Amex Green Card Counts as Credit Card Towards Amex Limit


Recently, reports surfaced on Reddit indicating that Amex is treating the Green card like a credit card when it comes to getting approved for a new card (Hat Tip: Doctor of Credit).  Amex has been limiting people to 10 “pay over time” charge cards and 4 credit cards (although, for some, the limit is 5).  This means that if you apply for a new card, you won’t get approved unless you are under those limits.  And now, even though the Green card is a Pay over Time card, it is being treated like a credit card for this count.

Today, I had the unexpected opportunity to verify these reports about the Green Card.  My son had been turned down for a new Amex Hilton credit card because “you currently have the maximum number and type of American Express Card accounts that we allow.”  He had 4 Amex credit cards until he cancelled one in December, so he shouldn’t have been denied for this reason.  And so we called Amex to see what was going on.

The Amex rep quickly asserted that he was denied due to the 4 credit card limit.  After we replied that he only had three credit cards, the rep asked “Do you have a Green Card?”  It was clear from this question that a “yes” would have been case closed.  The answer, though, was no.  She then looked up his active accounts and saw that he had closed his fourth credit card in December and the system had erroneously denied the application.  She apologized and put the application through again.  He was approved instantly!

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[…] change is not surprising as American Express already counts the Green Card as a credit card when it comes to your four credit card […]


Does it matter whether or not pay over time is active on your green card?


With the Green every charge is added to POT by default not just those over $100 so unfortunately, this makes sense. It’s basically a credit card.

Z Points

Would that mean that we can product change Amex credit cards (Amex Everyday Preferred) to Amex Green going forward?


DP for everyone – I just applied for Business Bonvoy AMEX. I had 6 amex cards at the time – 4 credit (2 of these are business), 1 platinum and 1 Green. After closing one of my business cards, I was approved for the Bonvoy. I wasn’t sure if they would approve me because of the limit, but they did the next day.


Same thing happened to me—declined due to too many cards (I too had recently closed out a card). After reading this article, I called and explained about recent closed account and got the hilton business approved instantly—-thanks for timely article!

Shane Schweizer

I can confirm that Amex is indeed counting the Green towards the 4 slots. I recently applied for the Hilton Surpass thinking I was fine. My app was denied so I had to call recon. They let me know I was declined because I was already at the 4 charge card maximum. When I asked them what 4 cards that would be they informed me my Green, ED, Hilton Basic, and BBP. I decided to cancel my ED to open a slot for the Surpass.


Good data point


What if your Amex green card is a corporate card? Is it still factored in?


Do business cards count towards the 4 total cards?


Yes, unless they are biz Plat and biz Gold. Not sure about biz green.

Last edited 1 year ago by AlexL

I have had a business green since October. In mid February I had a Hilton Surpass, a Marriott Bonvoy, and a business blue plus (and a bunch of other non personal green charge cards). So I had three credit cards and a business green. I applied and was instantly approved for a Hilton business card. So that was my 4th credit card. In my case either I can confirm the business green doesn’t count as 4, or I got my 5th credit card if the business green counts.


That means I have 6 credit cards. I’ve got Green a year ago, when I already had 5 credit cards and Gold charge card

Liam Ran

So, if the Green is my fourth AMEX credit card, would it make sense for me to product change to the Gold if I had the Gold in the past? That move would enable an upgrade offer AND an opportunity to apply for another credit card.


That would explain my first ever Amex denial. Looks like the Green is the next to be cancelled.


Congratulations! Just curious, which Hilton card was it?