The American Express Platinum Hertz benefit has saved me over $1000/yr on rental cars


There are many credit cards that offer elite status at car rental companies. While some of these statuses offer a few perks like class upgrades and improved (but still meager) points earning, there is one in particular that I have found to be very useful over the last few years: the Amex Platinum Hertz discount code.

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The American Express Platinum discount on Hertz rentals can be very lucrative.

The Deal

  • American Express Cardholders get the following benefits when using the Amex Platinum corporate code on a rental: up to 15% discount off standard rates (in practice as much as 40%), skip the rental counter, add spouse or domestic partner for free, one-car-class upgrade (at participating markets and subject to availability) and up to a 4-hour grace period when returning the vehicle.
  • Once the discount code is added to your account, it seems to stay there, regardless of if you remain a Platinum cardholder or not.
  • You do not have to pay with a Platinum card in order to use the Platinum rate.

Direct Link to American Express Hertz International Enrollment Page (log-in required)

Direct Link to Domestic Hertz Enrollment Page (use cdp#211762 if prompted)

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We’re not really gonna talk about car rental discount codes are we?

Ok, what could be more boring than talking about rental car rewards. Rental car companies are notoriously poor-earning, making price a far bigger concern than earning rewards in a given program. Elite status makes earnings slightly better, but more importantly allows the renter to skip the rental counter lines and, in the case of Hertz, also allows for a spouse or domestic partner to be added to the rental for free.

However, the Amex Platinum rate at Hertz is a bird of a different feather.

I rent a lot of cars throughout the year and always comparison shop. I would say that, about 75-80% of the time, we find ourselves renting through Hertz because of the combination of better pricing with the Platinum code and the 4-hour grace period on returns, which I have found VERY valuable.

The Platinum code seems to provide a baseline of 15-20% off of the lowest public price, as opposed to other car rental discount codes (like the Amazon Budget/Avis discount) that, in practice, can actually be more than the best publicly-available rate. I’ve found that the Platinum Hertz Code can offer as much as 30-40% off public rates.

The four-hour grace period is incredible, in that you can get a free four hours added onto the end of any rental.  You can check out a car at 12:00 and return it at 4pm on the last day of the rental while only paying for a 12pm-12pm rental…often saving as much as an entire additional day in cost.

Let’s look at an example.

My wife and I are going to the Ventana Big Sur at the beginning of May and needed a car out of San Jose.  We’ll be flying in late Thursday night and driving out Friday around noon. We’ll be staying downtown-ish San Jose, so I want to do a search that includes both on- and off-airport locations.  For whatever reason, I often find the best mix of availability and accurate pricing comes through Hertz, unfortunately, doesn’t allow you to search multiple locations at once.

Looking at a rental period from 5/6-5/9,12pm-12pm, here’s what I found:

a screenshot of a car sales report

There are three Hertz neighbourhood locations that are listed as being the least expensive in the city (outside of a cargo van). Note that these are all “Pay Now” rates, which I try to use as little as possible. Also note that airport rates are quite a bit higher.

The 1040 Alameda location is right by where we are staying, so I went to Hertz and looked up rentals at that location…both in incognito mode and when signed into my Hertz account:

screens screenshot of a car price

On the left, with no discount code, we see the pay now rate is almost exactly the same as what we found on Priceline. On the right, we see the rates with the Amex code.  The Pay later rate with the Platinum code is 6% cheaper than the best, publicly available, pay-now offer.  The discounted “pay-now” rate is over 20% cheaper.

The difference is even more pronounced when adding in the 4-hour grace period, which we need because we are flying out at 6pm on the 9th, but picking up at 12pm on the 6th.

I changed both options to checking out the car at 12pm, but returning on the 9th at 4pm.  Here’s the results now:

a screenshot of a car sale

The Amex pricing is effectively unchanged (there is sometimes a very small change if there are taxes that are based on rental period as opposed to dollar-amount)…the pay later price is still cheaper than the publicly available pay-now price returning at 12pm.  But look at the difference with the 4pm return.  Pay-now and pay-later are now 40% off.  That’s a huge difference. When I go back in to Priceline and enter a 4pm return-time, I see that the discounted Hertz rate is cheaper than the next publicly available rate…from any company…by about 35%.

Note that you do not have to pay with the Platinum card in order to use the rate, nor would you want to if you have a card with Primary CDW like the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Sapphire Reserve and most United cards; or the Capital One Venture X.  Also worth noting is that portal discounts on Hertz are usually stackable with this rate, some have found it stackable with the Venture X Hertz discount as well.

Quick Thoughts

Hertz has become our primary rental car company over the last few years due to the benefits from the Amex Platinum discount.  The combination of being able to skip the line, upgrade the car, get my wife on the rental at no cost, four hours of rental for free AND often being the cheapest option has made this an extremely valuable perk for us. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it’s saved us (and my company) thousand of dollars over 4-5 years.

It’s at least worth adding this to your Hertz account and checking out the rates the next time you rent, even if you plan on cancelling your Platinum card.

