Amex gift cards 3.12% cash back


 For a very limited time, TopCashBack is offering 3.12% cash back for Amex gift cards.

Please read: Everything you ever wanted to know about Amex gift cards.  And, if you still have questions, please ask via the comments of that post so that we can keep information about Amex gift cards in one place. 

Important notes:

  • Amex gift cards do not have PINs.  They cannot be used to load Bluebird cards.
  • Some credit card companies charge cash advance fees when purchasing these online. Please read Everything you ever wanted to know about Amex gift cards for details.
  • Recently it seems that portals no longer pay out when using a promo code to waive shipping or card fees.  Best bet is pay the card fee and subscribe to premium shipping for free delivery.
  • Some portals restrict the top card amount to $500.  You can easily circumvent this by logging into your Amex account (after clicking through from the portal) and then you’ll see values up to $3000.  Yes, you should still get cash back or miles (that has been my experience).
  • Cash back can take several months to go from pending to payable.
  • Miles often take several weeks or even a month or more to post, but then appear immediately in your mileage account.

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I don’t have any amex card account other than my amex prepaid card account. I tried ordering Amex GC online but didn’t find the next day one year $99 free shipping option. It only shows the fastest as next day $15.95. I fera not getting cash back for using codes.

MY 2nd question is, If I order just one Amec GC of $3k value, can 3 persons use that one card to send $1k AP?

Frequent Miler

That’s true, you do need an actual Amex credit card account to get the free shipping offer. Yes, 3 people could use the same CC for AP