(Back Again) Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select: Limited Time 75K Offer


Update 5/15/23: A Doctor of Credit reader has shared another working link for the 75K offer, so we’re back at it again! That’s the link you’ll find in the best offers page.

There is a new, limited-time offer for the Citi American Airlines AAdvantage Platinum Select card: earn 75,000 miles after $3,500 in purchases in the first 4 months. This is a 10K increase from the previous offer and matches the best that we’ve seen on this card.

The Offer & Key Card Details

Card Offer and Details
Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Elite MasterCard

FM Mini Review: Excellent choice for a great signup bonus. Plus it offers the usual collection of perks for flying AA (free checked bag, priority boarding, etc.)

Card Type: Mastercard World Elite


Earning rate: 2X restaurants ⚬ 2X gas ⚬ 2X AA

Big spend bonus: $125 AA Flight Discount with $20K membership year spend

Noteworthy perks: ⚬ First checked bag free ⚬ Priority Boarding ⚬ Save 25% on inflight food and beverage purchases

Quick Thoughts

In a world of incredibly strong credit card offers these past couple of years, transferable currency offers of 100K+ have become so commonplace as to displace airline-specific credit cards in many instances.

In this case, things are a bit different. Since the Bilt Rewards program and Marriott Rewards are the only points programs that transfer to American Airlines, the American Airlines credit cards are the only meaningful way to quickly accumulate a large sum of American Airlines miles. The good news is that both Barclays and Citi issue American Airlines credit cards (including both consumer and business versions). That means there are several possible bonuses to collect.

Keep in mind that the Barclays-issued Aviator Red card offers a nice sum of miles after the first purchase whereas the Citi card currently requires $3,500 in purchases in the first 4 months. That might make the Barclays card more appealing for some. On the other hand, if your goal is to accumulate as many American Airlines miles as possible and/or you aren’t eligible for an Aviator bonus, this may be a better deal.

This offer certainly can be appealing because the American Airlines partner award chart has retained a number of good sweet spots that have become a bit more attractive as oneworld has expanded and other programs devalued. On the other hand, I certainly wouldn’t prioritize this over the monster offers that we’ve seen recently from other issuers unless you have a strong need for American Airlines miles.

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Insta approved for 22k. 75k link. 815 credit score. Very little usage on 3 Citicards past year but did put 3K+ on the Doublecash card last month.


Linked offer is back down to 50k, will you please update the Best Available Offers page? I too was declined despite great credit.


Another one in the denial camp for too much unused credit. Womp womp. This one I had hoped to park as a second CC or Rewards+ in year two, but alas.


Strange thing: I applied and have not had this card for quite some years, credit score > 830, credit utilization very low (maybe the trigger), have no other Citi cards … and was denied. The reason: not enough usage of current credit lines !! Usually people worry about the opposite. But even stranger – they did not do a hard pull on either TransUnion or Experian – not a peep out of Credit Karma.


same thing & pull from Equifax.


If someone is an authorized user on a card can they also apply for a card on their own? Do all of the major credit card companies handle this the same way?



1) Yes 2) Probably

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Mark W

I just got a (presumably targeted) 75k link in an AA flight confirmation email that says explicitly “Apply by 5/11/2023.” Clicking the link takes you to a 75k offer page that says “Limited-time offer: 5 days left” in a banner at the top.

So booking a freely cancelable AA flight may be a risk-free way to potentially generate a 75k offer link that’s good til May 11.

CF Frost

Was just on an AA flight – Rcvd an offer from one of the flight attendants – Earn 60k AA miles with just 1 purchase (i.e. pack of gum) on Barclay’s AAdvantage Aviator card. No $3,500 spend required – Annual fee waived the 1st year. Eh, it’s a 15k mile hit…but a no brainer for getting a 1st time AA card for a young adult or just don’t want to meet the min. spend.


After reading about the denials people have been getting, I knew I would probably fall in that camp too. Took a shot and yup, denied. If you’ve been playing the game and have a number of new cards in your recent credit history, then know that there’s a decent chance you’ll get denied.


For those who are able to refer, the referral links show 50,000 bonus points. Any data points on being able to be matched or populating a link with 75,000 bonus points?


Here’s a recent datapoint. I applied today (4/27) with a 804 credit score. They pulled my  Experian report. I was instantly approved for 12,000.

Mark W

A couple DPs in Doctor of Credit comments that emails from Citi mention this offer ends May 11. I previously thought I saw the same on AA’s web site (though I can’t find it now). Do we think “soon” encompasses May 11 or should we take from the vague “soon” language and the May 11 date possibly having been scrubbed from AA’s site that this may be ending sooner?


I assume others are getting the 80k mailers?

Rich T.

Hey guys – your affiliate link on this appears to be broken – I’m trying to use it, and it goes to a “Sorry no cards!” page on card ratings.