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Ryan del mundo

Of late, I have been getting great rates using my AAA membership that I book via the AAA Site. Way cheaper than the Hertz website even w the Plat code. If you have AAA, which I have just to get less expensive rates across the board (Marriott etc), def check booking from their site.


I’ve used this before for the grace period. However now when I use it it only lets me pay with my Amex. I want to use my CSP but keeps giving an error. I used my CSP before with no issue.

Ryan del Mundo

Can confirm, I could not get discounted rate to go thru as a purchase with my Chase card, but worked with the Amex.


Hmm, I just booked using the Platinum card discount PLATINUM CARD FROM AMEX CDP and used by Venture X as payment. I got the discounted rate.


Was it pay now or pay at time of rental? I had a rental last weekend. It wouldn’t accept CSP for pay now but would let me do pay at rental. I skipped the counter as usual but at the exit check there was an issue but only took 5 mins to resolve.


It was pre-pay now. Still on my screen, here’s a snippet:

Pay Now – – Visa ****3753
CDP Name : PLATINUM CARD FROM AMEX,CDP RateYour Rate has been discounted based on the Hertz CDP provided,RQ: BEST

And it is the lower rate because it was higher when I was using the CapOne CDP rate.


Glad it worked for you. I’ll try it again next time. Rates are so much better


This may be silly question — but how have others gotten this discount added to their hertz account?

I tried enrolling my business platinum Amex for hertz and got message returned that there are no benefits for card that require enrollment. Then I called Amex platinum and they referred me to hertz phone number. But hertz referred me back to Amex. Perhaps this code / discount is not available for business in spite of it being listed on a benefit for both on Amex website?


Took me a little bit to find this. Go here:

Add the discount code under Corporate Discount Programs and save it to your account.


Hey Tim. We have also used Hertz for about 90% of our rentals over the last few years. For these same reasons – the Amex Platinum code (even though I pay with the Sapphire Reserve), the extra driver, and the 4 hour grace period.


Greg I’m curious if you compared Hertz rates to Costco Travel rental rates. When doing my comparison study for rentals, I’ve found that Costco beats out all rated with platinum codes pretty much every time. Note, I have a large family so we usually get a larger vehicle size or Van as the data point comparison


I’ll be at ventana around the same time as you! Might see you there.


I have the Venture X and player 2 has Amex Platinum. If Player 2 books with Amex code, can I pay with my Venture X and get the CDW rental coverage still?


One follow-up question; is the hertz discount benefit available on the business platinum American Express as well? Or just the personal version?

Thanks again!


Thanks for the article and info! Do you have a sense for how the discount compares between American Express platinum and venture x card?

I believe both have the status and am considering which card best positions me on this front. Thanks!


Sweet — thank you! I think that answers my question (was trying to determine if Amex platinum code would improve my savings relative to my venture x discount code … but sounds likely to be the case with possibility of codes stacking, which would be crazy.


I can’t imagine why anyone would take a chance and use Hertz at this point. Discount or not, is it really worth the very real risk? It’s not just small corner cases, it’s a real issue and has affected lots of people. Take the AmEx discount and go to National instead.


Free food in prison. Free showers. What’s not to like?


Are the free meals an elite benefit?

Last edited 2 years ago by DavidS

What card is best to use for lawyer fees when Hertz arrests you?

Seriously though, I’m glad i have a killer coupon code for National, I typically save nearly 40% with it and even more now with covid shortages. Throw in Executive status and I’ll gladly leave the other companies alone


1. I signed up for Hertz rewards thru my Amex Platinum link but have since cancelled the platinum, but I think the discount code is still loaded in there. How do you get the 4 hour grace period, does that happen automatically when you book using the Amex Plat discount code?

2. I also have the Venture X..You mentioned you can stack this platinum benedit with the Venture X Hertz “discount”? But what discount is there? I know Venture X gives you President’s Circle status but i think that’s different than a discount?

3. If I sign up for president circle status with my Venture X, how will that then impact the Amex Platinum discount code that is currently loaded into my Hertz account, an/or any other Hertz benefits I get from platinum? Or does the Hertz benefit kind of just trump/improve upon all the platinum benefits?

Any other advice on how to combine the platinum and venture x benefits for maximum benefit will be much appreciated, thank you.


Even though the Platinum code may still be loaded, you are not supposed to use it. You can apply for Presidents circle through the Venture card and if that erases the Platinum code, you can just add it back. Again, though, you are only allowed to use the Platinum code if you have the platinum card and they can, and occasionally do, ask you to show your card at pickup. The 4 hr grace period is automatic, just book a 28 hr reservation and it will be charged as 1 day


Thanks, Tim. Are there any benefits to adding the member number to an Autoslash/Priceline res (like spouse added for free)?


By law, at least in New York State, but I think this is national, your spouse is allowed to drive a rental vehicle in your name. You don’t even need to add them to the contract.


Autoslash has a great detailed post by state:


So does TPG always steal Frequent Miler posts, or is this just something that’s happened in the past 3 months?


I learned about this from Miles to Memories some months ago.