47% off online gifts (or better) with free shipping


Today BeFrugal is offering 20% cash back at both Cheryls.com and 1800Baskets.com.


Name / LinkOfferFrequent Miler Notes:
BeFrugalYou will earn a $10 bonus after earning at least $10 back through purchases. We'll earn $10 too.In our experience, BeFrugal is a reliable cash back portal.

Stacks with Amex Offer

This deal is stackable with the targeted Amex Offer to Spend $75 or more at Harry & David, Get $20 Back.


The Harry & David offer includes the following terms (bolding and underlining is mine): “Offer valid at 1800flowers.com, fanniemay.com, cheryls.com, thepopcornfactory.com, 1800baskets.com, fruitbouquets.com, harrylondon.com, wolfermans.com and stockyards.com.”  (thanks to reader Tab for pointing this out)

I tested earlier in the week by clicking through a portal to 1-800-Flowers and bought a $75 by-mail gift card.  The portal tracked the purchase appropriately and I received the expected $20 back from Amex.

Log into your Amex account to see if you were targeted for this offer.  I found it on most of my wife’s cards, but none of mine.  Use the multi-tab trick to load the offer to multiple cards (details here).

NOTE: Do NOT buy e-gift cards.  They will NOT trigger the Amex Offer or the portal cash back.

Stacks with Free Shipping

If you have a paid membership to 1-800-Flowers / Baskets etc Celebrations Passport, then you get free shipping automatically.  Otherwise, you can get free shipping from Shop Runner.  Simply go to the shopping cart and log in to ShopRunner when you see this:


If you don’t already have a ShopRunner account, you can get one for free as long as you have an American Express card.  Click here for details.

Does not stack with promo codes (important!)

1-800-Flowers and associated brands often have great promo codes for savings or for earning airline miles.  You can’t use those codes with ShopRunner.  Also, if you use a code, you most likely will not earn 20% cash back from the portal.

Shop with any associated brand

Once you click through a portal to 1800Baskets.com or Cheryls.com, you can then click to any of the associated brands (StockYards, Wolferman’s, Harry & David, etc.) to shop.  Just make sure that the first part of the URL remains as www.1800Baskets.com or www.cheryls.com (depending upon which store you clicked to from the portal).



If you buy a single $75 item that delivers with no sales tax (depends on item and location you ship to), then:

  • 20% cash back from BeFrugal = $15
  • Amex Offer: $20
  • Total Cash Back = $35
  • % Discount = $35 / $75 = 47%

Of course finding items that add up to exactly $75 is unlikely so your actual savings will be less (unless you stack with gift cards, see below).

More Stacking!

There are more stacking opportunities!  See “1800Flowers Extreme Stacking promo codes, portals, gift cards, and more” for complete details of the following:

  • Celebrations Rewards: This is the 1-800-etc loyalty program.  Earn points that translate into $20 certificates to spend on more stuff.  Last year they changed the program so that Celebrations Rewards points are earned when buying gift cards, but not when using them.  With this program, you earn 1 point per dollar and you’ll get a $20 certificate once you earn 200 points.
  • Gift Card Double Dip: Portals are known to work with the 1-800-etc shops both when buying by-mail gift cards and when using them.  So: 1) Go through portal to buy $75 gift card; 2) Pay with Amex card enrolled in Harry & David offer; 3) Once gift card arrives go through portal again to buy items.  Potential savings on $75 spend: $15 + $20 + $15 = $50 = 67% savings!  Note that it is unlikely that BeFrugal will be offering 20% cash back when you go to use the gift cards, but it is not unusual to find that cash back rate at some portal on any given day. NOTE: Do NOT buy e-gift cards.  They will NOT trigger the Amex Offer or the portal cash back.
  • Earn miles cheaply: 1) Go through portal to buy $75 gift card; 2) Pay with Amex card enrolled in Harry & David offer; 3) Once gift card arrives, buy items and apply the best available mileage promo codes (found here).
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[…] 47% off online gifts (or better) with free shipping […]


JetBlue just announced their 1,750 point bonus offer for 1-800-Flowers with code TB1750. Offer good until 12/31/16.


Thank you for the tip- gave physical gift cards a try! For 1800flowers, it says earliest Shoprunner delivery date is Dec 20 (11 days after order). Do you know if delivery will be sooner than that (ie typical Shoprunner 2-day delivery).


In my experience, Shoprunner negates any shopping portal earnings.


Couldn’t find the eGCs on 1-800-Flowers. Found them on the bottom footer. When I clicked on eGift Card though the URL changed to 1-800-Flowers rather than 1-800-Baskets. Doesn’t look like the double dip works if you do that. So I figured I’d just buy the eGC from 1-800-Baskets (“good across our family of brands) but clicking on eGC in the footer gets you to https://1800baskets.cashstar.com/. Feels like that’s not going to pay out with Amex despite your test. Comment?


Sorry for some reason I thought that’s what you said you’d bought from 1-800-flowers in your earlier experiment.

Anyways… earliest shipping date I got for the physical gift cards was Dec 20th so I wouldn’t wait on this too long if you’re going to do it. Also FYI you can find flowers that ship outside the US but seemingly not gift baskets.


Greg, I’m only seeing 15% off as the max portal cash back today. It still works out to a great deal, but where did you find 20%?