night.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think your sheet misses valuing the “extra free night” for $15,000 spend. So the value of $5K spend would include a third of a free night. Or easier, count the value of $15K spend as $188 + 6 elite nights + 1 free room night. If you value the addl. room night at about $200 you actually come out with zero opportunity cost of putting spend on the WOH card to get to Globalist v/s the best alt spend card, or a very small opportunity cost if you value the room night less.

Plus in my view, more importantly it avoids the hassle of a mattress run that too in the middle of the pandemic and the pressure of doing it by Feb 28.

Am I missing something here?

(PS: After 3x$15K for 18 elite nights + 3 room nights, we’ll still need $5K spend to get to the last 2 elite nights to Globalist but in my case that is the account opening spend anyway)


Oh 🙁

Then you are being very generous with your “mostly right” comment 🙂 I am actually completely wrong – I wasn’t even thinking of the special one time change from anniversary to calendar year. If it doesn’t scale to 3 nights for 45K spend, the alternate spend opportunity cost is significant.

Thanks for pointing out the flaw.


Thanks for the information but have an additional question:
Signed up for Hyatt card May 2020. Spent 18k so far on card. Hyatt account shows 18 qualifying nights.
my best path towards Globalist is 2021 Jan/Feb—- 9 nights at my local cat 2?
Is my math correct?

Adam W

Thanks for the post and Happy Holidays. I have two (2) questions. When you refer the $6,000 Hyatt Credit Card spend being completed in 2021 vs 2020. Are you referring to actual spend OR Statement Close date? For instance, my statement closes on Jan 4th, 2021 so if I hit the 6K spend on Dec. 29th does that count for ’20 or ’21??? Second question, How long do the bonus points from the credit card spend typically take to post? I’m just about to hit the $6k spend and I would like to use my bonus points to accumulate elite nights on my way to globalist, which means I must checkout before end of Feb. so it’s it worthwhile to wait till those points post???


[…] a very good offer for Hyatt fans and the timing is great for those taking advantage of the Ludicrously easy path to Hyatt Globalist status (top-tier status for two years). Just make sure to activate and use the offer on […]


Could this be used to stack and make it even better?


When I look on for 10-12 night paid stays I see a few hotels near me list a standard rate for extended stays. Looks like anything 5 or more nights. I assume these rates are just as eligible as the AAA rate and various member rates.

The sales manager at a hotel near me once offered an additional $10/night discount if I was booking three weeks or more. I was going to check with her to see if it is possible to get a rate a bit lower than the stated rate on the website — but would I then run the risk of having the nights not qualify for the promo?


Hi! Anyone know if hotels in the Joie De Vivre collection are eligible for the double elite night promotion?


is my math correct here. i have the old hyatt card which will be converted in jan.
5 nights for hyatt card
6 nights for spending 15k on the new card after conversion and 1 free night
3 nights have organic stay feb28-march2 (since stay ends after feb 28 wont get double credits)
so i need 8 nights at cat 1 which will cost me 40k hyatt points but will get 10k points back and 1 free night


I joined the WOH credit card train. Only received 5 nights of elite status a few days after approval. I thought we were supposed to get 10 this year and 10 next year? Will they add 5 more by the end of the year, not that it’s important for this year? Will I only get 5 next year if I’m only getting 5 this year?


Thanks for the info. You guys are loads of info as always. I went through your link. I hope you get paid.


What’s the point in trying to frontload a mattress run to start in December and end in early January to get the bonus elite nights? The T&C and Hyatt’s FAQ both say that the bonus nights won’t post until after the promo ends. Whether I stay 15 nights in early January or later in February, it looks like I won’t become Globalist until the bonus elite nights post sometime in March after the promo ends. So no need to rush!


I applied for hyatt card on 11/2018. Still have the card open. Second annual fee just posted 12/1/2020. I am 3/24. Can I cancelled and re apply? Currently have 30k points and 2 certificates. Will I lose the points and certificates if I cancel


Do we know when offer ends to get 10 elite nights in 2021 for card sign up? Want to get card and globalist via matress run. Don’t got under 5/24 until like 1/25/21 so figured had to wait until 2/1 to be safe. Risk waiting until after 1/1 to apply? Or apply 12/30/2020 to get in system and then wait 30 days to recon nd hope approved?


