[Expired] 5% bonus on Amex Gift Card cashouts at TopCashBack

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TopCashBack is currently offering increased bonuses on a number of different payout methods. You can get up to a 10% bonus via some gift card payouts, though the offer for a 5% bonus if you cash out via Amex Gift Card is probably the best deal as you could stack that with an Instant Gift Card Deal to make your cash back go a bit farther if you’re looking for merchant gift cards or simply use your Amex Gift card for normal everyday expenses.

The Deal

  • Up to 10% bonus added to your balance with select payout methods at TopCashBack:
    • Amazon: 5% bonus
    • Amex Gift Card: 5% bonus
    • Nike: 10% bonus
    • Gap: 10% bonus
    • Sephora: 7% bonus
    • Petco: 7% bonus
    • Staples: 7% bonus
    • AEO: 7% bonus
    • Walmart: 1.5% bonus

Key Terms

  • Bonus payouts valid through 2am PST December 29th

Quick Thoughts

According to the TopCashBack blog, payouts via Amazon and Amex Gift cards normally offer a 3% bonus, meaning that the holiday bonus adds an additional 2% to the normal rate. If you spend a lot of money at one of the 7% options, those might be appealing to you — though you could probably do better by using your Amex Gift Card to buy discounted gift cards to one of those stores.

For example, let’s say that you have $50 in TopCashBack cash. If you redeemed that for a Gap gift card with the 7% bonus, you would get a Gap gift card worth $53.50.

If you instead redeemed your TopCashBack balance for an Amex gift card, you would have $52.50 on an Amex Gift Card. You could then buy a Banana Republic gift card (which could be used at Gap) at Seashells with your Amex Gift Card. A $52.50 Banana Republic gift card will come with 9% cash back at Seashells — another $4.72 in cash back.

That will cover the $1 bonus you could have earned by trading your TopCashBack money for a Gap gift card and give you an extra $3.72 (an additional 7.4% bonus on the original $50 cashed out). An extra three or four bucks on each $50 can really add up if you have accumulated a significant amount of cash back — and it could enable you to stack for savings on a range of gift cards if you redeem for one large Amex Gift Card now and then use Seashells or other Instant Gift Card Deals to buy discounted third-party gift cards in various denominations or for additional retailers.

Of course, that involves a few more steps and hoops and you can use those Instant Gift Card Deals options with any credit card earning additional rewards — so some of the other gift card options may offer ease/simplicity that matches your needs. Either way, getting more cash back seems like a good deal, so don’t forget to redeem by December 29th at 2am PST.

H/T: René’s Points via Twitter

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I’m wondering if you might do an article on the cashback portals, comparing, discussing etc.

Topcashback may be among the most consistently highest in payouts listed, but it doesn’t mean you will actually see the money. In the past 90 days, there has been a nosedive in accuracy on the site – of untracked payments, incorrectly tracked payments (always in favor of the merchant, not the buyer, funny how that happens), denials by merchants even when the facts are clear. I guess I am curious to know whether I might be the only one to notice. I am headed back to Ebates, lower percentages, higher reliability.

Greg The Frequent Miler

That’s interesting. I haven’t had that issue with TopCashBack, but I would be interested in hearing if others have. Usually I find that the issues you mention have more to do with the merchants than the portal, but there are exceptions to that of course.


Last year, it was 6% bonus when I cashed out via AGC, now it’s 5% but it’s still a good deal considering I bought two $500 VGCs that were loaded to prepaids quite easily. After the VGC fees, I still have some profit left compared to direct ACH or paypal transfer.

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