(EXPIRED) Wyndham timeshare deals: 2 nights for 7500 points (must attend presentation)

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Travel with Grant reports on what might be an appealing timeshare offer for some folks with Wyndham points as 9 participating resorts are offering a 2-night stay for 7500 total points through “Extra Holidays”, which is Wyndham’s timeshare arm. You’ll have to attend a 2-hour timeshare presentation, so it’s up to you as to how much that time spent saying no is worth (and you should read Wyndham timeshare presentation: Get your “No” face on in preparation to know what to expect).

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Can book for up to 2 adults and 2 children
  • Must attend a 2-hour timeshare presentation
  • Parking, taxes, and any gratuities would be additional (though Grant shows an example with $0 in taxes)
  • See the offer page for full terms

Quick Thoughts

While they call this as a 3-day / 2-night offer, I hate that method of advertising a hotel stay. If I go stay in a hotel tonight, is it a 2-day stay? Of course not. It’s a 1-night stay. And so that’s the deal here: you get a 2-night stay for 7500 points and have to attend a timeshare presentation while you’re there, which will obviously eat into your one full day at the property, ensuring that you’ll basically be going to hang out for an afternoon at the pool or something (assuming the pool is open in the current environment).

That said, I know many people who are looking to just get away for a night or two and doing so in a timeshare-type property means that you’ll have a kitchen for preparing your own meals and likely outdoor facilities that will make for what are probably safe activities (obviously this varies by location). If you live within driving distance of one of these, this deal could make for a nice little getaway. I took a glance at the one in the Poconos and the pictures on the website didn’t look bad.

Remember that Wyndham Rewards is a Capital One transfer partner, so those with Capital One “miles” could make a transfer.

I haven’t been to a timeshare presentation in years, though I did try (unsuccessfully) to replicate Stephen’s deal in Myrtle Beach (at the time when I went, they were offering 30,000 Wyndham points if I went to a presentation and paid them $99 for the luxury of sitting through itI passed on that. But it’s worth noting that if you live within a somewhat near distance of one of these properties, you may alternatively be able to score points or a discount on a longer stay by attending a presentation without even staying at the property.

Still, if you’re looking to get away right now, this could be a deal. Given that the terms state that the rooms can accommodate up to 2 adults and 2 kids, my timeshare presentation strategy would ordinarily be to bring my newborn so that he’ll cry through the presentation and get me out of there early, but I thought that as I wrote this post and something told me he may not be a team player on that.

Grant has a lot more detail on this deal, so see his post for more.

H/T: Travel With Grant

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Thanks for including Stephen Pepper’s superb write up from his experience two years ago…. Having recently endured an even worse, ultra high pressure, no a/v support version, also in Myrtle Beach, he nails it….. There’s NOTHING great about these promos…. Anybody reading these travel-hacker blogs should go armed with lots of laughs, quick understanding of the con at work, and a quick exit strategy. “Put on your no face.”

Teresa Henning

Cute baby photo



Totally agree “I hate that method of advertising a hotel stay. If I go stay in a hotel tonight, is it a 2-day stay? Of course not. It’s a 1-night stay.”.

Check-in 2-4PM, check out 10AM-Noon normally.
Not huge fan of suing but would make an acception to see a class-action on this paired with destination fees.

Time shares objections that are harder to overcome if you been in the CC shark game (Travel hacking) and have a few aspirational trips to show on your phone, and printouts showing the same property timeshares you can purchase on the 2nd market starting at $1.

BUT all bets are off if your not good at saying no.