Wow: Get 100,000 bonus United miles with new offer


This week, Chase launched a new credit card, the United Quest Card. This card is an interesting mid-market option with a $250 annual fee and some very interesting benefits, but this morning Stephen found that there is already an increased offer showing in the MPX app that’s good for up to 100,000 United Mileage Plus miles. This card is definitely worth a look for United enthusiasts — we have added a link to this new 100K offer to our Chase United Quest card page.

The Offer & Key Card Details

for more details and to find a link to apply, click the card name below to go to our United Quest card page.

Card Offer and Details
Chase United Quest Card

Card Type: Visa Signature


Earning rate: 3X United ⚬ 2X restaurants including eligible delivery services ⚬ 2X on all other travel ⚬ 2X select streaming

Noteworthy perks: Up to $125 in statement credits for United purchases each cardmember year ⚬ First and second checked bag free for cardholder and one companion when you purchase your tickets with the card and include your Mileage Plus number ⚬ Two 5K award flight rebates per cardmember year (5K miles back when you book first 2 award tickets each anniversary year) ⚬ One year of complimentary Dash Pass (Must activate by 12/31/24) ⚬$100 Global Entry, TSA PreCheck or Nexuas reimbursement ⚬ 25% back on United inflight or Club Premium drink purchases

Quick Thoughts

This new Quest card is pretty intriguing. It offers up to $125 in statement credits each year for United purchases and two 5,000-mile rebates on your first two United award bookings each year, which could make it a near break-even without using any other benefits. With first and second checked bags free for the cardholder and one companion, the card could be a great value for someone who flies United often enough for costs to add up but yet not enough to earn elite status and get free bags.

I find it odd that the United card offers 2x on all travel — presumably including other airlines — but with 2x restaurants, 2x travel, and 3x United purchases, this isn’t a bad card for those categories of spend, either. Most people would still be better off with a Chase Ultimate Rewards strategy for earning United miles, but this card isn’t bad for what it is.

All that is to say that this card isn’t bad on its own merits — so adding a hundred thousand miles makes it a hot offer in my opinion. Sure, United miles came out last in Greg’s recent analysis of value of miles for the big three US carriers, but those who can leverage the excursionist perk can still get great value from United miles — and given no fuel surcharges on award tickets, you can still get a good value out of 100K miles.

I am particularly surprised to see this 100K offer given that the card debuted just the other day with an 80K offer showing (but application links weren’t immediately working). I’m surprised to see them juice the offer this soon, but don’t mistake that for a complaint.

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Any knowledge if Chase allows to switch cards? I have the United Explorer card, but wondering if they would let me change to this card (as I don’t meet the 5/24 rule) but I have excellent credit.


Before applying for this card, look up some flights. This year ones that I have looked up cost twice as many miles as they used to.


Thanks, Nick. Maybe it is because I live in Florida and everyone is flying here right now that I am seeing really low value for the flights that I look up. Hopefully things will get back to normal. Also, I love your podcast!

Last edited 1 year ago by Cindy

Nick, I figured out why I thought I was seeing terrible value for domestic flights. 50k for flights that would be inexpensive- it is because only First class was left for booking with points on some of the flights I was looking at. So, I am considering this card now. Have a great day!


The terms do not seem to exclude holders of other United cards from this offer. Am I correct in thinking that I could get this card even though I have another United card?

If so, then I really wish I hadn’t just burned my last 5/24 slot last month on an Amex Green.


I found the 100,000 mile offer, with all of the original terms, on my account. It’s so tempting…


If we get approved for this card, and we receive it and activate it, can we use ‘refer a friend’ on it to earn additional miles?


if i already have a flight booked on miles would it get reimbursed if i apply now for this card?


@ Nick — So, do you receive the $125 United credit and 2x 5,000 miles vouchers the FIRST year, or is this like the Delta Reserve card and kicks in only after you pay your first renewal annual fee (so for the SECOND year)? I think the word “anniversary” is throwing me off…


80,000 miles for a $5k spend within 3 months and then an additional 20,000 miles w/a total of a $10k spend in 6 months…seems like a decent offer for 80K miles with the eventual $125 credit statement and award rebates if a UA loyalist but doesn’t seem worth spending another $5k for the additional 20k miles especially if one has a Reserve or Preferred like you mentioned.

Nick H

It’s at least 5x on that $5k, not 4x.

Adi Sid

If I have the United Club, can I still apply for this card?

Deborah Belcore

How would you manage the transition out of the $95 united card and to this one?