Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card

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Card Details and Application Link
Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card
150K Points + free night certificate
150K after $4K spend in 3 months. Free night certificate every year - first certificate is awarded 8-12 weeks after approval. Terms apply.
$450 Annual Fee

Click Here to Apply
This is a friend-referral link. A member of the Frequent Miler community may earn a referral bonus if you are approved for this offer
Information about this card has been collected independently by Frequent Miler. The issuer did not provide the details, nor is it responsible for their accuracy.
FM Mini Review: This card is loaded with valuable perks that are more than worth the card's annual fee if you stay in Hilton resorts at least once per year, and other Hilton properties a few times a year..
Earning rate: ⚬ 14X Hilton spend ⚬ 7X US restaurants, flights booked directly with airlines or amextravel.com, select car rental companies ⚬ 3X on all other eligible purchases ⚬ Terms & Limitations Apply.
Base: 3X (1.44%)
Travel: 7X (3.36%)
Dine: 7X (3.36%)
Brand: 14X (6.72%)
Card Type: Amex Credit Card
Big spend bonus: Second free night award after $60K spend in calendar year
Noteworthy perks: ⚬Annual Weekend Night Reward upon approval and every year upon renewal ⚬ Free Diamond Status ⚬ Priority Pass membership (Lounges only) with 2 guests ⚬ $250 Hilton Resort Credit per membership year ⚬ $250 Airline Incidental Fee Credit per calendar year ⚬ $100 on-property credit w/ Aspire Card package ⚬ Terms Apply. See Rates & Fees

Application Tips

Amex Application Tips

  • Safe to Apply: Amex is the safest bank for trying your luck at earning a new welcome bonus offer. They don’t usually issue a hard pull when denying your application, and if you already have an Amex card, they won't usually issue a hard pull when approved for another one. Plus, they’ll now warn you during the application process if you’re not eligible for the bonus.

  • Lifetime Rule: If you've ever had the same card before, you are most likely prohibited from earning a welcome bonus offer for the card if you apply now. Fortunately you'll be warned during the application process if this is the case. Amex is known to "forget" that you've had a card after about 7 years.

  • 90 Day Rule: You can get at most two credit cards within 90 days. This rule does not apply to Pay Over Time (charge) cards.

  • 5 credit card max: Amex usually won't approve applications for new credit cards if you already have 5 or more Amex credit cards or 10 or more charge cards.

  • Better Offers: You may be able to get a better offer than the best available public offer. Details here.

  • Hard inquiries combine into 1 when approved same day

Check application status here.
If denied, call reconsideration: 877-399-3083 (new accountholders); 866-314-0237 (current accountholders)

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Card Offer
150K Points + free night certificate
150K after $4K spend in 3 months. Free night certificate every year - first certificate is awarded 8-12 weeks after approval. Terms apply.
$450 Annual Fee
Information about this card has been collected independently by Frequent Miler. The issuer did not provide the details, nor is it responsible for their accuracy.
130K points
130K after $2K spend in 3 months. Terms apply.
$95 Annual Fee
Information about this card has been collected independently by Frequent Miler. The issuer did not provide the details, nor is it responsible for their accuracy.
Recent better offer: 130K + free night certificate after $2K spend in 3 months [Expired 7/19/23]
130K Points
130K after $3K spend in 3 months. Terms apply.
$95 Annual Fee
80K points
70K after $2K spend in 3 months. Terms apply. (Rates & Fees)
No Annual Fee
Recent better offer: 70K + free night certificate after $2K spend in 3 months. [Expired 7/19/23]

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Check reddit amex sub for a survey people received regarding Aspire card proposed changes.


it says 14x for on brand but shouldn’t this say 28x since you get double points since you get Diamond status with card?


no, you get 14x just for paying the stay with this card. the rest of points are awarded by hilton


I’ve had this card for several years now and it really isn’t serving me as well anymore. On my Hilton accountlanding page it says my Diamond has been extended for the rest of the year, and I’ve just been billed my annual fee. If I cancel now, when would I lose my Diamond status? I can keep Gold with my Amex Plat, and I’m having hard time trying to identify any tangible benefits of diamond over gold. Thanks!

[…] with an ocean view thanks to my Hilton Diamond status (you can get Diamond status by having the Hilton Aspire credit card). Judging by photos on their website, it looks like the King Grand Deluxe has a dining table and […]


Is the $250 resort credit per calendar year? I have an eligible stay in December and am on the fence about this card. If I can get 2 resort credits in the first year with the card, that might tip me over the edge into it.

GoBucketYourself Chris

Not from experience, but a fair amount of reading on various sites:

  • Airline credit is *calendar* year
  • Resort credit is *member* year

That was the consensus I found, but it did take multiple websites to compile the info.


My Hilton Aspire card AF is set to bill on 6/5/21. If I cancel/downgrade my card, will I lose my free night certificate? Some posts I read say that it’s tied into your HH account and not the card, so once it’s issued it’s yours. I would love to use it but the only travel I have coming up before my AF hits is a HGI which I can book for $87. Definitely not a good use of the Free night certificate, but I’d rather use it if I’ll lose it. someone suggested making a reservation using the certificate before canceling/downgrading my card. Not sure if that’ll keep it from disappearing?