I don’t live near category 1 but son does. I know he can check in if I put him on reservation but doesn’t he have to have the charge card that matches the one on the reservation? If I just do it with all points does that even matter? Wondering how flexible managers will be about this if you state the truth about status Anyone have success with this technique yet?


Hey Greg, Nick,

During one of your recent episodes about Hyatt, you had both recommended speaking to the hotel in advance to see if they would be open to allowing a mattress run, digital check in/out, and perhaps even a discounted rate since you’re not actually using a room. Who do you recommend speaking to? Front desk? Sales manager? Different manager?

[…] If you’re not working towards elite status this year, then it makes sense to try to earn elite nights from spend for next year.  This is especially true right now since Hyatt has reduced 2021 elite status requirements.  See: Ludicrously easy path to Hyatt Globalist status (top-tier status for 2 years!). […]

Sean Buchanan

At the risk of asking a stupid question, will stays booked through the UR portal qualify? Or is that the same as using Expedia?

Thank you for the great article. Top tier status, here I come!

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[…] and points travel world is abuzz with chasing Hyatt Globalist status. Last week, I posted a link to this post by Frequent Miler that explains how you can earn Globalist status with as few as 10 stays at Hyatt in early […]

[…] Ludicrously easy path to Hyatt Globalist status (top-tier status for 2 years!) […]


If I keep my Old Card and let it convert in January then i get the 5 elite nights right? If I then cancel on my anniversary in March and reapply for new sub in April, do i get another 5 elite nights?

[…] Update 12/4/20: Hyatt has extend these promotions through February 28th, 2021! The registration period has also been extended, so you can now register through January 15, 2021.  See also: Ludicrously easy path to Hyatt Globalist status (top-tier status for 2 years!). […]

[…] By Greg The Frequent Miler – October 12, 2020 131 UDPATE: Since this post was written, Hyatt has cut in half their elite status requirements for 2021. Instead of reading below, please see the all-new post: Ludicrously easy path to Hyatt Globalist status (top-tier status for 2 years!). […]

Rob P

The Hyatt Decision Tool is awesome.

[…] ideas: Ludicrously easy path to Hyatt Globalist status (top-tier status for 2 years!). In this crazy hobby you will ALWAYS find hobbyists justifying doing crazy shit and/or spending $ […]


Just for a sanity check to ensure my math is right:

Existing WoH card = 5 elite nights
4 award nights in Oct-Dec 2020 = 4 elite nights
3 nights over MLK weekend = 6 elite nights

Therefore, I need an additional 8 nights (16 elite nights) in Jan or Feb 2021 to complete the 30 elite nights for Globalist status. Did I get that right?

[…] the World of Hyatt Credit Card, sign up for various promotions, and do a little mattress running (all broken down by Frequent Miler in this great post), you can enjoy Globalist status for two […]

Marshall Davis

I have the old Hyatt card. If I close it BEFORE it is converted and open the new WOH CC, will I get the signup bonus?

Brian Cogswell

HI Greg,

Amazing post and an equally amazing spreadsheet. I am not a newbie to the points game but have never really tried for status so I have two silly questions:

1) I have two rooms booked at Ziva PV for next March for 4 nights, 1 for us and one for our kids. Will I earn 4 nights towards Globalist or 8 nights?

2) The above reservation was booked under my wife’s WOH #. Can I switch it to mine over the phone so I earn the nights and not her?


Jan W

Oldie here, but with a Newbie question (haven’t used hotels much when we travel, but am considering this great offer). Is a “standard suite upgrade” moving from a regular room to a suite, and a “suite upgrade certificate” moving into some kind of a higher level suite (one that is larger, maybe?) assuming you initially booked a regular suite? And is the Globalist suite upgrade guaranteed or is it only on a space-available-at-check-in basis?


Thanks for the details post Greg.

I dont live in the area that has cat 1 hotels. But I have brother who currently living overseas and there are plenty of cat 1 hyatt over there. The question will this still work if I book the nights and let him to stay?


Ok I figured out that is not allowed.


You can just make the reservation and email the front desk to add him as a fellow traveler. Then he can just come in and check in. Asia is typically stricter about these things but I have done this all over the world.

