Earn $250+ After Delivering First Uber Eats Order


MyPoints is currently offering 40,000 points when becoming an Uber Eats delivery person and delivering your first order. Those points can be cashed out for at least $250.

Uber Eats

The Deal

  • Earn 40,000 points from MyPoints when becoming an Uber Eats delivery person & making your first delivery.
  • Direct link to offer.

Key Terms

  • Pass the background check and make your first delivery to earn!
  • You must complete your first delivery within 30 days of passing your background check.
  • Please allow 32 days after completing your first delivery for reward to appear in your account.
  • Bike, scooter and car signups are eligible to earn Points if available in your city.
  • Points for this offer can only be earned once.

Quick Thoughts

This is a great offer seeing as you can earn the points after making only one delivery. 40,000 points from MyPoints can be cashed out for $250 via PayPal or slightly more value when redeeming for third party gift card brands (the full list of cashout options can be viewed here once you have a MyPoints account).

That $250 is on top of the (miniscule) amount you’d earn from Uber Eats directly and the tip on the order. If your first order is a large one of you have a particularly generous person you’re delivering to, you could end up earning ~$300 just for making one delivery with no obligation to continue as an Uber Eats driver in the future.

If you’ve never used MyPoints before, you can earn 1,750 points (~$10) when signing up. You have to spend $20+ through the MyPoints portal within 30 days of joining to earn that welcome bonus, so you might have to take advantage of a different offer to earn that initial bonus seeing as you wouldn’t be spending $20 with this Uber Eats delivery person offer.

This Uber Eats delivery person offer is available on a couple of other shopping portals, but it’s not as generous. Swagbucks is offering $200 and Upromise is offering $150. MyPoints, Swagbucks and Upromise are all owned by Prodege, so there shouldn’t be any difference in reliability of tracking. Choosing MyPoints for the largest payout therefore makes the most sense seeing as it’s $50 more than Swagbucks.

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Anyone having issues with mypoints? Couple friends did the deal and mypoints has deactivated the accounts after they claim they entered the password in wrong and now they have no way to login to the account and now way to contact mypoints. Seems shady.


Any data points on how long the bonus should take to show up as pending in MyPoints? P2 and I signed up about 10 days ago, did our first deliveries on Saturday, MyPoints shows nothing for either of us. Offer details say wait 7 days but I wondered if the points might show as pending sooner.

Last edited 11 days ago by Landon

Updating as a data point. My bonus never showed up, and MyPoints has shown no interest in helping me get it. Meanwhile, P2’s points showed up as pending not long after I posted above, and the bonus did pay out about a week after our first deliveries were completed.

Weird that one bonus would work and the other wouldn’t, since we signed up for MyPoints and the Uber Eats promo on the same computer and browser only minutes apart.

Is MyPoints known for this kind of nonsense? I’m glad at least one of us is getting the bonus, but if this is common for them, I’ll steer clear from now on.

Last edited 4 days ago by Landon
Brandon Allison

Did you have to enter a code somewhere in Uber eats app or does just signing up for Uber eats from mypoints.com trigger the bonus after delivery?


oh wow i was like approved almost instantly (10 mins maybe) for uber eats orders (i opted not to do riders, just delivery)


and points showed up as pending the next day


I signed up 9/14, took me a while to do a delivery, but completed it yesterday. The 40,000 points show as pending now, so I’m pretty happy. Also did a Stash account for another 11,000 points, so pretty quick accumulation

Nick Reyes

How long did the background check take to clear? Trying to take advantage in my household (figured if we could make five hundred bucks in twenty minutes, who am I to argue?) but it’s been several days and no update.


Yep I was up and running within a couple of days, the background check, license, insurance info, etc. all verified pretty quickly and I was getting persistent texts saying I can now drive every few days. Points say they are posting in 7 days from when I completed the first delivery


did you get any indication on MyPoints before your points just posted?


Successfully signed up, made my delivery, received the points. Thanks.


i try doing it, i have to verify my phone at mypoints.com they send me a code when i enter code keeps saying is wrong and now i am lock out, anyone else having same problem?

Greg z

Wonder if this applies to Uber drivers that never signed up for eats delivery.


Is it possible to get a referral bonus and mypoints on this offer, similar to chime?


You have to spend $20+ through the MyPoints portal within 30 days of joining to earn that welcome bonus, so you might have to take advantage of a different offer to earn that initial bonus seeing as you wouldn’t be spending $20 with this Uber Eats delivery person offer.”

But… could you?

  1. Place an order for $20 on Uber Eats
  2. Quickly go into the app and deliver it to yourself
  3. ?????
  4. Profit

Try buying a gift card on raise.com instead. That should get you the sign up bonus if you go through the mypoints link.