Wyndham partners with Minor League baseball for experiences


Wyndham Rewards has thrown a bit of a curve today in announcing that they are partnering with Minor League baseball to offer ticket packages and some cool experiences for fans of local minor league teams. Some of the experiences might be interesting if you have a very dedicated fan on your hands.

a screenshot of a sports stadium


The Deal

  • Wyndham Rewards is partnering with Minor League Baseball to provide ticket and experience packages that can be purchased with Wyndham Rewards points
  • Direct link to this deal16

Quick Thoughts

I want to lead off by saying that I’m in a pickle on this one: Would we call this a good deal? That may be a stretch, 7th inning or otherwise. All jokes aside about Wyndham solidifying their position in the minor leagues with this partnership, some may still want to take a swing at this promotion.

I would bet that most readers would balk at the cost of the ticket packages and consider a redemption here to be an unforced error. Each set of two tickets costs 7,500 points.

a screenshot of a website Given that I see seats to the game above for just $12 per seat through StubHub, I think it is safe to say that even Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger would call that redemption foul.

On the other hand, if you’re the parent of a big fan, some of the still-overpriced-but-kind-of-priceless experiences might be a home run.

a collage of a baseball player walking

There were additionally some mascot meet-and-greet opportunities for 15,000 points, which might be more your speed.

If you or someone you love could use a change up to the same old dull routine, you may be able to swoop in for the save with a Wyndham redemption here.

But keep in mind that if you’re looking to get great value out of your Wyndham points, you’re going to strike out here.

In all seriousness, these redemptions aren’t very good, but it was too much fun not to write about it. You probably won’t find anything exciting here, but it is nonetheless cool to see Wyndham branching out. Now if Capital One would just release the Kraken the summertime schedule of cardholder exclusive seats to Major League baseball games, I would be thrilled.

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Maybe it’s just me but the link to the deal appears inactive or dead.


I just got back from Chase Field (D’Backs vs Giants) with Club Level seats behind home plate that cost me 5000 Capital One points each. Besides the incredible view, the seats have extra leg room and are extra wide; plus, it is an MLB game (as a bonus, it did not include the Yankees). Much better deal (unless you are a Giants fan; they lost).


Yer out!!!


Throwing out a first pitch would be pretty cool…