[…] In-Depth: Ludicrously easy path to Hyatt Globalist status (top-tier status for 2 years!) […]

Marshall Davis

I have a time share at a Hyatt Residence Club. Would staying there for 1 week in January count towards the 30 nights? I am also a Globalist.




Any AA Execs Platinum in the crowd? I’m trying to decide weather to bite the bullet and do the mattress run or hold out to see if there will be any 2021 Hyatt Globalist challenges extended to AA elites like in 2020. Covid ruined my chances at the challenge in 2020.


Wow, great analysis! If I have the legacy card, can I apply now for the new card? If so, would I get the sign up bonus plus the 10 elite nights?


Similar question. if I cancel Legacy card then get new card am I eligible for sign up bonus?


Glad I closed my old Hyatt credit card last week and picked up the new one, perfect timing for this! Not to mention a tuition payment for my daughter in early Jan, easy to hit the spend for the bonus!

nice writeup, makes it very easy to understand my exact path to get back to Globalist (I’ve been Explorist for years, only benefit of maintaining that has been waived valet fees at Grand Hyatt Kauai)

The spreadsheet makes it easy to compare options, but I’ll typically choose to use points even for these small stays. Cheapest near me is $86/night, with the points rebate it’s not even close.


What about status match for AA linked to Hyatt status? How will/does that work?


This is a very detailed explanation. Thanks! My question is if I get Hyatt globalist status through the mattress run by next Feb 28th, which kind of AA status I can get matched?


Does the existence of Hyatt Prive significantly reduce the value of Globalist status? Especially given $100 hotel credit with Prive.


Do you know if Globalist status waives resort fees at MGM properties? Some of the Vegas hotel/casinos have resort fees that are equal to or above the (very cheap) room rate. I’m thinking of a play where I earn Globalist through 15 nights at a local Hyatt Place using points then another 15 in Vegas on a paid rate to get 60 total and the suite upgrades. I still have dreams about the Diplomat Suite upgrade I received at the Park Hyatt Vienna a few years ago 🙂


It does not.


With my legacy Hyatt card changing over to WoH 1/11/21, how many elite nights would I receive in 2021 for the card? Would I receive 5 in 2022 also?


I have the same question. When my legacy card transitions, will I have 10 elite nights or just 5?

P.S. Great analysis Greg!


How about status for 2020? Can you earn Globalist with 30nights?


You’ve outdone yourself, Greg. Thank you for thinking for me because my brain would explode figuring this out myself. This post deserves a Points Pulitzer to go along with your existing PHD in understanding Marriott card signup bonuses.


Can I book the hotel with my points for a friend or family member? Will that be counted toward my elite night? I am looking for the 4X hotels but they are all far away from me.


A hypothetical: I am an American but live in Europe. I can get US-issued credit cards, so I can get the latest WOH card and those elite nights. If I am able to — Covid and all that permitting — I would like to visit my parents in the States (SoCal) early next year. They live in one place and some friends in another. If I wanted to, could I check in to Hyatt XXX for a 5-night stay in, say, San Diego with an overlapping stay at, say, Hyatt ZZZ Los Angeles and have all nights/stays credited? Just going back and forth. Of course being up front with managers and all that. Or would Hyatt’s system kick out some of the stays because it’s two hotels on the same WOH account?

Thanks anyone.


I previously asked a similar question and Greg expressed the opinion that you would not get elite nights for overlapping stays. Not sure anyone’s ever tried it.


Not having CC but having thought about it for a long time, now is moment to pull trigger. I’ve already found cat one not ridiculously far from home. Bottom line: when Greg says “ludicrously”, time to listen.


Greg, I want to compliment you on how clear and concise you analysis is. It puts some other bloggers to shame for how confusing their reporting is.

[…] Today Hyatt has announced that for 2021 they are cutting in half the elite status requirements in 2021.  Plus, they are extending several lucrative promotions.  The combination will make it ludicrously easy to earn top tier status in 2021.   This post includes only the basics.  For an in-depth look at how to play this, see: Ludicrously easy path to Hyatt Globalist status (top-tier status for 2 years!). […]


Thanks, Greg. This is a great post.