Applied for this sign-up offer, but was instantly denied by Citi. FICO 815+, two new cards opened recently (Amex Green Card 12/7/22) and (Amex Gold 1/6/23). Denial reason was “high amount of unused credit compared to available credit lines” and that I had “recently opened one or more accounts.” Called recon and they said that there’s nothing they could do as this Aadvantage card is not available for reconsideration for the reasons that they flagged me on. I asked her if this was a Citi Bank policy or solely the Aadvantage card policy and she confirmed that it was the latter. Seem like AA may have increased the sign-up offer, but also increased the difficulty to be approved for it. 🙁


I basically had the same problem. However, my “recent” card was 17 months old. Credit usage hovers between 1-2%. I think they like people who maintain big balances and/or spend a ton every month.


I’ve seen a few other DP’s indicating similar, that AA was somehow asserting conditions over what the usual Citi approval logic would be. I find that interesting if true, and while I would normally take the CSR’s word as zilch, they seem to be parroting that same line a lot. I hope there is an element of truth to it so I don’t have to write them off for the foreseeable future.


Just got my credit card for 50k bonus miles but received 75K offer in mail yesterday. I did not use my 50K bonus card yet. Called citi and they said to send screenshots of offer.
Do I wait for them to get back to me or do I apply for new card?


Does the “Click here to learn how to apply” –> “cardratings.com” –> “nextinsure.com” link give Frequent Miler an affiliate bonus? Want to make sure I’m supporting the site. Thanks!

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yes it does. Thank you!


any 24/48 months rules on these cards?


are AA miles transferrable to another person? this way can combine points with P2 to book flights that cant do on my own.


I’m eligible but was denied, with 857 FICO on the Citi site. Called but was told Experian said I have too much unused credit and not enough account age (which is nuts – I have cards from 2011, and Citi premier for 8 years).

I’m also in Amex pop up prison even though I spend money on my 4 Amex cards and pay 2 premium annual fees, Platinum and Aspire.

Starting to lose faith in this hobby.


what is the referral bonus if I, as P1 refer P2 (wife with different last name!)


After arguing with Citi customer service and retention dept since I just opened new Citi AAdvantage platinum card with 50K bonus miles after $2500 spend during first 3 months of account opening, they advised me to take screenshot of new 75K bonus miles offer after $3500 spend during first four months of card opening and send to CitiAAL@citi.com for Awards dept to review and determine if I qualify for new offer. I’m hopeful but knowing Citi not optimistic.


Yesterday booked SFO-JFK-LHR in F for 70k AA miles on AA A321T & 777-300ER. To think this SUB would cover it. Not bad.


Bonus is once per lifetime?

Gregg G

Thank you for the post. Any ideas on when this might end? I did the biz Citi AA on March 30th and want to wait at least 30 days. Do you think that application approval could affect my chance of approval for this card at all?

Gary Leff

For what it’s worth, as a formal matter it isn’t the biggest offer *ever*. Prior to the launch of Frequent Miler (!) there was a 100k offer on this card… not just on Citi Executive 🙂

July 2010: https://viewfromthewing.com/so-far-so-good-100000-mile-american-airlines-credit-card-signup-bonus/

Greg The Frequent Miler

Wait… there was a time before Frequent Miler?


nah, you guys are like the big bang. There was nothing before.


Yes! Just after Chase paved the way with their BA 100k first-ever offer. I tried emailing Greg…


Any folks previously shut down try taking another bite of the AAple?


Damn. Just got my Citi AAdvantage Platinum select card last week with 50K bonus promo after $2500 spend within 3 months. Now I see this bonus and I’m kicking myself.


I’ve got two good legs if you need help…

side note, it’s possible they can match/give you miles to compensate


Thanks joremero. I called Citi earlier but got bounce around between Customer Service and Applications dept. Got nowhere with them. Basically they told me they could not honor the new 75K bonus points as this is for new applicants and that I did not qualify. That’s why Citi is third behind AMEX and Chase in Customer Service. UGH!


Any recent dp of if they match? P2 just got this 6 weeks ago


How do you know if you are eligible for the bonus? I’ve lost track of my AA cards openings/closings. If you get approved does that mean you are eligible? Is that wishful thinking?


Got another year until my last grAAvy train card bonus falls out of 48 months. 75k pretty good – I always just use plastiq and pay mortgage to get the spend over with. Bonus worth the fee. Obviously nicer if you have other means to MS.


Nice heads up. Waiting for an elevated offer on the world elite flavor. That’s been sitting around at 50k for far too long 🙂

Ed. C

I opened my last Citi AAdvantage card in April 2018. Does the 48 month clock start when the account is opened or is it the month you earned the bonus?

Dick Bupkiss

I forget – what’s the required waiting period these days between killing off your old Barclays Aviator Red (personal) card, and applying for a new one?

Asking for a friend.


I tried Bus. 8 months after personal their Reply ” We Just Gave U One ” as in NO !!
First time out of 6 times they declined in 10 years.

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John Doe

Does Citi match offers? Got 60k on the same AA card recently for both P1 and P2. 🙁


I’m in the same boat 🙁


They did when I got my citi AA. I was 60k as well and contacted customer service and matched it to 75k. But it was in 2018 back then.


Last year was a firm “NO” from Citi after 4x HUCA


Another data point with a firm “no” when I called and emailed 1.5 years ago. I was told the only way to get it matched is if you receive a targeted mailer that contains a specific code. I know they used to, but I have not seen many recent successful data points.