Act fast to earn 120,000 or more Ultimate Rewards points


Several things are going on at once that make it possible to rack up huge numbers of Ultimate Rewards points.  The catch is that you have to own a business and grab these deals while they’re available.  Here are the details:

  • Chase is phasing out the Ink Bold charge card.  At the time of this writing, Chase is still offering 50,000 points after $5K spend for new applicants.  This offer ends November 16th can end any moment, so if you’re interested you’ll have to act fast.  Please find the latest information about Chase Ink best signup offers here.
  • As I reported in July, Chase has been offering 70,000 points after $5K spend for their Ink Plus credit card both in-branch and through targeted offers ($95 annual fee not waived).  Now, there are two more ways to get this offer.  It is now available online, and through friend referrals until October 10th.
  • A third option for earning points is to refer friends.  If you already have the Ink Plus card, go to this site to see if you have been selected to earn 10,000 points for each business owner you refer by 10/10/2014.  Maximum earnings allowed: 50,000 points.  If you would like the opportunity to refer others, feel free to recruit people via the comments below.  Hat Tip: Mommy Points.


Ink Plus / Ink Bold, what’s the difference?

The Ink Plus and Ink Bold cards are virtually identical in every way. Both earn Ultimate Rewards points.  Both have the same 5X and 2X category bonuses (5X office supplies, cellular/landline/ cable; 2X gas and hotels), the same $95 annual fee, the same 2 free Lounge Club visits per year, the same ability to use points to purchase travel at 1.25 cents per point, and the same ability to transfer points to airline, hotel, and train partners.  With both cards, the bonus categories are capped at $50K spend per cardholder year (not calendar year).  The only difference between the cards is that the Ink Plus is a credit card (in which the balance can be paid off over time), and the Ink Bold is a charge card (the balance must be paid in full monthly).  Oh, and the cards are each a different shade of blue.  If your card is a wee bit purplish, it is the Ink Bold, whereas the Ink Plus is more of a pure blue to my eyes.

Multiple Ink cards

There are several ways to signup for multiple Ink cards and to get the bonus on each one.  Here are the rules as I believe them to be based on my experience:

  • A person can have, and get the signup bonus, for each variant of Ink: Ink Plus, Ink Bold, Ink Cash, and (previously available) Ink Classic.  So, for example, someone starting now could get three signup bonuses: one for each available card variant.
  • A person with multiple businesses can have, and get the signup bonus, for each business and each card type.  For example, a person with two businesses could signup for two of each type of card: Ink Plus for business 1, Ink Plus for business 2, Ink Bold business 1, Ink Bold business 2, Ink Cash business 1, Ink Cash business 2.
  • A person can have, and get the signup bonus, for each generation of Ink.  So, a person with an Ink Plus MasterCard, for example, could now signup for the Ink Plus Visa.  This is key because Chase now issues all new Ink cards as Visa cards.  So, if you have an Ink Plus MasterCard, for example, you can sign up now for an Ink Plus card and get the bonus again since it is now a different product: a visa card.

Getting Approved

Many have reported that Chase has become increasingly stingy with Chase Ink approvals.  My understanding, based on reader anecdotes, is that they will be more likely to approve you if:

  1. You have a well established business.  A business that was just opened a few months ago is less likely to be approved.
  2. Your business makes money.
  3. You do not already have too many Chase cards.  I have no idea how many is too many.

For details about applying for Chase Ink cards, please see “How to sign up for Chase Ink cards.”

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Looks like Ink Bold is already gone for good….would love to get two signups (2 diff. businesses).

Andy T.

I feel the need to acknowledge the fact that you only made this one post about the Chase Ink card instead of spamming us relentlessly like every other blogger out there, including one who bludgeons us in the face with an entire new Ink 70k post every day for every transfer partner Chase UR has and then makes a couple more posts about it for good measure.

Every six months, my wife and I apply for 10-12 new cards between the two of us, and we have always used your links. We support blogs that post the most useful information rather than the ones that post the most referral spam. Thank you.


How can I tell which card I have? My card says Chase Business Ink. Does that mean it’s Chase Ink Bold?


I have the Ink Plus referral opportunity, and my wife was going to apply for her own anyway for 70k points. She is already a cardholder on my Ink, so do you think trying to get the referral for her uus too dodgy? Probably not worth risking her not getting approved for 70k points?


I have the Ink Plus MasterCard, but I just got a notification when I sign in that I’m being converted to a Visa. Can I hurry and apply for the Plus Visa, or is it too late because they’re already “converting” me over?


OH! That’s so sad that they’re ending the Ink Bold. I LIKE that card!!

That written, I went last week to my local Chase to see if the 70k offer was still extant. (I was in the Target breach — and managed to stop a $2,700 order of boutique beer from Canada getting shipped to Lithuania — I’m in Georgia! Just because I check my account all the time! Got a replacement Ink Bold card from Chase in a couple days.) Now, I think I may have been in the Home Depot breach too! (Argh.) Decided to apply for the Ink Plus so I could put my monthly bills/payments on the Plus (less likely to be compromised?), and just use the Bold for work purchasing — so I don’t have to change over all the accounts AGAIN!

Nice folks at Chase, nice chatting, took about 15 minutes, and to his surprise and mine, was immediately approved (for $19k!!)! (Well, I ran some $40k through the Bold last year; guess Chase likes me.)


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I have 10 referal open please let me know if any one interested, email First Name, Last Name and email address to (adnan1980 at gmail dot com)
Thanks appreciated in advance


I can refer 5 people! liyaokok AT gmail dot COM

First Name/Last Name/Email please


I have 5 referrals available.
Please provide:
-First Name
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at payascope at yahoo dot com

Thank you!


70K!?! Woo hoo!!! GET INVITED!!! first, last and email to npagan at yahoo


I can refer. Reply with first and last name and email to hoghound87 at hotmail.

Mr. Stock Fox

this may be a stupid question, but how to you receive referrals. I have two INK cards but neither of them worked at the chase referral website


I was already planning to apply for the Ink BOLD card in about a week. Any idea when this card will be fully phased out? I don’t want to wait too long, but also don’t want to accelerate my planned schedule without good reason.


From the forums at “A buddy of mine works at a local Chase branch. According to him you are correct in the fact that they are phasing it out. The branch he works at no longer offers it in-branch. He also said it would be gone entirely by the end of the year.”


And this from

“Update: A Chase Secure Message reply says: “Chase has decided to no longer offer Ink Bold effective 11/16/14.” (Hat Tip: Cave Dweller)”