Someone please correct my math if I’m wrong:

I have the WoH card. Not a new one, so 5 elite nights. I need 25 nights more, yes?
When do those nights post? Calendar year, or membership year?

I can book a 13 night stay at a Cat 1 property Dec 21 – Jan 3 = 26 nights, putting me at 31. If I book with 65,000 pts and get 25% points back = 48,750 Hyatt pts

I don’t care as much about suite upgrades, though they would be nice. I value free breakfast and free parking. We mostly travel to cities. Breakfast and parking can be very expensive, especially in NYC and D.C. We probably won’t travel until July or August of 2021. But a year and a half of Globalist status could be worth it.

I have two Cat 1 Hyatt Places near me, so I can check in and talk to the manager about not checking me out until Jan 3, even though I don’t plan to stay.


Nights post on the checkout date and must be accrued in a calendar year to count for status in the following year.

So your stay needs to check out between 1/1 and 2/28. The number of nights you need to book to reach Globalist is (30 – 5 – ExpectedSpend) / 2, where ExpectedSpend is how many nights you expect to earn from spend on the credit card in the first half of 2021. For instance, if you expect to spend $15k that would yield 6 nights and bring your required stay length down to 10 nights.


Thanks, Larry. So, the double nights and 25% back promos are extended to 2/28/21. Got it.

I used Greg’s opportunity cost calculator to figure out if I wanted to put spend on the card for elite nights. If Simon Mall gift card purchase and liquidation were still easy and Covid-safe, I’d be all over it. I wouldn’t put $15K regular spend on the Hyatt card at the cost of missing out on 5X Chase URs or 4X MRs. It might be worth paying the fees to pay property & income taxes for 6 elite nights, 15K Hyatt pts & another free night cert.


So if I book a 7-night stay from 12/27-1/3, does that mean I will earn 7 nights x 2 = 14 elite qualifying nights for the 2021 year?


That’s correct. A 7 night stay ending in January will produce 14 elite nights for the 2021 calendar year.


13 nights would work.

If you plan on spending $15k on the Hyatt card to get the free night (and 6 total elite nights), you could go as low as a 10 night stay. Adjust depending on how much / little spend you plan to put on the WoH card in 2021.

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Don’t forget to use your free nights, if you have any, from the credit card. They won’t count as double but you’ll get an elite night per cert. I have 2 currently, they extended this year’s into next year and then I added this year’s night, so 2 for me to use. I closed my old Hyatt card last week and picked up the WOH card the other day, so I’ll get 10 nights + 2 nights from certs + 2 nights from $5k spend on the card, I’m looking at needing 8 nights to hit Globalist. Not too shabby 🙂


That’s awesome! Great point. I considered closing my old Hyatt and applying for WoH, but I guess I am kind of locked in to get the free night cert with 4k spend (I already spent the 4k)


How does Chase look upon closing on old Hyatt card and opening a new one a week later? It seemed to work for Robert but I am worried about claw back.


Here are the terms:

The product is not available to either (i) current Cardmembers of any Hyatt Credit Card, or (ii) previous Cardmembers of any Hyatt Credit Card who received a new Cardmember bonus within the last 24 months.

Only reason to keep the old card and let them product switch you next month is if you got a Signup bonus within the past 24 months. If not, cancel your current card and apply for the new one. Oh, and 5/24 comes into play

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Nick Reyes

@Paul: I’d assess the risk of a claw back with Chase for closing a card and re-opening a similar card at infinitely close to zero. Plenty of people have closed and re-opened the same card within a span of a couple of weeks. In your case, it’s a different card. Nothing wrong there. As Robert says, the only reason you wouldn’t be eligible is if you have earned a welcome bonus on that Hyatt credit card within the past 24 months.

However, I disagree with Robert with the idea of closing and opening the new one. As we discuss on this week’s podcast publishing in the next couple of hours, you can do better. If you’re eligible for the World of Hyatt credit card (i.e. under 5/24), go for one of the Ink cards. The Ink Cash or Ink Unlimited are offering 75K points (which could transfer 1:1 to Hyatt) after minimum spend. Keep your old Hyatt card for the 5 elite nights and the additional 25K points you get from Chase can more than make up for the additional elite nights (book 3 cat 1 nights for 15K points and you come out 10K points ahead with an Ink card plus you get a card that is more rewarding long-term and points that are more flexible since you can decide to transfer to Hyatt or use them for something else if something better comes along).


