(EXPIRED) Albertsons/Safeway/Just For U: Earn 8x Reward Points On Happy Gift Cards (Save 20% On Gas)

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A few days ago we shared about the latest Amex Offer for Happy gift cards. Albertsons, Safeway and other stores that use the Just For U program have a deal on Happy gift cards right now that could potentially save you even more than that Amex Offer.

Safeway Happy

The Deal

Earn 8x Reward Points when buying $50+ of the following Happy gift card brands at Albertsons, Safeway & other Just For U stores:

Key Terms

  • Expires April 18, 2020.
  • Unlimited use.

Quick Thoughts

8x Reward Points can save you up to 20% on gas. Ordinarily, that would be a great deal if you could fill to the 25 gallon limit, but most of us aren’t driving anywhere near as much as normal right now which limits how useful those savings are. Having said that, rewards earned this month don’t expire until the end of May, so there might still be time to make good use of them, especially if your tank is already running low.

If your gas usage remains low, you can redeem Just For U rewards for groceries. That doesn’t offer as good value as when you use the rewards for gas, but it’s worth considering if they’d otherwise go to waste.

To give an idea of savings, let’s say you bought $150 worth of Happy gift cards with this deal. That would earn you 1,200 Reward Points, with each 100 points being worth 1 Reward. You can use 7 Rewards to save $10 on groceries and 5 Rewards to save $7 on groceries. That’s $17 worth of grocery savings on $150 of gift card spend which works out to be savings of 11.33%. That’s not amazing, but better than letting them go to waste.

As always, pay with a card that earns more at grocery stores to make the deal more rewarding. The Chase Freedom card is earning 5% this quarter, so that could be a good option to help you meet the $1,500 spending limit on bonused spend.

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What happened to Happy Guy cards? I am not a happy guy right now. 🙂


happy guy is no longer available since earlier this yr.


Stephen or anyone, which happy card is recommended? is one with BB&B possible to use it for a gc there? thx


thx Stephen, not going at this time, but just curious if that is still option today @ BB&B; any rate, wish safeway has or offers the pts for happy father’s card as that has lowe’s, but don’t see it as an option for 8x pts