$75 Uber credit with CLEAR enrollment


CLEAR and Uber have again sent out emails with an offer to earn $75 in Uber Credit by signing up for CLEAR using the promo code WBTGUBER23. For those with 100% CLEAR reimbursement via Amex Platinum cards, it amounts to getting $75 in free Uber credit to use Clear for a year. (h/t:DOC)

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The Deal

Quick Thoughts

My wife and I have CLEAR and enjoy it quite a bit. We probably only use it on 25-30% of our flights, but that 25-30% saves us a boatload of time. It’s also very useful to be able to bypass lines at local sporting events (something that’s not available everywhere). Since Amex offers a $189 CLEAR credit with each Platinum card, it’s a no-brainer.

CLEAR has offered program-linked incentives in the past, which makes the deal even “clearer.” This Uber deal is the most recent. The last time this offer ran, people were able to receive the Uber credit almost immediately and without going to the airport to finish sign-up so, even if you have no interest in CLEAR, it’s probably possible to take advantage of the Uber voucher.

The “full” price for CLEAR is $189. The Amex Platinum card and Business Platinum card each offer a statement credit for CLEAR of up to $189. Many people have been able to add a second (or third, or fourth) family member and get reimbursed for all enrollees by Amex. There have also been reports of folks being able to trigger this multiple times by simply using different e-mail addresses. YMMV.

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