[EXPIRED] $2500 in fee free credit card spend for business card holders


Plastiq guy on phone

Note: This promotion was ended early, at 11:59pm Pacific time on Friday, March 10th. Read more here. There is a new referral promotion that has begun and is open to everyone. Read more about it here.


New users of the Plastiq bill pay service can pay up to $2500 worth of bills with a credit card fee-free.  Here are the terms:

  • You must sign up with a referral link from someone who received a targeted business referral offer (more on this below).  I checked with my contact at Plastiq and found that since I wasn’t targeted, my referral link won’t work.
  • You must make a payment of at least $100 by March 31, 2017, and (I believe) you must make that payment with a business credit or charge card.

Once you have fulfilled the requirements, both you and the person you referred will receive $2500 in fee-free payments.  This means that your next $2500 worth of bill payments can be made fee-free (you must remember to click the link to “apply fee-free dollars” on the final check-out screen).  Note that once you have the fee-free dollars it won’t be necessary to pay with a business card to use them.

Important Note: Initially you’ll see only $200 Fee Free Dollars in your account. Plastiq says that it will take 24 hours after your $100 payment before you’ll see the full $2500.

To learn more about Plastiq, please see: Complete Guide to Plastiq credit card payments.

Referral Links

If you need a referral link, please check the comments of this post.

If you have received a referral link, please feel free to post in in the comments of this Quick Deal.  Do not post referral links to the Complete Guide page (going forward, I want the comments on that page to be informative: questions and answers, rather than referrals).


In order to try to ensure that people posting links really received the referral offer, I’m only going to approve the referrals that include a link to an image showing your offer.  Doctor of Credit posted this same deal today and offered the following rules (which I’ll implement as well):

In order to verify that you got this offer, you must link to a tweet or some other image (like Imgur or some social media platform) that shows a screenshot of the offer from your email along with the referral code (it all shows in the email). The screenshot should look similar to the screenshot shown above, just include another bit more underneath that which shows your referral code as well. You don’t need to show your name.

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I got skipped….

Here’s the $500 offer link for plastiq: https://www.plastiq.com/cardholder_ui/start?referralCode=663779

Referral code: 663779

Thanks in advance still waiting on my first click!



Hi, used your referral!

Others feel welcome to use mine aswell please.

Referral Code 663779


sorry meant,
Referral code 719695


*Currently giving $500 fee free dollars.


Not as great as the last offer but still good. $400 fee free bonus for signing up.

Please use below to get your bonus:

Referral code: 648842
Link: https://try.plastiq.com/648842


Check out https://www.plastiq.com
Use Referral Code: 606610

You will get the $400 fee free dollars after your first transaction.

Geoff Stuart

Note that payments to credit cards are “unacceptable usage” despite no mention of that in the HUGE T’s and C’s you have to wade through. I received an “accepted” email but then a day later was notified that it was cancelled. Not worth the hassle; I closed the account.


For every referral you make by April 18, 2017, you will earn 800 fee-free dollars*, and the person you referred will earn 400 fee-free dollars.

Your unique referral code: 503340

Link: https://try.plastiq.com/503340


If anyone is interested, I received a new promo email for “double” the rewards. Not as good as $2500 but I guess $400 is better than the standard $200. Feel free to use my referral code if you’re new and this sounds like something you want to do.
Referral code: 616895


I don’t understand why this is so difficult. 3 people have used my code. I then emailed all 3 (Plastiq shows you their email). I then introduce myself and ask them to keep the lines of communication flowing when there is an update.

After a week a sent an email to all 3 again asking who has been credited and who has not. There was one person who was not credited and I emailed Plastiq and copy/pasted my convo to that referral.

I recieved the Plastiq termination email yesterday, I alerted that last referral. He than alerted me that he recieved the last 2100. I checked this morning and so did I.

This isn’t rocket science, If you are someone who posted your code and people used it YOU have the responsibility to fight for those people that used your code. So referral posters email ALL your contacts and confirm their status. Document it on a spread sheet if need be.


Where does Plastiq show their email? I only get their name.

Promo is over anyways – apparently too confusing and too many frustrated users. I still like Plastiq, even though they messed up this promo.

The new promo is out … effective Mary 14, 2017.

For a limited time, refer friends to Plastiq and you both will earn double the rewards.

