(EXPIRED) 34K Business class to Spain in 2021 with Iberia

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As reported by TPG, Iberia has plentiful award space for the off-peak business class price of 34K Avios from New York, Boston, or Chicago to Madrid during the first half of 2021 – including for multiple passengers at a time.

a seat in an airplaneThe Deal

  • Iberia has plentiful business class award space between New York, Boston, or Chicago and Madrid during the first half of 2021. Book it through Iberia at the following prices on off-peak dates:
    • New York or Boston to Madrid: 34,000 Avios off-peak
    • Chicago to Madrid: 42,500 Avios off-peak
    • Note that taxes & fees come to about $66 on the way to Europe and $101 on the return
  • Log in and search for availability using the Advanced Avios Tool

More info

While Iberia has not yet released a peak and off-peak calendar for 2021 yet, there are a number of dates in March, April, and May 2021 with business class seats available between New York, Boston, and Chicago and Madrid (TPG has an entire list of example dates with space for 2 or more passengers). Finding off-peak dates will just require some trial and error on this deal given the lack of a precise calendar.

The good news is that you can find dates with availability for multiple passengers. I didn’t have difficulty finding space for four passengers, though YMMV of course as availability gets scooped up.

a screenshot of a calendar

a screenshot of a website
This is the rate for one passenger one way, but I also found space for four.

Keep in mind that Iberia charges by the segment, so if you’re looking to connect in Europe you will pay more depending on the distance you add. Still, with Iberia being an Amex transfer partner and Chase transfer partner, it’s pretty easy to put together the miles for the award flight.

As pictured above, I flew Iberia’s business class between Madrid and New York last year and I was really impressed. That’s not to say it’s going to be on the level of Qatar Qsuites or EVA Air, but it was significantly better than I expected (I’d happily take Iberia’s seat over Lufthansa’s and wouldn’t hesitate to choose them over the Swiss A330 I took on the way to Europe). Food was good, service was decent, and the seat was comfortable. I flew the A350, so the cabin was fresh and relatively new.

We obviously don’t know what the travel situation will be next spring. While tempted by this space, I was hesitant to transfer a flexible currency at the risk of tying up the points with Iberia if the trip can’t happen. If I already had Avios in my account, I’d be much more inclined to book this and hope that travel is possible/advisable/enjoyable when the time comes. If you’re more willing to take that gamble, getting business class at a great price is a nice deal indeed.



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[…] 34K Business class to Spain in 2021 with Iberia […]


I’m not sure if this will be replicable (although I’d think it would be), but I was able to book flights during their booking window for the discount. Then, I called Iberia to make changes. For a 25 euro per booking change fee, I was able to move my flights from February/March into April. April is technically outside of the booking window for the deal, but they didn’t charge me any additional Avios, just the change fee. In theory, that could mean this deal is possible for the rest of Iberia’s booking calendar if you’e willing to pay a change fee.


Wow, I just realized that I posted my comment on the wrong post. I was referring to the 17K Avois (business class) each way deal. It was supposed to have a 3/15 cut off. That was the deal I was able to adjust the date to April on.

Last edited 3 years ago by Jason

Good to know. However, before paying a change fee, I would also suggest waiting to see if Iberia cancels any flights due to scheduling changes. This is exactly what happened in my case, thus allowing me to select new dates outside of the March deadline.

[…] 34K Business class to Spain in 2021 with Iberia […]

[…] 34K Business class to Spain in 2021 with Iberia […]

[…] 34K Business class to Spain in 2021 with Iberia […]

Andy Shuman

Did you mean 42.5K from Miami? I’ve checked quite a few dates from ORD — still 34K Low Season.


All these sales will actually be useful if they continue into summer 2021 after schools let out. Guess we have to wait until next month.

Valerie Harden

Hi. Just a note about this, I tried to use this offer to return from Spain in May. I showed as confirmed, but then got an email that it was “cancelled”. They were very polite about rebooking on the phone. The first time I assumed the flight was cancelled due to COVID-19, but when it happened again, I did some digging and found that the flight they had kicked me off of was still available for paid tickets, including business class. I didn’t know they were allowed to bump confirmed award passengers while still selling tickets for a flight! This has never happened to me before on any airline, but it was my first experience using Iberia points. I found another way to get home. YMMV and this might be a pandemic-only problem, but I thought it was worth sharing!


Welcome to the iberia experience.