Amex Platinum cardholders can get Hertz President’s Circle status


Update: Since we originally published this at the end of last year, the enrollment link has been frustrating, working on and off or blanking out. Skye at Award Wallet found a redirect that appears to work much better, so we’re replacing it here. It goes to the same landing page, but it actually loads the page correctly (and consistently). Original post follows.

American Express has announced an improvement to the Platinum card’s benefits with Hertz car rentals. Evidently, starting in September, Amex Platinum, Corporate Platinum and Business Platinum cardholders all became eligible for Hertz President’s Circle Status.

This was a silent-ish improvement that most folks were unaware of, as there wasn’t much fanfare made about the change when it originally happened. I found out via an e-mail yesterday, notifying me that I had been upgraded to Hertz President’s Circle.

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The Deal

  • American Express Platinum, Corporate Platinum and Business Platinum cardholders now get access to Hertz President’s Circle status as a perk of card membership
  • Registration required via the link below.
  • It’s also possible to email to request the status

Direct Link to Registration

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Hertz President’s Circle Benefits

  • Guaranteed car upgrades, minimum of one-class
  • Choose any vehicle in the President’s Circle section of the Hertz Ultimate Choice lot
  • 50% bonus on Gold Plus Rewards points for qualifying rentals
  • Complimentary use of Hertz Valet, a terminal drive-back service at participating locations, up to four times per year (for an accurate-ish list of airports, see here)
  • No need to stop at rental counter in many airports
  • Expedited vehicle pick-up
  • No additional driver fee for a spouse or domestic partner in the United States (available to all Gold Rewards members)
  • A dedicated President’s Circle call center line

Quick Thoughts

I’ve gotten quite a bit of value through the Amex Platinum’s Hertz benefit over the years. Using the Amex CDP already gave cardholders preferential rates and an additional 4 hours grace period at the end of a rental, something I’ve used countless times.

I’ve also already had President’s Circle, thanks to the Capital One Venture X card. The biggest perk, in my opinion, is the ability to use the Hertz Valet four times a year. This allows you to pull into the rental car lot and have a Hertz employee drive you directly to the terminal from the lot. They then drive the car back and process the return. There’s been a couple of times where I was running late that this service saved my bacon. Other times, it’s just a nice, time-saving perk.

It’s also worth noting that Hertz has been the subject of significant controversy due to repeatedly losing track of cars and then sending the police after folks (and in some cases, arresting them). While the issue causing this appears to have been rectified, the company’s response to the problem and to those customers affected has been lackluster, to say the least. Many folks have decided to stop doing business with Hertz as a result of this poor response. At the very least, it’s worth being aware of.

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