For every referral you make by April 18, 2017, you will earn 800 fee-free dollars*, and the person you referred will earn 400 fee-free dollars.

The referral code: 325801

Sign up Link –


I and my friend used your link.
Currently we see only 200 credit.
Do you know if the promotion was successfully applied on your end?


Hey Gables, I see your email and will contact you directly. For what it worth I recieved 4 referrals and recieved all 4 $2500 FF.


Does anyone know how soon I need to use the $2500 fee free credits, do they expire?

[…] previously wrote about a promotion from Plastiq that offered $2500 in fee-free payments for business card holders. That promotion was scheduled to end March 31st, but we have received word that Plastiq will be […]


Would appreciate the next person using my code:

Sign up Link –

Your unique referral code is: 325801

Proof: http://imgur.com/nX8xtEw

Remember to use your BUSINESS credit card to start with $100.

This does work and I’ve been getting $2,500 FFD in referrals.


You basically did not tell the truth. I just used it it says “Code 325801 Applied: You’ll get 200 FFDs after you make your first payment.”

Why do you lie ????


Mary didn’t lie If you read the post you’ll see
“Important Note: Initially you’ll see only $200 Fee Free Dollars in your account. Plastiq says that it will take 24 hours after your $100 payment before you’ll see the full $2500.”


Please help. I used your code, made the payment as required, and didn’t get the referral bonus still. There may be a problem on Plastiq’s end?

Ashley Young

I had to email plastiq customer service with all my info including the bonus code used, my payment amount and date,etc and eventually they credited me


Once you’ve paid $100 with the business card to trigger the bonus, can you use a personal card in the future, toward the $2,500 credit?


You should be able to. The FFD comes in two parts though, so you can apply the first $200 towards your first payment (you have to click to apply, it isn’t automatic) and then you’ll see $2300 credit appear a few days later.


Gotcha. Sounds good to me! Thanks, Daisy.


RIAN, I tried your referral code. So far, got a charge of 2.5% on the payment of $361 i sent.
Very new to plastic, but based on replies, the $2500 of FFD will start kicking in for the next $2500 after this?




It may take 3-4 days after the 1st payment before Plastiq adds another 2,100 FFD to your account. Right now you should have initial 400 FFD that can be used in your account. Remember to click “Apply my Fee Free Dollars” when you want to use your FFD.

Thank you for using my code.


Here’s a link to my referral for the $2500 FFD offer:


and a link to a screenshot of my offer:

comment image?dl=1


My referral:

My proof that I have the $2500 offer:

Thank you!!!

Rambling Man

Every time that I click on one of these link I get the message that the code is invalid.. Any ideas?

trifecta guy

Use my link to sign up for plastiq and pay first bill with a business card to get 2500 fee-free dollars after your first $100 payment https://www.plastiq.com/cardholder_ui/start?referralCode=295701

Link to tweet: https://twitter.com/trabat1000/status/835557534761017345

[…] ways to extreme stack promotions and benefits to earn a pile of miles, whether by buying flowers or paying your bills, there are always ways to earn large numbers of miles without […]


Please use my offer referral:

Proof that I am targeted with the $2500 offer:

Thank you for allowing us to post referral links!!


Yup what Ryan said. I just checked mine and it now says $2500. Whoo hoo.

Ryan R

Update: The referrals that originally posted at the “personal” rate of 200/400 FFDs are starting to convert to 2500 FFDs (presumably after manual review and update by Plastiq). I’d say give it 1-2 days and then check back on yours. Good luck everyone.


I used your referral and I can confirmed it’s 2500 FFDs now. Thank you.
(Paid on 2/23, processed on 2/24, got the 2500 FFDs on 2/27.)


So now I’m curious Ryan – are you getting 2500 PER referral?

Ryan Rancatore



That’s like hitting the lottery. I’m jealous. Still – congrats!


I am targeted for this on 2/17 with 3 emails back to back 🙂
link: https://www.plastiq.com/cardholder_ui/start?referralCode=290915

proof:comment image

Thank you so much!




Here is the email that was sent to me:

Hi G****,

You’ve already used Plastiq to make a business payment, so you get how convenient it is – why not spread the word to other businesses?

Refer any business with your unique code, and when they make a payment of at least $100 by March 31, 2017, both of you earn 2,500 fee-free dollars. That means you can pay $2,500 worth of bills without the Plastiq fee and there’s no limit to how many businesses you can refer!

