(Update) $350-$415 to sign up for Uber & complete one ride via Swagbucks / MyPoints


Update 11/15/23: Congratulations procrastinators! If you’d been planning on earning the cashback from this offer by signing up to become an Uber driver and completing one ride, your delay in doing so has paid off. When Nick originally wrote this post the cashback on offer was $300 from Swagbucks or $340 from MyPoints.

Those bonuses have now been increased even further to $350 with Swagbucks or ~$416.50 with MyPoints. Those are incredibly generous offers that definitely seem worth the effort.

Nick’s original post follows.


Shopping portal Swagbucks is offering $300 worth of Swagbucks when you sign up to drive for Uber and complete one ride or shopping portal MyPoints is offering 51,000 points (which could be redeemed for $340 in Virtual Prepaid Mastercard Gift Cards) for the same. I participated in a similar offer for a single Uber Eats delivery a couple of years ago and it was very easy money, so I have signed up for this offer also. Note that this won’t be quite as easy because I expect that I will need to get an inspection that may cost a few bucks, but if my wife and I are both able to complete the offer, it should be an easy ~$600 in our pockets.

The Deal

  • Swagbucks is offering 30,000 Swagbucks (worth $300) when you sign up to drive for Uber and complete your first ride within 30 days
  • Direct link to this deal
  • If you’re new to Swagbucks, feel free to sign up with my referral link with my thanks. You’ll get the ability to activate a bonus of $10 when you spend at least $25 through the Swagbucks shopping portal and I’ll get $3 worth of Swagbucks.
  • MyPoints is offering 51,000 points when you sign up to drive for Uber and complete your first ride within 30 days. Points can be redeemed for a variety of gift cards or even United Airlines miles at different rates, but as a point of comparison you could redeem for three $100 Virtual Mastercard gift cards and four $10 Virtual Mastercard gift cards with 51,000 points (a total of $340).
  • Direct link to this deal (must select the Uber Driver deal on that page)
  • If you’re new to MyPoints, feel free to sign up with my referral link with my thanks. I think you’ll earn a $5 welcome bonus and I’ll earn a small number of points.

Key Terms

  • Must be signing up to the Drive with Uber program for the first time
  • Must take your first passenger drive (Rides with car, not delivery) within 30 days of signing up.
  • SB award will pend in your Swagbucks account for 32 days.
  • Swagbucks for this offer can only be earned once (so if you’re playing in 2-player mode, have your second player create their own Swagbucks account)

Quick Thoughts

The requirements here seem pretty simple: sign up through the link at Swagbucks and complete one ride and you get the ‘bucks. Swagbucks can be redeemed for lots of types of gift cards or for PayPal cashouts, so you can cash out these 30,000 Swagbucks for $300 in dollars and cents. MyPoints are a little more difficult because they can only be redeemed for gift cards and not in even increments, but at a base level 51,000 points will get you three $100 Virtual Mastercard gift cards (15,000 points each) and four $10 Virtual Mastercard gift cards (1,500 points each), which is a total of $340 if you can easily use those. I can use those online towards car insurance or other bills pretty easily, so I might have gone with MyPoints if I had seen that deal first. As it stands, I signed up through Swagbucks, but I’ll have my wife sign up through MyPoints.

My points offers 51,000 points for signing up for Uber Driver and taking your first ride within 30 days. Valuing these points is a bit murky since the redemption values vary based on how you use them, but at a base level you should be able to get $340 in Mastercard gift cards

I completed a similar offer through MyPoints for Uber Eats a couple of years ago and we wrote about it here. It was very simple to do and paid out reasonably quickly. Note that this current offer is for Uber rides, not Uber Eats. You can do this if you’ve done Uber Eats (but not rides) before, but you can not earn this $300 bonus for delivering Uber Eats.

When you sign up as a driver, you have to provide your Social Security Number and pictures of your license, insurance card, and registration. As I understand it, you also need to do a vehicle inspection. Uber has some “Greenlit Hub” locations where I believe the inspection is free, but you otherwise may need to pay a shop for the inspection (according to comments I read at Doctor of Credit, I expect this to cost about $25-$50). Some states may also require some sort of defensive driving course and some cities may have additional requirements. YMMV.

You obviously need to factor in the cost of the inspection (if any) and the cost of your time to do both that and the ride, but I figure that even if I pay $25-$50 and it takes an hour between the inspection and the ride, it seems like an easy $250 to me. I’ll bring my computer along to the inspection so I can get something done while they look at the car, so I don’t even view whatever time that takes as a total loss.

We both did the Uber Eats deal with no problem. Based on a quick Google, it looks like both my wife and I could sign up to drive for Uber as long as both of our names are on the insurance card (and they are). We’ll be giving this a shot because we can probably knock out two rides in under an hour and walk away around $600 richer (minus whatever the cost of the inspection is). I love doing deals like this for extra “found money” that I can use to buy points (think of it as 120,000 Hilton or IHG points when they are on sale or an extra 60,000 Wyndham points when they are on sale or an extra 40,000+ LifeMiles on sale, etc) or just for extra spending cash.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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