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Miles Per Day reports that the Alliant Cashback Visa card is no longer paying 3% cash back for purchases from — instead paying 0% on purchases. Reports from Flyertalk indicate that a letter was sent out to those using the card for heavy gift card purchases indicating that cash back would not be paid on those purchases (as of January 30th, 2018 according to Miles Per Day). This may extend to other types of gift card purchases, as there is a comment on the Miles Per Day post indicating that cash back will not be paid at Gift Card Mall or on Simon Mall purchases either.

As we’ve previously covered (See: An awesome new “everywhere” card hits the scene), the Alliant Cashback Visa cards earns 3% cash back everywhere for the first year and 2.5% cash back thereafter. It’s a somewhat difficult card in terms of approvals, but its generous cash back structure makes it very attractive. According to users who received the letter, Alliant claimed that their use of the card did not line up with normal household purposes and instead constituted “business use”, indicating that continued use in this manner might lead to account closure.

This is no doubt disappointing news for Alliant Cashback Visa cardholders and particularly disappointing as the 0% cash back appears to be retroactive to at least January 30th.

H/T: Miles Per Day

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