50% Transfer Bonus from Chase Ultimate Rewards to IHG One Rewards


Chase has launched a new transfer bonus, this time giving a 50% bonus when transferring Ultimate Rewards to IHG One Rewards. While that might sound good to some, this deal isn’t worth doing in all but 0.00001% of cases.

Chase Ultimate Rewards IHG One Rewards 50% Transfer Bonus

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Expires August 15, 2022 at 11:59pm ET.

Quick Thoughts

Don’t get me wrong – I love IHG One Rewards points and can’t get enough of them, so much so that I’m planning on buying a ton more of them during the Daily Getaways promotion tomorrow after also buying 1 million of them last year.

It’s for precisely that reason though that this transfer bonus from Chase Ultimate Rewards is poor value. If you transfer 25,000 Ultimate Rewards to IHG with this transfer bonus, you’ll get 37,500 IHG One Rewards points. However, you could cash out those same 25,000 Ultimate Rewards for $250 and buy 50,000 IHG One Rewards points tomorrow, thereby receiving more 12,500 points than you’d get via this transfer bonus. That’s still not a great Ultimate Rewards redemption seeing as you’re only getting 1cpp of value from them, but it’s certainly better than transferring to IHG.

The Daily Getaways sale isn’t even all that special because IHG sells their points for 0.5cpp every other month or so anyway (n.b. Points.com always glitches out for me which is why I stock up on them during Daily Getaways). There’s therefore virtually no reason to ever transfer points from Chase to IHG even with a transfer bonus because you’ll still end up getting far less than 1cpp of value from your Ultimate Rewards. The only possible reason I can think of that you might want to take advantage of this transfer bonus is if you only need 1,000-2,000 points for a redemption because buying that small number of points would cost you more than 1cpp.

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