20% off Lowes and iTunes gift cards


The following offer is valid until June 16th.  At Michael’s stores (in person, only), you can buy $50 Lowes and iTunes gift cards for $40.  Hat tip to readers Jason and Mitch.


Things to consider:

  • Gift card resellers currently buy Lowe’s gift cards from individuals for 82 cents to the dollar, so it may be possible to make a nice profit on this and pump up your credit card spend.
  • iTunes gift cards have almost no resale value.  Buy these only if you plan to use them yourself or to gift them.  I’d consider buying one or two personally to take the sting out of iTunes video rentals and app purchases.
  • You may have trouble finding these in stock.  This FatWallet thread has been active for a couple of days now.  People have already been actively buying up every card they find.  If the store is out of your way, it would make sense for you to call before going.  They are likely to receive another shipment before this deal ends so it might pay to call daily.
  • According to the same FatWallet thread, not all Michael’s stores allow purchases of gift cards with credit cards.
  • I’ve had a to-do (for quite a while) to publish a set of Lowe’s savings tricks from FlyerTalker and reader Sam_Goh.  I’ll try to get this published in the next week or so.  By combining 20% off with some other tricks, you can expect some really nice savings at Lowe’s!
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esther: the offers described in this old post are no longer available.


how to get 20% off card for lowes of homedepot

Blas Valenzuela

Darn! I wish my wife and kids could’ve purchased this for me for Father’s Day. Haha.

Frequent Miler

Chris D: I’m glad it worked out!

Chris D.

Hello. Thought I would report back with my final results. I bought six Lowe’s cards (starting small since it’s my first gift card buy/sell) on June 6 and sold them electronically to Plastic Jungle the same day. Status was “Pending” for a while. Got a call on Friday, June 8 from PJ to confirm my physical address, and status changed to “Processing.” Got an email today, Monday, June 11, telling me that the funds had been transferred to Paypal. I imagine the payment would have happened more quickly if I was not a new PJ seller and the confirmation did not happen so close to the weekend. So it was a successful learning experience. Put some spend on the card and netted more than $18 between Topcashback and PJ. Thanks.


Has PJ contacted anyone else through the resolution center and asked them to become a volume seller? Does anyone have any feedback on being a volume seller with PJ. I guess this is what happens when you load up on Lowe’s cards….


If anyone wants to be rid of their gift cards at a fair price, email me nicholasgon@gmail.com


Here’s a data point on trying to use Lowe’s GCs to buy other GCs. Tried to buy a Shell GC today at my local Lowe’s, their computer won’t allow the transaction. And their “customer service” desk confirmed it’s a no-go.


bf: Thanks! I’ll add this info to the Lab


I went through PJ with one card and it was successful.

Seeing reports here will keep me from trying too many.

060612 at 1:53 am sell $50 Lowes card for $41.50 (Paypal)
060812 at 12:37 pm received money in Paypal account.

58 hrs and 43 minutes 🙂


@Ted F, I did the same “test” and it is pending as well. Will update when I see a change.

Ted F

Day 2: My “test” sale on PJ with electronic delivery and payout via PayPal is still “Pending Review.” Let’s see if they can keep this “within 1-2 business days.”


All my cards that I put on PJ got cancelled too with the exception of one which is pending review. Waste of time and energy using plastic jungle.


Thanks for the info..finally was able to pick up 60 at the 3rd store I tried!


I’m having trouble w/ Plastic Jungle. They limited my sales to 6 Lowes GCs (anything more made the confirmation link go gray). When I did 6, it seemed to work, they sent me a confirmation number of the transaction, but when I go into my account, it says all the transactions status of numerous transactions is “cancelled.” Why? Do they have any sort of customer service phone number I can call? Thx.


But nothing truly definitive on whether you can go into Lowe’s and use Lowe’s gift cards to purchase other gift cards. Anyone? Most reports are saying no- Lowe’s will not allow GC purchase with Lowe’s GC. But I did do this 3 weeks ago. It was only a single $50 card though. Anyone? Any current reports on this?