New Amex Offer: $15 off $60+ at Amazon


amazon amex offer

American Express has released a new offer for purchases at I can tell you this offer will be very popular and most likely won’t last through the night. Let’s take a look.

The Offer

Get a one-time $15 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a total of $60 or more online at by 12/31/2015.

Key Terms

  • Offer valid only for purchases made directly at or Offer valid only for purchases made with the US Dollar.
  • Offer not valid for purchases made with foreign currencies.
  • Purchases made through other merchants or third party sites using “Checkout by Amazon” or other Amazon payment methods do not qualify for this offer.
  • Not valid at international or non-English versions of or websites affiliated with/linked to from Also excludes Corporate gift Cards, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Local, Amazon Home Services, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Supply, Amazon Local Register, Amazon Coins, Kindle Direct Publishing, Go-Go and Amazon Payments.

Offer Availability

This offer was available on all of my cards on the American Express website. As of now there isn’t a working Twitter hashtag that we know of. I highly suggest registering as soon as possible as these deals seem to reach their limit rather quickly.


Please see: The complete guide to Amex Offers

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[…] The best deals for gift cards tend to be with Amex Offers (See: Complete guide to Amex Offers).  Sometimes offers are available directly with, such as the Spend $60, Get $15 offer from last year: […]

[…] New Amex Offer: $15 off $60+ at Amazon […]

[…] New Amex Offer: $15 off $60+ at Amazon […]


Will this promotion work if you purchase something sold by another merchant, but fulfilled by Amazon. It doesn’t address this in promotion details.


I think it shows up on a credit card statement as “Amazon Marketplace”….so we’ll see. If I don’t get the credit, I will certainly go the gift card route. Thanks!

[…] this week I covered a new Amex Offer giving a $15 credit with a $60+ purchase at That offer showed up on all of my accounts […]


Thanks for posting–I’m 3 for 3, and found some other goodies while I was in there, too! (33% off movie tickets…I can go for that.)


Is it possible to use an Amazon Gift card to buy a 3rd party gift card?


Coincidentally, I was just researching this question. Since I buy third party gift cards on ebay with ebay gift cards all the time, I just assumed it worked the same way on Amazon. It most certainly does not. The option to use your Amazon gift card balance disappears when you’re buying a gift card and my google search of the topic confirms that it’s not allowed.

The reason I was curious is the current promotion. Basically. if you have a lot of AMEX cards (which I assume everyone reading this blog does), you can buy a huge amount of Amazon scrip here for 25% off. That’s a heck of a good deal, but would be a better deal if you could also buy stuff from other merchants. Alas, you cannot. This rule will certainly reduce the amount of Amazon scrip I will be buying here.

Mike U

Thanks for the heads-up! I’m 11 for 11!


Will this work for reload of amazon balance via “Amazon Gift Card Balance Reload” purchase?


Will be great to see if it works on Amazon and/or other gift cards. My guess is it will


I was unable to add it to all my cards that had the offer using the browser trick. I only got it on two of five. Anyone else experience the same?


It looks like it was either the browser or I clicked too fast. I was able to add to all 5 of my spouse’s cards in Internet Explorer. When I had the trouble on my cards I was using Chrome. Maybe I just clicked too quick but I had never had that problem before. Someone else can probably confirm to make sure it is not a browser problem so no one else has the issue. Either way, still got it on 7 of 9 cards.


This is almost certain to work with Amazon gift cards. If you want to be a nervous nelly, you can wait for the inevitable reports that it does. But it’s always worked that way. So you just buy a $60 Amazon gift card with your AMEX card (and you probably have several AMEX cards with the offer), So you can basically buy “unlimited” Amazon script at 25% off. Obviously, a very good deal.

It does seem that Amazon is selling a fair number of gift cards to other companies. But searching for them seems a bit clunky. Does anyone have an easy-to-read list? Obviously, buying gift cards at 25% for businesses that you shop at is also a good deal.


Got it on my SPG. It appeared on my platinum at first, too, but I clicked over to the SPG before adding it on the plat. After adding it on the SPG it wasn’t there for the plat anymore. Laaaaame.


FYI folks, I just loaded the deal and shortly thereafter bought a $60 gift card. confirmation email from amex has already arrived.


Woot! Lasted long enough for me to load it on all 12 cards when I woke up this morning 😀


Have bought gift cards in the past, not sure whether it will work this time.


Can i use it to buy other brand giftcards? What is counted as cooperate gift card?


Tracy is referring to this from T&C of the offer:

“excludes Corporate gift Cards”

wishful thinking would have me believe this is something other than… corporate gift cards, that this might actually be useful for ms.

Is there any other kind? How is Amex defining this?

Staples, by contrast, usually includes the simpler line with their promos, “excludes gift cards.”


Ok, I got the offer in four of six family accounts (not in bluebird or serve).

Also went back in memory files and realized Amex/Amazon have have similar offers over past year and a half (the best ones being full “free money” — $15 for $15 spend, etc.) Was reading through long slickdeals threads on those past offers — and yes, came up there too, would buying gift cards, even amazon gift cards count (despite the “excludes corporate gift cards” then too). Encountered multiple claims then suggesting that it worked for the amazon gift cards.

Have no idea if they were reliable reports or if it will work again this time. back to you, Shawn?


Like Staples last week, I got it on all 3 of my Amex cards: SPG personal, SPG business, and Platinum. Is anyone else seeing the UBER Amex offer. I bet that will be gone soon too…


I got the Uber deal on 2 of my cards.


I have the Uber offer on at least two cards, although I didn’t take it because I find the company loathsome. (More for you if you feel differently!)


I only got it on my SPG and Amex FreedomPass Business and not on my Costco card (my Costco card has been shut out of some of the good promotions recently).