I signed up for the new Hyatt CC way back in April and got 10 elite nights. Will i also get 10 elite nights in 2021, or is that only for CC signups after the start of Bonus Journeys on 10/01?


Even easier status with the World of Hyatt credit card: Those who applied for the card under the current offer (good through the end of the year) will earn 10 elite nights in 2020 and again in 2021.  this is confusing. how will you get 10 again in 2021?


I’ve been doing the MLife to Hyatt thing for yrs & keeping Explorist status. Will likely reverse match to Mlife Gold for 2 yrs then back to Exlporist in 2023.

Nick Reyes

I’ve been doing that, too – but Explorist has no tangible benefits for most people. Hyatt isn’t competitive at mid-tier (you’re much better off with Hilton for that). The gap between Explorist and Globalist is huge.


If we status match with MLife to Explorist, will I have to do 60 nights or just 30 nights total to make Globalist?


Iam not going to stay in any hotels when daily covid cases are 200k per day. Take care guys don’t fall into the trap and get covid.

Not sure whether it is an updated article or newly written , but deep analysis has been done with lots of scenarios and made into a very big article

I didn’t read the entire article


I agree. I don’t plan to stay anywhere until a critical mass is vaccinated. I have two category 1 Hyatt Places near me to choose from. I can check in and not stay, as long as the manager is willing to cooperate.


Obviously a matter of personal choice. The science has been terrible in determining where people actually get Covid. But based on the limited scientific knowledge, hanging out in an indoor bar is probably a bad choice.Staying by yourself in a hotel room is probably not a bad choice. In any event,if you do somehow get Covid, your odds of dying are extremely remote, and virtually zero if you’re under 45. Indeed, younger people have a higher risk of dying from flu than Covid, yet nobody ever decided to avoid winter travel due to flu spikes. So assess your risk accordingly.


BTW, speaking of flu, it’s worth noting that there is currently no flu in the USA. Nobody tells you this of course, and nobody really knows why. Probably due to Covid, but we’re not sure. Normally, lots of people are sickened by flu this time of year, and now almost none are. So you now face some Covid risk but not flu risk from travelling. Statistically, it’s almost a toss up, but hysteria prevents this fact from being known.


I’ve thought about this, all I can come up with is that wearing a mask, washing my hands more, and not touching my face is keeping the spread down. Plus I limit how often I go out. Clearly we’re building better habits to avoid sickness, at least I hope we are.


Better habits can’t hurt but I’m afraid the reality is humans don’t fully understand how respiratory viruses spread and there’s not much we can do about it. There is certainly risk in travelling during Covid times.I’m pretty sure the data analysts would say it’s similar to the risk of driving to your destination, but we’re comfortable with assessing driving risk and bad at assessing the risk of scary new viruses.


The terms kind of look like they haven’t been updated. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hyatt say that 2021 stays after Jan 4 don’t get double elite night credits.


That’s awesome then! Time to book a few stays haha.


What about people whose anniversary date is February or March? Wouldn’t they get 1 night in the current award year (2020) and the bonus in 2021? If so, stays in Jan/Feb would still only get them 1 night credit to 2021 status.

Nick Reyes

@Bruce: I don’t understand your question. Anniversary date has nothing to do with this…


Ill play devils advocate: This is really bad news disguised in good news. Its not hard to understand why Hyatt is doing this, but the end result is going to be a disaster. Assuming at some point people are going to be able to travel normally again in the next 2 years, the competition for suite upgrades (without using the earned suite nights as milestones) is going to be ferocious, to the point that I am sure upgrades will be impossible to obtain at check in, and very hard using the suite certificates.. The globalist status will be reduced to free breakfast, maybe late checkout and free parking. It is a moral devaluation of the program and to me it is a very sad day for old time Hyatt loyalists whose beloved program stopped being special today.


I share this concern too.