Your unique referral code is: 554468

Here is the screenshot of the email: http://i.imgur.com/dFzAqnq.png


Gaspipe, I used your referral code. Fingers crossed!


Hey Josh, I see you as my referral. Just make sure you use a business credit card for $100+ purchase. And once they send me an email I will let you know.

So far Plastiq has not responded to my email regarding the $400 when it should in fact be $2500. I will keep the community updated.


Yep I used my Ink Bold card, just submitted a $180 payment to utility provider that will go through tomorrow. Please do keep me posted if you hear back from them.


Still at $200 in my account – after using one of the links. Anyone else get their $2500 account discount yet after using a posted link in here?


No. I have tried 2 different codes on 3 different new accounts and all just give $200.



They’re not stupid, if they see your name associated with new signups they aren’t going to issue the fee-free promotion. This is intended for NEW BUSINESS accounts. Not someone who is already a member and trying to take advantage of this promotion with a new signup.

If you have never used Plastiq AND you have a business credit card use my referral code: 554468 and we can BOTH enjoy the $2500 in fee-free purchases. Just make sure you use you business credit card to pay a $100+ bill.


They are ALL for NEW accounts under different names. The issue is that the referral CODE IS INVALID for the $2500!!!


If that’s the case that sucks! I will be honest, I recieved the code (554468) and shared it. So far 1 person has used my code and Plastiq sent me an email saying that I have a $400 fee free spend. I immediately emailed Plastiq back and fwd the email to the person who used my code saying that it should be for $2500 and asked for both our amounts to be credited.

Let’s hope Plastiq honors this promo so it wasn’t a huge waste of time.


Everyone seems to be saying the same thing. I can say 100% for certain that I recieved this email from Plastiq and have emailed them regarding this. If anyone uses my referral code: 554468 (see my earlier post with screenshot as proof) and we do NOT get the $2500 fee-free I will email them and CC you.

On the account page on plastiq and under referrals it shows who has used your code. So if I see it there and and you tell me you didn’t get it we’ll take it to the next step.


Here is my my offer from Plastiq. I took a screenshot of the email they sent and uploaded to imgur. This is 100% real, and I have already used it to top off a SPG offer in December. I actually asked here if it was worth the fee. Glad we can help each other.

Screenshot Proof: https://imgur.com/a/jbZES

Referral Code: 554468

Rambling Man

So will I too receive a referral link to send out once I sign up and make a business payment with one of these codes?


Here’s my referral link and proof that I am targeted. Thank you for using my referral link.

Referral link: https://www.plastiq.com/cardholder_ui/start?referralCode=420761

Proof: http://tinyurl.com/zkjo44u

Thank you so much.


Here’s my referral code: 458048

Email proof: http://imgur.com/aEF25jj



Here’s my referral link, as well as proof that I was targeted for this promotion. Thanks in advance to everyone who decides to use my link!

Referral Link: https://www.plastiq.com/cardholder_ui/start?referralCode=522773

Proof: http://imgur.com/8QSeXBl


Says code not valid


I am looking to sign-up for Plastiq to pay my mortgage and had a few questions before I do.

* Am I able to make payments with my spouses credit card or does the credit card have to match the account holders name?
* If the mortgage is in my spouses name can I make the payment regardless? Can I make mortgage/rent payments for my other family members (parents, brother etc).
* I have mortgages for properties in Canada – would I be able to pay those?
* Also if I sign up for the 2500 offer, my first transaction has to be with a business card correct? I am interested to sign up to make a payment

Ryan R

Hi jaxtayler. I took a peek at the Plastiq FAQ and the answer to all those seems to be “yes”. I know personally I made a payment on my wife’s mortgage, was not an issue (we do share the same last name). Not sure about Canada, but there is no harm in signing up and trying. Good luck!


Thanks Ryan! Have you tried making payments with your wife CC as well? If I am trying to meet min spend on my wifes card, trying to see if I can use that or does the card have to be in the Plastiq account holders name?

Ryan Rancatore

Jax, I have not…but when entering a new card into the system there’s a field to enter cardholder name, so presumably it can be different from your own.


You can pay businesses or persons in Canada. I have used my husband’s credit card to pay our mortgage. It’s basically like a check – you can make a payment for anyone. I have a link above if you want to give it a try.


