Amex Green Card Counts as Credit Card Towards Amex Limit


Recently, reports surfaced on Reddit indicating that Amex is treating the Green card like a credit card when it comes to getting approved for a new card (Hat Tip: Doctor of Credit).  Amex has been limiting people to 10 “pay over time” charge cards and 4 credit cards (although, for some, the limit is 5).  This means that if you apply for a new card, you won’t get approved unless you are under those limits.  And now, even though the Green card is a Pay over Time card, it is being treated like a credit card for this count.

Today, I had the unexpected opportunity to verify these reports about the Green Card.  My son had been turned down for a new Amex Hilton credit card because “you currently have the maximum number and type of American Express Card accounts that we allow.”  He had 4 Amex credit cards until he cancelled one in December, so he shouldn’t have been denied for this reason.  And so we called Amex to see what was going on.

The Amex rep quickly asserted that he was denied due to the 4 credit card limit.  After we replied that he only had three credit cards, the rep asked “Do you have a Green Card?”  It was clear from this question that a “yes” would have been case closed.  The answer, though, was no.  She then looked up his active accounts and saw that he had closed his fourth credit card in December and the system had erroneously denied the application.  She apologized and put the application through again.  He was approved instantly!

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