75K offer on Citi American Airlines card


This morning I was checking on my progress in the AA Loyalty Points game in the American Airlines app and noticed a newly increased offer for the Citi American Airlines AAdvantage Platinum Select card under my “Promotions” tab: now earn 75,000 miles after $3,500 in purchases in the first 4 months.

The Offer & Key Card Details

Card Offer and Details
Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Elite MasterCard

FM Mini Review: Excellent choice for a great signup bonus. Plus it offers the usual collection of perks for flying AA (free checked bag, priority boarding, etc.)

Card Type: Mastercard World Elite


Earning rate: 2X restaurants ⚬ 2X gas ⚬ 2X AA

Big spend bonus: $125 AA Flight Discount with $20K membership year spend

Noteworthy perks: ⚬ First checked bag free ⚬ Priority Boarding ⚬ Save 25% on inflight food and beverage purchases

Quick Thoughts

In a world of incredibly strong credit card offers these past couple of years, transferable currency offers of 100K+ have become so commonplace as to displace airline-specific credit cards in many instances.

In this case, things are a bit different. Since the Bilt Rewards program and Marriott Rewards are the only points programs that transfer to American Airlines, the American Airlines credit cards are the only meaningful way to quickly accumulate a large sum of American Airlines miles. The good news is that both Barclays and Citi issue American Airlines credit cards (including both consumer and business versions). That means there are several possible bonuses to collect.

Keep in mind that the Barclays-issued Aviator Red card offers a nice sum of miles after first purchase whereas the Citi card here currently requires $3,500 in purchases in the first 4 months. That might make the Barclays card more appealing for some. On the other hand, if your goal is to accumulate as many American Airlines miles as possible and/or you aren’t eligible for an Aviator bonus, this may be a better deal. Also keep in mind though that the Aviator Business card currently (at the time of writing) offers more miles for less spend.

This offer certainly can be appealing because the American Airlines partner award chart has retained a number of good sweet spots that have become a bit more attractive as oneworld has expanded and other programs devalued. On the other hand, I certainly wouldn’t prioritize this over the monster offers that we’ve seen recently from other issuers unless you have a strong need for American Airlines miles.

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How do you know if you are eligible for the bonus? I’ve lost track of my AA cards openings/closings. If you get approved does that mean you are eligible? Is that wishful thinking?


Got another year until my last grAAvy train card bonus falls out of 48 months. 75k pretty good – I always just use plastiq and pay mortgage to get the spend over with. Bonus worth the fee. Obviously nicer if you have other means to MS.


Nice heads up. Waiting for an elevated offer on the world elite flavor. That’s been sitting around at 50k for far too long 🙂

Ed. C

I opened my last Citi AAdvantage card in April 2018. Does the 48 month clock start when the account is opened or is it the month you earned the bonus?

Dick Bupkiss

I forget – what’s the required waiting period these days between killing off your old Barclays Aviator Red (personal) card, and applying for a new one?

Asking for a friend.


I tried Bus. 8 months after personal their Reply ” We Just Gave U One ” as in NO !!
First time out of 6 times they declined in 10 years.

Last edited 16 days ago by Cavedweller
John Doe

Does Citi match offers? Got 60k on the same AA card recently for both P1 and P2. 🙁


I’m in the same boat 🙁


They did when I got my citi AA. I was 60k as well and contacted customer service and matched it to 75k. But it was in 2018 back then.