You should be able to pay Canadian mortgages via Plastiq. Some background: Eliot Buchanan, the co-founder and CEO of Plastiq, is a “native Canadian”. In fact I feel that the coverage of Plastiq is more extensive in Canada than in the States.


I am also targeted for this offer. My referral code is 562960.

Screenshot:comment image

Sign-up link: https://www.plastiq.com/cardholder_ui/start?referralCode=562960

Thanks a lot!


Used your (ame’s) referral code and got the $2500 bonus after 2-3 business days. Initially only saw the $200 bonus. Thank you!


Thanks again for using my code. I am glad to know that the fee-free dollars have been successfully added to your account.
Tip: Please leave PLENTY of time for Plastiq to deliver your payment, as I find that sometimes it takes (much) longer than their promised time, especially when the payment is sent via a check/cheque.

Ashley Young

I used your code on March 11 and made a payment right away but have not gotten the extra $2300. Should I call them or will you?

Ashley Young

I used your code last Friday and made a $160 payment with my Ink Bold Business VISA. Got the $200 but it has not switched to $2500 yet

Ashley Young

IN the future DO NOT US AME as he does not respond and his link did not work

Michael J

Plastiq appears to recognize Chase Ink+ as a business card, so I would consider putting $100 on that card to trigger the offer, just to be safe. Not sure about the Amex Biz cards — hopefully they can fix their issues on the back-end, as this is getting to be a little frustrating.

Michael J


Proof: http://imgur.com/a/vKiBi

I’m currently paying down $300k of student loans via Plastiq, so definitely would be able to use some more FFDs. Lemme know at /u/asphodyne on the churning subreddit if you use the link so I can remember your handle in the future.

Julian Banks

For those new to Plastiq, it’s a bill payment service that lets you use a credit card for bills like your mortgage, utilities, etc. that are usually debit/cash only. I use it to earn miles and make credit card spending requirements. The $2500 of no fee payments almost covers the spending needed to get the bonus on a new credit card. If you don’t have a business card for the above promotion, sign up with a regular card and spend at least $20, and you’ll get $400 of no fee payments. Hope that helps!


the link provided only gave me $200 FFD

Julian Banks

If it was my link, see my comment above. I don’t know if you can “undo a referral,” but you can always cancel a payment. My offer should definitely work though. Hope that’s helpful!


Is there a way to undo a referral? I used a link that has been removed and was hoping the original poster would clear this up with Plastiq.


Check this screenshot, I have got targeted at Feb 3.

“from: The Plastiq Team
reply-to: team@emails.plastiq.com
date: Fri, Feb 3, 2017 at 12:00 PM
subject: Interested in 2,500 fee-free dollars?”

comment image

My referral code: 566729

NOTE: To doubly make sure, better sign up through “BUSINESS” tab on Plastiq website.

Thank you!


I am also targeted for this offer. Here’s my referral link


Here’s a screenshot of the offer I received


I appreciate anyone who can help a struggling college student out!

Robert Strampello

THank you. I used your link.


Thank you!


Here’s my plastiq referral code when you make a payment of at least $100 by March 31, 2017, we will both earn 2,500 fee-free dollars. The code is 302084. Thanks!

Miles Lover

Hi, I’m targeted for this offer. You have to make a payment with a business credit card to get the extra referral fee-free bonus.

screenshot of the offer

Thanks for using it!

Miles Lover

Link used.

Code 512627 Applied: You’ll get 200 FFDs after you make your first payment.

Julian Banks

Best Plastiq Promo so far! Fortunately, I was targeted and here is my referral to get the promo:

Here is the link to the special promotion via my referral:

REQUIREMENTS directly from a convo I had with a Plastiq Supervisor: users must sign up with your code, enter a business credit card for payments and make a payment with that card to earn the credits that will be manually applied within a business day. So if you don’t see it, wait for the payment to be sent and then give it a business day. At that point, contact them via chat/email and follow up if the credits aren’t applied yet. Hope this ends the confusion!


Julian Banks

For those new to Plastiq, it’s a bill payment service that lets you use a credit card for bills like your mortgage, utilities, etc. that are usually debit/cash only. I use it to earn miles and make credit card spending requirements. The $2500 of no fee payments almost covers the spending needed to get the bonus on a new credit card. If you don’t have a business card for the above promotion, sign up with a regular card and spend at least $20, and you’ll get $400 of no fee payments. Hope that helps!


