World of Hyatt adds 52 new all-inclusive properties throughout the Caribbean and Mexico


In March, Hyatt released a separate award chart for the 100 all-inclusive properties that it acquired with the purchase of Apple Leisure Group. Hyatt also announced that, in addition to the six Cancun hotels which were immediately bookable within the program, another 52 from across the Americas would be joining May 9th.

Those 52 new properties are now bookable within the World of Hyatt program, bringing the total number of on-boarded AMC properties to 59 so far. They are all in Mexico and the Caribbean and, surprisingly enough, none of them will cost more than 29,000 points in peak season.

Oilio Restaurant at Dreams St. Martin

All-Inclusive Award Chart

Hyatt created a new all-inclusive award chart that applies to all of the new AMR properties as well as Ziva and Zilara. They use letters to denote the categories, as opposed to the numbers used on the traditional award chart.

Below is the award chart for standard rooms.  Redemptions start at 12,000 points (equivalent to a normal category 4) and go all the way up to 58,000 points, subject to peak, off-peak and standard pricing.

Effectively, the chart goes from a traditional Category 4 to a new “Category 9” and leaves Miraval in it’s own “Category Bazillion.” There are also other all-inclusive properties, like Greg’s favorite Alila Ventana Big Sur, that remain in the traditional chart.

Remember that:

  • Currently, Category 1-7 certificates are not usable for Category E and F.
  • Although the all-inclusive chart effectively starts at a traditional Cat 4 (at 15K points standard), the terms say you can’t use a Cat 1-4 cert at an all-inclusive.
  • If you do use a Category 1-7 certificate, you won’t be able to pay for more guests beyond two, something you can do with a normal points redemption. So, if you have kids, the all-inclusive chart is effectively out-of-bounds for any certificate redemptions.
Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita

New Properties Added

Here are the six resorts in the Cancun area that were already added in March, along with their corresponding categories:

Secrets Papagayo Costa Rica

Below are the new properties that were added today, as well as their categories:

Mexico (25)

Costa Rica (2)

Curaçao (3)

Dominican Republic (10)

Jamaica (4)

Panama (1)

St. Martin (1)

Infinity pool
Infinity pool at Zoetry Montego Bay

Quick Thoughts

As of now, 59 total properties from the ALG aquisition have been added. Of those, the breakdown by category is:

  • Category A – 9
  • Category B – 23
  • Category C – 27

It’s encouraging that, in the Americas, there’s nothing higher than a category C, or 29,000 points/night in peak season. There’s nine all-inclusive properties bookable for as low as 12-18,000 points. That will undoubtedly be great news for many folks, although the fact that category 1-4 certificates are not able to be used at them is confusing and disappointing…and I hope something that WOH reconsiders in the future.

I’m sure that there will be more D, E and F properties as WOH continues to add many higher-end options worldwide, but the options so far represent surprisingly good value based on current cash prices. The days that I searched showed an average of between 1.5-4 cents per point compared to the cash rates.

Dreams and Secrets used to be Choice Privileges partners back in the day.  The reviews at the time were mixed and, looking over recent reviews, they continue to be. It’s not terribly surprising to see them at Category A-C.  Zoëtry, on the other hand, is well-reviewed and looks like a lovely set of properties. Here’s how reader Deltahater described the differences:

Sunscape is the low-budget family property
Now and Dreams are family properties with Dreams being more sophisticated
Breathless and Secrets are adults-only
Zoetry is more for the elderly among us

I have stayed at Dreams for the last 12 years. They are NOT like Ziva/Zilara. One step below. (Zoetry is probably a notch above Ziva/Zilara)

I have to say, and it may very well show my “elderliness,” the most exciting properties for me are the Zoëtrys…there’s some pretty cool possibilities there. While the vast majority of all of these properties are in Mexico and the Dominican Republic, the various options in Panama, Costa Rica, Curaçao and St. Martin create some intriguing options, like pairing Secrets St. Martin with a trip to Zemi Beach House in Anguilla.

All seven AMC brands will count separately towards the Brand Explorer program, which is great. Once that happens, 40% of Hyatt’s total brands will be all-inclusive, a huge change from just a couple of years ago. It’s good to know that elite benefits, including confirmed suite upgrades, will apply at all of these brands.

Zoetry Mallorca – Coming Soon to World of Hyatt

Stay-tuned, there’s another 40+ properties worldwide scheduled to be released this year and we’ll learn more as folks start to book these properties and the AMR Collection continues to be incorporated into the World of Hyatt.

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Richard Toscano

Great article. 2 comments. You listed 16 properties in the DR. But your list only has 10; 6 you list for the DR are in St. Martin, Jamaica, Costa Rica amd Mexico. Secondly, you mention AMC brands. What is this? Do you mean AMR? Thanks


Is Zoetry still adults only? While part of the AMR brand it was adults only


Anyone have any DPs about free upgrade potential based on status? (maybe Globalist guest of honor).


This certainly brings more interest to the limited footprint of Hyatt. BTW there is a promo right now where you can get 5,000 points for every 3 nights as most of these even on award nights up to 25k.

Travis S.

Thanks for the info! Will the amount of points needed for rooms with kids remain the same as they are with Ziva? For the example, booking a room with one child is 50% more points while with two it’s 100%, the same as booking two rooms. Those points add up!


At Ziva you can use points for a double occupancy room and then pay for your children at a discounted rate once arriving at the property. Of course, you have to adhere to the max occupancy. The rate is roughly $112 per child/per day, with Cap Cana being $125.
Is that applicable with Zoetry? Any idea?