My point is that with the extension of the promotions into 2021 for 2 extra months, plus the ease of getting to 30 nights, there will be a very strong desire to at least get to 50 nights and get a couple of certificates or 60 and get all of them. Before, you had to be creative into making a long stay that would start in 2020 and end in 2021. Now it got a lot easier. Like I said, to me is a “moral” and “morale” devaluation more than a straight point devaluation (which would not surprise me in the near future). The program as a whole is being diluted with extreme shortcuts to elite status. The beneficiaries will be the Cat 1 Hyatt place and Hyatt house of the world with mattress run bookings the first 2 months of the year. It may feel like short term win. I think in the long run makes the best program out there feel more cheap. My 2 cents.


Most frequent travelers already have the Hyatt card and can only earn 5 EQN. If you spent $10k on the card (a lot) that earns another 4 nights. So realistically most of us would need to buy 10 award night x5k = 50k points less rebate = 37.5k points spent for another 20 EQN. That still leaves you 1 night short. And that’s assuming you can find a 5 property, not so easy for many of us.

I value Hyatt points at .02 minimum so that’s a total cost of $750. (Don’t count the 10k points earned through card spend because you could actually be earning more valuable Chase or Amex points with those purchases).

Are Globalist free breakfasts, parking and waived resort fees worth $750? Maybe in a normal year but hard to say in the COVID world where many of us may not want to travel until summer 2021.


That’s the beauty of doing this, you’ll have status for 2022 and into 2023, hopefully the virus is more under control by then

Nick Reyes

As Robert insinuates, I’m in on Globalist because I expect I will travel with a vengeance in 2022.I want those suite upgrades! Traveling with 2 kids, I strongly value being able to lock in a suite for up to 7 nights in advance. Of course, that still requires earning 50/60 nights, which is what I’m working on rather than earning 30.


Thanks for the great work… My question is can you book two rooms during the same stay and get credit for both? ( Actually when I told my 15 year old daughter about this she asked the question…A true world traveler! )


Normally you can earn Hyatt points on up to 3 rooms… I don’t know about this specific promotion though! If Greg doesn’t know, may be worth a Twitter DM to Hyatt to see if they can help.


Pretty sure you will get points on up to three rooms but elite nights only for one room. Don’t know what happens if you book overlapping stays at two different hotels, however.

Nick Reyes

As Larry says, you’ll get points for both but only elite credit for one. If you’re booking two rooms, I’d book the second room under an additional player’s name and get a second family member to Globalist / earning milestone benefits. While the incremental value of a second Globalist is probably low, there’s likely no reason that P1 needs to earn the points for the stay (especially because P2 can always later transfer the points to P1 since Hyatt allows members to transfer to others).

Yusuf Hakim

@greg I recently had 6 night stay with the hyatt prive 3rd night free rate. I got charged for 4 nights and was awarded 4 nights for the 6 night stay. I then contacted hyatt through Facebook messenger and they awarded me the 2 extra nights right away. For some reason I got 2 more nights though total 8, but I suspect that’s from the incidental hold on my hyatt credit card for the next stay.


I am pretty sure “3rd night free” type of promotions *do not* generate elite nights according to the Q&A here

Yusuf Hakim

Well, I was able to get credit for those free nights in the third night free promotion by asking the hyatt face book messenger team. It’s the data point I wanted to share with Greg.


got it! I would say your extra 2 nights are a bonus then, I don’t think a future stay would show in your elite night totals. Glad you were able to get the credit!

Yusuf Hakim

Might be worth mentioning to the hyatt Facebook team, I didn’t have to even ask for the credit they just realized and credited the extra nights instantly.

Yusuf Hakim

Didn’t even have to ask just mention that I stayed 6 nights and got 4, what’s up with that?


Great analysis. I’m in the new WOH card signup boat which means I would need to weigh the net cost of 9 cat 1 nights on points(33500) vs the cash price to get those same 9 nights. Assuming I could get a rate of $62/night that would come to $648 after tax. Would I rather keep the 33500 points or the $648 or IOW can I get better value out of those 33500 points than $648. And still get new globalist status either way.


Run Greg’s spreadsheet! If you value Hyatt points at let’s say 1.5 cents per point, it seems like it would make more sense to use the points instead of cash. If you value Hyatt points at 2 cents per point, it comes to be more or less even.

To me, it would depend on how easily I could restock the Hyatt points. Do you already have a lot of Ultimate Rewards points you could transfer over? If not, you can definitely get some great value out of the Hyatt points in larger cities.