This is great timing for me. I was just approved for the Chase Ink Preferred card and am waiting for the card in the mail. I am super excited.


I used your link at the 11th hour. I will keep you posted if it shows up. I do see the initial $200 fee credit.


Here’s my plastiq referral code when you make a payment of at least $100 by March 31, 2017, we will both earn 2,500 fee-free dollars.

You have to make a payment with a business credit card to get the extra referral fee-free bonus.

screenshot of the offer
comment image


Daisy – I used your code and AM VERY UPSET that it did not work. It only gave me $200 and not the $2500!!!



Hi Marsha,

The rest of the $2500 fee free dollars posts a few days after you make your first payment with a business credit card. On my side, I see the initial $400 referrals post the same day and the rest ($2100) posted a few days later. The referrals from 2/23 had the rest of the FFD post today (2/27). I would suggest waiting a few days before contacting customer service. I am following up on my end as well. If you read the other posts, you’ll see that this is manual on plastiq’s part.

I would appreciate if you update when the rest of your FFDs post instead of accusing it of being a fake code.


After contacting Plastiq customer support, they put another $2300 FFDs into my account. So it seems that the code is good but you have to contact them to get the $2300.


Hi Daisy,

I, too, have used your code and encountered a similar problem like most people here. I’ve already had several exchanges with Plastiq regarding this discrepancy and they request that I provide the email whose referral code it’s attached to. Do you mind providing me your email?

For your reference, I used your code around Feb 24th.



Hi Chau,

I don’t see a referral made under your name and if eligible, you should have received your FFD by now. Can you provide the first few letters of your email (don’t post your whole email here e.g. cha****@gmail.com) and the domain and I can check to see if it showed up as eligible in my referrals? I will then follow up with customer service on my end. . Some show ineligible (not sure why – plastiq doesn’t tell me) – either it isn’t a new account, didn’t pay with business credit card, etc.


Hi Daisy,

Thanks for your prompt reply. My email begins with cw…..@gmail.com. I used AMEX Business Gold – and Plastiq claims that the BIN number didn’t show up for them as a registered business CC. I’ve communicated with them that just because it’s not registered in their system does not falsify the fact that I used a business CC to make payment. Thus, they asked for your email. I’m now thinking if you’re not seeing me using your code is due to the BIN number not registered on their end…

Jennifer LaGrow

I just signed up with one of the above referenced referral codes and made the $100 payment with my new Amex Business Platinum. I only saw the $200 in rewards so chatted with their customer service and was told the Amex I used wasn’t coded as business so wouldn’t qualify. He said he would have someone check into it further for me, waiting to hear more.


Can one referral link be used more than once?

Ryan R

Thanks Greg. I was targeted for the 2500 fee-free dollars w/ business card payment, so this referral link should trigger the larger bonus. try.plastiq.com/533425
Enjoy, everyone!


I applied through your referral and made a first purchase with a business card, but only got this: Code 533425 Applied: You’ll get 200 FFDs after you make your first payment.

Unless the offer takes time to register, this link doesn’t work for this promotion.


Same here.


Got 2500 FFDs on 2/27. Thank you.

Ryan Rancatore

Hey guys. I was definitely targeted, took a screenshot of the email I received and embedded in this tweet for proof: https://twitter.com/RyanRancatore/status/834813882212315137 So if Plastiq tries to deny you the full $2500 definitely push back on that. Good luck!


Per “Parisa” at Plastiq support code 533425 was not marked as part of the promotion. Using this will not entitle you to the $2500 in FFD’s, only the standard $200.

Ryan Rancatore

Hi Josh, as noted above as well…I definitely got the targeted email for that code (no joke I got the same exact email 8x in a 30-minute span!). So if you have any trouble from Plastiq you can use the screenshot as verification. Good luck.


Thanks for the follow up! Customer support says the promotion will be manually applied in 1 day.


I also contacted customer service when only 200 FFDs were applied after my first payment, another 2300 are in there today. Thanks for the referral, Ryan and thanks for the heads up, Greg!


I used your referral link. For the initial payment of $100+, do I have to pay the plastiq fee of 2.5%? Thanks.