(EXPIRED) $75 Uber credit with Clear enrollment

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Clear and Uber have again sent out emails with an offer to earn $75 in Uber Credit by signing up for CLEAR through a new promotional link. While not as good as the recent 15,000 United Miles offer that was sent to United Premier Members, for those with 100% Clear reimbursement via Amex Platinum cards, it amounts to getting $75 in free Uber credit to use Clear for a year.


The Deal

Quick Thoughts

Unlike Nick, who is an avowed Clear skeptic, my wife and I have it and enjoy it quite a bit. We probably only use it on 25-30% of our flights, but that 25-30% saves us a boatload of time. It’s also very useful to be able to bypass lines at local sporting events (something that’s not available everywhere). Now that Amex offers a $189 Clear credit with each Platinum card, it’s a no-brainer.

Clear has been offering program-linked incentives recently, which makes the deal even “clearer.” This Uber deal is the most recent. The last time this offer ran, people were able to receive the Uber credit almost immediately and without going to the airport to finish sign-up, so even if you have no interest in Clear, it’s possible to take advantage of the Uber voucher.

The “full” price for CLEAR is $189. The Amex Platinum card and Business Platinum card each offer a statement credit for CLEAR of up to $189. Many people have been able to add a second (or third, or fourth) family member and get reimbursed for all enrollees by Amex. There have also been reports of folks being able to trigger this multiple times by simply using different e-mail addresses. YMMV.

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Looks like this is dead. The “promotion applied” language no longer shows up when clicking the direct link


I just tried the direct link, and b/c I already had a Clear account (Had a free trial a couple years back), it’s telling me “This email is already associated with a CLEAR account. Click here to login or reset your password.”
The link isn’t working. Any thoughts on how to get this promo?

Chris Voth

I signed up for this the last time around. Three things to note: 1) You can’t stack this with the Delta/United offer. 2) Also, though the terms said the Uber Voucher was good for rides or Eats orders, it did not work for food. I had to go back and forth with the Clear team over several weeks- eventually they issued a new voucher that was compatible with UberEats. 3) One more thing- the voucher seems to be applied before any other forms of payment, so if you have Amex credits that expire at the end of the month, you have to use the entire voucher first.


Related: Canceling your CLEAR membership gets a prorated refund. They’ll then immediately charge your card for any amount of that refund which was paid for by an Amex CLEAR credit. Impressive, their IT is wired tight. Reassuring considering their business.

Amex doesn’t typically let you use credits again even if they were refunded, so you probably couldn’t pay for a year on this offer, cancel and get refunded, then pay for another year using the United offer on the same Platinums credit.


Do they send the the voucher to the email you sign up with? Is it ok if names don’t match the Uber account?

[…] Clear is running a $75 Uber credit promotion for new accounts. If you still have an unused American Express Platinum $189 Clear credit or two, sign up for an account with new information to cash-out that credit. So far, none of the Clear promotions like this have needed a complete enrollment at the airport in order to pay out.Remember, if you don’t cash-out every one of those Clear credits, the terrorists win. (Thanks to FM) […]


Is there any way to stack this with the Delta/United CLEAR offers?


No, different links.

Raghu N

Thanks, applied for my son


Never received Uber credit last time!


Last Uber clear deal signed up p1 and p2. Did not get certificates immediately. Haggled on both accounts. Escalated and after 6 back and forths they gave me the cert. p2 they are adamant have to go to airport. Wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you likely going to the airport

[…] Update 7/25/22: Offer is back at this new link (ht FM) […]


I believe all the CLEAR deals are talking about joining CLEAR as new members. What would be the best strategy when renewing CLEAR? Thanks!


Good luck. I managed to get this last time by cancelling and then reactivating my Clear membership, but it was such a hassle dealing with them I can hardly recommend it even for $75 credit. If you give it a try, screenshot everything and contact support with your case that according to the terms of the deal including the landing page you have earned it.


My CLEAR membership was up for renewal when the United offer posted. I let it expire then signed up again & received my 15k UA miles 2 mths later

Brad C

It took almost 3 months for that deal. No one got their miles until mid-June after enough people complained.

I detailed on DoC that they backdated the post date to make it look like it didn’t take 3 months.


It did take awhile to post but CLEAR also extended my mbrship by the same amount of time without charge


I’ve found that when 2 people get this offer, you cannot add both $75 vouchers to the same uber account. Anyone else? Otherwise, the voucher seems to act just like a gift card.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark

uber accounts are free 🙂

Sheldon Friedland

The link for previous users does not work.


Is there any way to combine this with the $119 rate for United/Delta members?


Where are these comments indicating that people receive the Uber voucher immediately without doing airport sign up? My own experience from the last Uber promo and every comment I read on doctor of credit as of yesterday was the opposite. People who did not do airport signup have never gotten the Uber voucher, unless they get a sympathetic clear rep.


I am a first time clear sign up and got my uber voucher email within one day. I haven’t been to the airport yet either. I only signed up since my wife’s business platinum card has the clear reimbursement offer and $75 in uber is worth it for us.

Raghu N

My wife signed up using the uber promo. First time CLEAR membership.
Applied 05/01 (Sunday). Got Uber promo voucher 05/04

Never went to airport to complement enrollment (maybe when we travel)


Both P2 and I received the $75 uber voucher. We activated a couple of weeks later at DAL and realized it was very useful because it sort of stacks with tsapre to do a super-speed lane. Also, it’s useful for when tsapre line is closed (happened in LAS when flying back to DAL)


Question Tim,
Does this Uber deal work only for new signups? I already signed up last year via amex platinum with renewal coming up. Can i take advantage of this?