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(EXPIRED) $350-$415 to sign up for Uber & complete one ride via Swagbucks /...

Update 11/15/23: Congratulations procrastinators! If you'd been planning on earning the cashback from this offer by signing up to become an Uber driver and...
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(EXPIRED) SoFi/Swagbucks/MyPoints offers: up to $475 back with a new checking/savings account

Swagbucks and MyPoints have increased offers out for ~$175 back when opening a new SoFi "Better Banking" account by clicking through a portal link....
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(EXPIRED) Blue Apron/MyPoints/Citi Offers: 12 meals for $35, get back $90 and 1200 AAdvantage...

Blue Apron has an increased offer on the Swagbucks Shopping Portal of 7500 SB (equal to $75) and on MyPoints for 14000 points (~$90)...
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Varo Bank Swagbucks/MyPoints Offer: Earn $120/$125 with a $25 deposit (no direct deposit)

Update: Reader Sonu noticed that MyPoints has increased their Varo payout to 20,000 MyPoints or $125 when cashed out via PayPal. The link to the...
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(EXPIRED) Swagbucks/Upromise/MyPoints: Join SoFi Money & Earn $175

Swagbucks, Upromise and MyPoints all have a great deal at the moment, offering $175 cashback when opening an account and getting a direct deposit...
Uber Eats

(EXPIRED) Earn $250+ After Delivering First Uber Eats Order

<div style="text-align: center;">embed-code</div> MyPoints is currently offering 40,000 points when becoming an Uber Eats delivery person and delivering your first order. Those points can be...
Card-linked program network

Card-Linked Programs & The Networks They Run On (AKA Which Programs Stack)

There are tons of card-linked programs out there and it can be hard to know which ones stack with each other as some run...
Swagbucks Chime

(EXPIRED) Earn $150-$182 When Opening New Chime Account & Getting Direct Deposit

Both Swagbucks and MyPoints are offering rewards when opening a new Chime account and receiving a direct deposit, although it might be better to...
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(EXPIRED) Easy win: $38+ money-maker w/ portal & news subscription

The MyPoints portal is offering about $40 worth of points when you sign up for a trial subscription with the Dallas Morning News, which you...
United MileagePlus MyPoints

Earn 1,750 United Miles When Joining MyPoints & Making $50 Purchase

MyPoints is offering up to 1,750 United miles when new users sign up and make a $50 purchase at any store through their portal. The...

Cyber Monday 50X

Some decent deals pop up on OpenSky.  Combine these deals with 50 MyPoints per dollar and you've got a sweet deal…  A couple...

Where are my MyPoints?

UPDATE: If you're stuck waiting for your MyPoints, please see this MommyPoints post for more information: “Tracking Issue” For MyPoints/OpenSky Orders Requires Follow-up On...

MyPoints 150 points per dollar! Maybe. (Update 3)

This deal now appears to be dead for real   Update 3 (9/28 11:22 am EST): Deal appears to be back MyPoints has put...

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