(EXPIRED) 5% off Mastercard Gift Cards + 4x fuel points at at Kroger.com ($25-$100 denominations)

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Kroger.com is offering 5% off on Visa and Mastercard gift cards purchased online for denominations between $25-$100 when using the code GOTEAMGO at check out. Given the fee and the fact that these will not code as grocery, these cards won’t be a good deal for everyone. However, if you buy Mastercard Fancards, you’ll also get 4x fuel points on fixed value Mastercard gift cards. If you can make use of the 4x fuel points, then this could be a good enough deal for some pajama spend.

This latest promo says it’s for Mastercard Fancard gift cards, but it’s also valid on fixed-value Visa gift cards as well. Visa cards, however, will only earn 2x fuel points.

Kroger promo code GOTEAMGO

The Deal

  • Kroger.com is offering 5% off on fixed-denomination Visa and Mastercard gift cards in values between $25 and $100 when using code GOTEAMGO at check out.

Direct Link to Offer

Key Details

  • Valid 9/21/23-10/4/23
  • Earn 4x fuel points on Mastercard Fancards Only. Other cards earn 2x.

Quick Thoughts

The only denomination that makes sense here for most people is the $100 cards. Those have a $5.95 activation fee, as well as a $.50 shipping fee, so you’ll pay a net cost of ~$101.45 after 5% off on the hundred dollar card. Since these will not code as grocery, you’re probably expecting a best case scenario of 2% to 2.5% or so cash back, which means you’ll only come out a dollar or two ahead.

However, given that Kroger is offering 4x fuel points on the Mastercard Fancards, you could stand to come out much better if you’ll be fueling up also. Just one $100 card would earn you 400 fuel points, which is good for $0.40 off per gallon of gas. If you’re able to fuel up with even 15 gallons, that’s a savings of $6.00, which would make the $100 cards rewarding enough to be worthwhile.

(h/t: GC Galore)

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I ordered 7/$50 gift cards. Order never showed up and I’m getting the run around from everyone involved! Not very happy!


do you have a guide to fuel programs post?

G money

Who only fills up with 15 gallons lol? My truck is 35. And Kroger is better than Safeway in That not capped at 25 gallons. So me spending 250 bucks on GC saves me 35 bucks. Plus gets me some minimum spend. Yes please.

Go Bucket Yourself Chris

Prius takes 9 gallons so these deals are a no, thank you for me (although the 48 mpg is a )


my car 1s 15 gallon


You don’t need a 35 gallon tank. Get few 5 gallon fuel cans on amazon or ebay. Every time you fill up, bring those cans and get full 35 gallon… 15-20 in your car, rest on fuel cans. Store them in your garage (I know your local fire chief will love that) and you can refill your car on your driveway once you drain the initial tank and save time on 1-2 trip to gas stations. Also I buy $500 Kroger giftcard at the store earning 5x amex points on my amex gold and use it to fill up. have been doing this for years. Or if you have two cars, you and your SO can meet at the gas station and fill both cars in a single session. Every end of month, you will see people with gas cans in their trunk doing this and Kroger gas stations.


also once you use $500 Kroger giftcard for several fill ups, you will end up with small amount left over. You can combine those at the staion. walk up to the attendent booth, say how much you want (current fuel price -$1 x 25) and indicate you want to pay using multiple gift cards. Just swipe, enter pin, attendant will hit enter and tell you remaining due, swipe next card and keep going. If you ended up not filling 35 gallon, unused credit goes back to the ‘last’ swiped giftcard so don’t throw cards right away.


correction, 4x amex points at the grocery not 5x


I tired this and do not recommend unless you like gasoline fumes. It dripped on car carpet and I could not get it out for days. One kid has slight asthma. Plus its hassle to pour in.

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paid with a cc with a 3% cb for online purch to profit a few bucks


What about using the Rakuten shopping portal and credit card?


Don’t forget the $0.50 shipping fee for each card


It’s not a bad pairing with the Amex $25 off $500 offer which is being offered on some business cards.