I am aware I will lose my Diamond status once I cancel. Any advice on what to do? Thanks.

Last edited 2 years ago by Kayexelate
Nick Reyes

You will lose neither the free night certificate nor will you lose Diamond status right away (you should have that at least until next year). Things like points and free night certificates are with the loyalty program – canceling the credit card won’t have any effect on your free night certificate(s) or points. That’s true across all of the hotel programs.


Thanks Nick. Do you think there will be any Covid related bonuses this year like the $250 reimbursement for restaurants/food instead of using it for resorts? If so, it may be worth it to keep the card as the free night is worth $200 to me and if I got $250 worth of food reimbursement that would cover the $450 AF. My guess is not likely since Covid numbers are improving and the country is re-opening. Do people get offered retention offers or should I just downgrade to the No fee card? (which I already have)? or just close?

Last edited 2 years ago by Kayexelate

My $450 annual fee is due this month on Aspire. Anyone has any luck with retention offers ? Thanks.

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I have the no fee HIlton Amex card. I’m planning on getting the Aspire card. I know I can use the link in your post, but would that generate a brand new card (not an upgrade)?

I used to see the upgrade offer in my account and it said the same terms: 150k points, free night, diamond status, etc. I no longer see that offer. When I login my account and click on the CC links at the bottom, I can see the Upgrade offer for the Aspire card, but it does not mention anything about the 150k points (still mentions diamond, $250 airline credit, free night etc). I even checked the fine print of the T&C

Does that mean if I used that upgrade I would NOT received the 150k points? who would do that?

Any way I can use an affiliate link and get an “upgrade” rather than a new card so:

1 I don’t have to get a new CC #
2. I don’t have to get a new card, counting against my 5/24.

Greg The Frequent Miler

That’s correct: you’re better off accepting an upgrade offer rather than applying new. Don’t upgrade on Amex’s website unless you see the offer. Another option is to call Amex and ask if there’s an upgrade offer for your account. Sometimes the phone agents have access to offers that are not displayed on the website. Another option is to log into your Amex account after clearing the cache on your browser. Sometimes Amex then shows things that way.


Thanks Greg: so the upgrade offer I see, (that doesn’t show any points at all), is not a mistake? If I clicked on that, they would actually upgrade me and not offer any points? What person in their right mind would take that offer? You still pay the $450 AF and don’t get any points??

Greg The Frequent Miler

No, it’s not a mistake. People often upgrade for enhanced benefits without getting a signup bonus.


Thanks Greg: You mentioned on your podcast that you think Hilton may waive the $450 AF for this card given the current economy. Do you still think that’ll happen? Not sure if I should wait for that offer (if it ever happens ) or just apply now to get the benefit of the 3 month extension on min spend and take advantage of the $250 resort fee now being applicable for restaurants.

Greg The Frequent Miler

No, now that they’ve offered other incentives, I don’t see them waiving the first year annual fee anytime soon.


When Amex says the covid benefits ($250 resort credit being able to be used for restaurants and the extension on the free weekend night to two years) applies to “select cards” is that referring to those specific (aspire) cards, or only select customers? I presume it’s anyone who has a Hilton Aspire card, regardless if you’re opening it up new after these benefits have been announced and not just for people who had their cards prior to 5/1 when these were announced. I called Amex, but the rep didn’t know.

Would be a bummer if I applied and didn’t get to utilize these. Otherwise, I would just apply later when I can utilize the Diamond benefit since I have no travel until the fall.

Greg The Frequent Miler

I believe that it is for all Aspire cardmembers. We’ve found that to be true with Platinum cards at least, so I’d expect to see the same answer with Aspire.

[…] the next 4-to-6 weeks, two cards with big annual fees will be up for renewal in my household: an Amex Hilton Aspire card and a Citi Prestige […]


Your “Apply Here” link is broken

Nick Reyes

Fixed, thanks!


I know with this card you get Hilton Diamond status. Do you know how long after you cancel the card the Diamond status runs out?

I’m planning on applying in May/June of this year because then I’ll be Diamond for an upcoming Australia trip (november 2020) and also for another trip (to Asia) in May/June 2021 and I can still quit within 1 year and not pay the $450 AF the next year.

As a data point, In October 2019, I quit my Hilton Surpass card (beginning of year 2 of that card, so got m AF refunded in full) and I’m still Hilton Gold. I think Hilton’s tier/status cycle is every March, so I expect to be downgraded to Silver in March 1, 2020. If that is true, and I apply for the Aspire card in March 2020, and then quit after March 1, 2021 (before the $450 AF in year 2), will I still stay Diamond until March 2022? Trying to max out my benefits with just 1 years AF. Also, after the downgrade, is it a soft landing (to Gold) or to silver (or maybe blue?)


