The Great Debate: Hyatt vs Marriott


Hyatt vs Marriott.  This is the debate you really want to see.  The Post Roast segment of our most recent Frequent Miler on the Air episode seems to have struck a nerve. Nick took exception to my Beginner Credit Card Plan where I asserted that someone who’s about to sign up for lots of credit cards should get Chase’s World of Hyatt card before it’s too late.  Nick believes that Chase’s Marriott Bonvoy Boundless is a better pick.

Readers have written in via email, blog comments, Youtube comments and more to tell us who’s on the right side of the Hyatt vs Marriott debate.  Nick was right!  Greg was right!  The passion runs high!

Watch the post roast by clicking here or by pressing play below:

Reader Mail-In Ballot Count

After carefully counting the unsolicited e-mail-in votes, here are the Hyatt vs Marriott (and Greg vs Nick) tallies so far:

  • Greg & Hyatt: 4 Votes
  • Nick & Marriott: 2 Votes

Comment below to let us know who you think won the Hyatt vs Marriott debate!

Reader Write-Ins

Kathy votes for Greg & Hyatt

Note from Greg: If you only read one reader write-in, make it this one!

Sorry, Nick, I’m with Greg on this one.

Bit of a long-winded roast-roast on my part, but I’ll share for completeness.

I’ve developed a weekend ritual of listening to the podcast while diligently doing my morning stretches. And I found myself giggling out loud to this week’s roast because Greg’s rebuttal described my exact situation.

In fact, just the night before I had been recounting this story to my husband (who goes a bit glassy-eyed when I start talking about miles and points):

I’m relatively new to the game and got more interested when I got Marriott Titanium status without trying much because of work assignments. When I realized how much better life is when it’s upgraded, I made an effort to learn more.

That led me to my first Chicago Seminars last year, where I learned for the first time what “manufactured spending” even means.

So, I was telling my husband that in one session, Nick got up and asked the crowd, “Now why are Chase Ultimate Rewards so valuable?” and he flashed up a screen that said “1:1 transfers to Marriott Bonvoy,” at which point everyone laughed and I pretended that I got the joke.

Well, I get it now, and have since learned how much better Hyatt is — so much so that at the time I was giggling at the podcast on my yoga mat, I happened to be on my delightful balcony at the Ventana, thoroughly enjoying my 30k/night stay but somewhat lamenting the fact that I was only getting 15% of those points back instead of 25% (and lovely though my room was, no upgrade because I don’t even have lowly discoverist status)… because I used my last 5/24 slot for a Bonvoy Boundless card and have been counting the months until I can finally apply for the Hyatt card.

If only someone had told me to get that when I was a beginner 😇

(To be fair though, I’m pretty sure I was told several times at that same Chicago Seminars that I should get the Hyatt card and didn’t listen. Oh well).

But seriously, thanks as always to you both for the awesome tips. Big congratulations to Nick and the expanded Reyes clan. And thanks, Greg, for the Falconry tip! It was more expensive at the Ventana but still totally worth it (especially with the money saved on food now that it’s all inclusive). Pic of me with Greg’s owl buddy attached.

Lagaleven votes for Nick and Marriott

Sorry Greg. I’m gonna have to go with Nick on this one. I just got the Chase Marriott Boundless card this week over the Hyatt card. (Hopefully I don’t regret it later, lol). Basically, it came down to 2 things. 1) Marriott gives me access to transfer partners thru the use of a Visa card that I can’t get with UR points (Delta is the biggest one for me). I have a couple of large monthly bills ($600+/mo) that don’t accept AMEX. Very good for SUB. 2) downgrade path to no AF card in the future. I do agree that Hyatt has awesome potential. But like Nick said, there are only a couple of Hyatt’s remotely close to central IL. I just use UR points at a great value if it works out to stay at one. Free breakfast is great, but I don’t stay enough to worry about status.

Yusuf votes for Greg and Hyatt

Hey nick, I’m going to have to roast your post roast of greg’s, post. Remember this very clearly, get the ultimate rewards points card as well as the hyatt card and they will be able to make use of those points with hyatt wayyyyyyyyy better than with Marriott. Both will transfer 1 to 1 even if they can some how figure out how to get that amex Marriott card as well via phd. Also the Marriott free night cert is way harder to get good value from when you can get that same fairfield inn for less than 100 bucks lol. Hyatt hotels are pretty common in most of us states. Places like Arkansas and Mississippi don’t have many, let’s be real who would travel there on vacation! Lastly, only someone without the world of Hyatt credit card would say what you did nick, 95 bucks is way worth that card, 95 bucks is barley worth a Marriott cert.

Todd votes for Nick (I think)

That was an EPIC post roast Nick! Greg you missed an opportunity for a podcast title worthy of such greatness. All hail Reyes University. I am eagerly awaiting Greg’s rebuttal for next week’s installment. Great job guys

Chris votes for Greg & Hyatt

Completely agree on getting the Hyatt before it’s too late. I started out 4 years ago picking up CSR, CSP, and Southwest along with a couple other cards (non-chase, rookie mistake), not knowing how important it was to just have certain cards. Being over 5/24 I picked up a few more cards since I couldn’t get chase anyways. Finally, I was tired of reading about the Hyatt card and decided I needed to bite the billet and get under 5/24 for it. Even as a casual traveler I love having it.

John votes for Greg & Hyatt

I agree with Greg on the Hyatt card – it is slightly advanced move but makes sense to get the card early, the beginner doesn’t have to have one in their state to get a good value, and there’s not a time limit of using the points within 1 year or anything so the points will be there. When a Hyatt finally makes the cut for location, etc the beginner is going to get a nicer room and better value than Marriott and be more “into the game” after seeing how much value they got from the points! Also the argument of getting two cards doesn’t make sense because you can get the Hyatt card and the Amex Marriott, so you would still get 2 cards and more points. Anyway, great video as usual!

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