Amazon Gift Card Deals – $100 Nordstrom + $20 Amazon GC for $100: Possible Moneymaker


amazon green monday

As part of their “Green Monday” promotion, Amazon is offering a $100 Nordstrom gift card and a $20 Amazon gift card for $100. Both of the cards are physical and are eligible for fast shipping with Amazon Prime. I don’t see a published limit, but it will only allow you to checkout with one bundle per transaction so there likely is a limit.

This deal is great if you have a use for the cards, but you could also sell the Nordstrom card for about 85% and keep the Amazon card. Not the biggest moneymaker, but a way to make a few bucks and generate a little spend nonetheless.

Other Cards

Amazon will also have deals on Panera, Shoney’s and Build a Bear gift cards at different times throughout the day. You can find all of the discounted gift cards and bundles here.

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Ditto what Will said. Placed 6 orders (each of the two remaining GC orders 3X) on my account, then logged into wife’s account and did the same. All seemed fine but late in the day got email cancelling 4 of mine and 2 of the wife’s so only got a total of 6 orders through successfully. Like him I’m getting the $20 Amazon GCs for full price regardless. Tried canceling online but too late apparently. Can’t be bothered to call in. I’ll live with the credit till we spend.

Will Gu

Wonder if you can cancel the order of $20 Amazon GC after placing the order of the bundle, since they have separate order numbers.

My experience: I ordered 3 bundles with one account and they all went well, then Amazon stopped allowing me placing more orders. I ordered another 3 bundles with another account, they all got canceled afterwards. The disgusting thing is that the $20 Amazon GCs were left out, so I had to call in and cancel them manually. If you don’t do it fast, they will be shipped out very soon.

[…] Reportedly, we are limited to 3 of each variety which translates into six different Amex Offers or 3 separate transactions if you are going the Freedom route. […]


One of the 3 Nordstrom card types is no longer showing in the today’s deals page (2nd link in FM’s post, under Other cards). Might be dying already.


I will be paying with AmEx and using $15 off $60 purchase to make more money further…:)

George Smiley

There is a limit of 3 of each card type, but with three cards, you can do 9 transactions.


Really two types and a maximum of 6 transactions PER ACCOUNT. The third type — Nordstrom $100 gift card in a gift box with a $20 Amazon GC — costs $120 so it would be a money loser no matter how you cash out the GCs.


Any idea if this is for today only? I have almost maxed out my Freedom and seems payment could only be posted till next day. Would hate to miss this…


The balance of a Nordstrom gift card is redeemable with purchase (e.g., buy $5 trinket, get $95 cash back), so this is an *absolute* money maker, especially w/ Freedom’s 10% back.


Can you elaborate on this? Is this well-know? Only in certain states (ie. CA)?


this is actually the better play; used it once before, but forgot.

“If a credit card was used in combination with a Gift Card or Nordstrom Notes, the entire merchandise amount will be refunded to your credit card.”


I don’t understand how it’s a money maker using this method…


1. buy $100 Nordstrom gift card + $20 amazon gift card for $100 (or, at least when deal was open).

2. earn 1,000 Chase UR points from above purchase.

2. buy something from nordstroms with gift card + credit card for over $100.

3. return nordstroms item and get entire amount refunded to card (including amount that was charged to gift card).

total profit = $20 Amazon gift card + 1,000 UR points (~$15). all without reselling.

Yep, there’s a limit. You’re only allowed 1 Nordstrom/Amazon deal per transaction. However, they come in 3 flavors. So you can buy 3 deals per transaction.

And there’s no limit to the number of separate transactions you can do. 🙂

So you can have multiple orders.