I’m sorry but I have looked everywhere on the terms that the first year is annual fee is friend, can Someone tell me where to find that?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Unfortunately the first year free offer link died very shortly after we posted it.

[…] on your second stay and with some current Amex Offers as well as annual resort credit on the Amex Hilton Aspire card provided you pick a resort that is both participating in this promo and eligible for that […]

[…] you’re really earning a ton of Hilton points. For example, a Diamond member paying with a Hilton Aspire card would be earning a total of 44 Hilton points per dollar with this promo. Based on our […]


I applied for and was approved for the Aspire card, using the referral link in the Best Offers section in this blog. When I clicked through, I did see the 150K point bonus. Now American Express is telling me there is no bonus associated with the account. Any suggestions?

Greg The Frequent Miler

That’s very strange. Have you tried calling again? Maybe the first person you spoke with was wrong

[…] today for various Hilton brands. Keep an eye out for the chance to sync any of these to an Amex Hilton Aspire card as they should stack with the annual $250 resort credit on that card if you use one of these […]

[…] Whether you get your Gold status via the $95-yearly Hilton Ascend card or Diamond status via the Hilton Aspire Card (which costs $450 per year but provides far more value than that in my opinion), you enjoy free […]

[…] Hilton Aspire card comes with what I consider to be killer benefits for a $450 annual fee. Included each […]


i went to the ASPIRE card signup page, but the $250 annual airline credits are not list anymore!!! did they change it and remove the airline credits???

Nick Reyes

Interesting catch. I don’t know why they aren’t marketing that on the page anymore…

However, if you click on “Offer Terms”, it gives you the full terms and I do see the airline credits listed there. Here’s a link, but I’d recommend clicking the terms link again when you apply to be sure you see it in there. “Offer Terms” is usually right under the card art on the application page.


[…] list. If it shows up there, it would also be eligible for the $250 annual resort credit from the Amex Hilton Aspire card — giving you a nice return if you find one of these offers on that card (and both my […]


I have an upgrade offer for my Ascend to Aspire – 150k after $4k spend. But it’s confusing the way they word the $250 resort credit and the annual free night certificate. They say that you’ll get these at card approval and every year there after during your anniversary. But I’m not sure if that means only new accounts will get the $250 and free night certificates. As mine is an upgrade, do I have to wait until account anniversary for the $250 and free night certificate?

Nick Reyes

The language you’re referencing is typically found in new applications – make sure you’re looking at an upgrade offer.

Assuming it is an upgrade offer, you would get those benefits right away and then again at your anniversary. Those are just regular benefits of the card (just like earning 14x on Hilton spend and getting Diamond status), so you would get them upon upgrade (note that the free night certficate took about 8 weeks to arrive, so that’s not instant, but you wouldn’t have to wait for your account anniversary).

[…] we’ll get this free night upon initial signup, but I hope I’m wrong. After all, the Amex Hilton Aspire card offers it’s free night both upon signup and […]

[…] fee that seemed more in line with the benefits of the Chase Sapphire Reserve, Chase Ritz-Carlton, Amex Hilton Aspire, or the coming SPG Luxury card. This card isn’t that. However, once you get past that, I […]

[…] the easiest path to top-tier status in the loyalty program world was blazed with the launch of the Hilton Aspire card. However, if you don’t want an Ultra Premium Hotel credit card, Hilton is giving you a […]

David Cooper

Does AMEX the one who does the credit approval. My credit is great except I burned AMEX 7!yesrs ago and I understand they never forget

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yes, it is determined by Amex. It’s possible that 7 years is long enough. Maybe worth a try?

[…] kicked off 2018 by introducing a new ultra-premium credit card: Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card.  And, in August, the newly combined Marriott / SPG (Starwood) program will offer their own […]

[…] Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card ($450/year less valuable perks) 3X base; 14X Hilton; 7X US restaurants, flights booked directly with airlines, car rentals booked directly […]

Radu Nistor

Is the 250$ resort credit available for the first year? Or you can only use it starting your second year?

Nick Reyes

First year. Everything under noteworthy perks are standard card benefits that you get every year, including the first year.

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[…] think this card pairs very well with the Amex Hilton Aspire card. The Aspire gets you automatic Diamond status and an annual free weekend night (including in […]

[…] my mouse for the ~4.5hr flight!). I happily paid $40 and would have paid $50 (and charged it to my Amex Hilton Aspire card since Southwest is my chosen airline and I knew I’d get the fee credited back). So while […]


Do you know if the resort credit really does work for room rates? I want to reserve at the Waldorf Astoria in italy, but I am not sure if it will give me the credit and I do not want to spend that money out of pocket.

Nick Reyes

Yes. There are plenty of reports on Flyertalk confirming this.

That said, make sure the hotel you’re talking about is on the list of resorts. The only Waldorf Astoria resort I see in Italy is in Rome. Check the list of resort properties here:


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[…] you can read about each of the cards here: Hilton Amex Cards. Everything you need to know.  The Hilton Aspire, Hilton Ascend, and Hilton business card each offer up to 100K bonus points (but each differs a bit […]