Ask Us Anything | Frequent Miler Live | Ep 16


Every other week Greg and Nick help readers learn about earning miles without flying by answering their questions about miles and points live on Youtube. This week Nick’s been on paternity leave, so Greg tackled the reader questions on his own.

This week’s readers were curious about Hyatt’s double elite points, the Chase Sapphire Preferred card’s 80K bonus, and things to see in Ann Arbor. See the full list of reader questions below.

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This week’s questions about miles and points:

1:15 – Does AMEX inform you if you are eligible for a bonus before they pull your credit when applying through a referral link?

3:05 – Will buying amazon gift card reloads daily possibly trigger the RAT team at Amex. (It’s to get 30 transactions for the everyday preferred card).

4:02 – Hi Greg, Caroline, (and congrats to Nick)! Which sign up bonus would you guys recommend: United Explorer for 60k or United Club Infinite for 100k (net 65k with AF reimbursement using miles)? Thanks!

5:50 – If you die, can a family member get your frequent flier miles? Is there a cost for the transfer?

8:04 – Greg — was your guess this morning about a possible 100k sign up bonus on the reserve card a pure guess or an educated one?

9:19 – Do you think US Bank will keep the altitude reserve the same for a while? I downgraded my CSR to a freedom since it’s worth nothing close to $550 and looking to get rid of my Amex Gold too…

10:25 – Any idea for Marriott downgrade (soft/hard landing) policy for 2022? I am platinum now and wondering if it’s worthy to go for titanium?

11:14 – Congrats to Nick! With Nick on paternity leave for the next few weeks, will we see any major / minor changes to FM? Maybe Stephen or Carrie can guest host the podcast or live YouTube video…

13:00 – When will Chase add a grocery category? The people want it!

15:36 – Earlier in the year I received a new Fidelity 2% credit card and evidently increased spend too fast and got shutdown. Is it possible to apply for this card at a later time and get approved?

16:22 – Hyatt Ziva or Zilara in Cancun?

17:57 – As a replacement setup, the altitude reserve gets 4.5% back on travel and groceries (mobile payments) and the altitude go gets 4% on dining.

18:20 – ​Hey Greg, initial thoughts on the CSP 80k bonus without any category changes? Could Chase possibly change nothing?

21:04 – Any guesses when the Amex lounges will open again?

21:36 – Would you take the risk to apply for CSP via referral link and ask for a bonus match? 80K vs 60k + 15K ref + 20K match…

22:25 – Absent Level 3 data, how do AMEX and US Bank know that you’re buying gift cards? Do they just guess by the transaction amount? Does it make sense to buy gift cards in odd amounts to throw them off?

25:14 – Hi Greg, did you ever hear back from Hyatt about the double elite nights Jan 1-4 from the new promo?

28:05 – Do you see Chase adding Hyatt or United status to add value to the CSR?

29:28 – How strict do you think Chase would be in rejecting a new application if you’ve applied to a chase card in the past 3 months? Just applied for Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless last month, and would like to get CSP as well.

30:40 – Assuming you were starting from scratch today (0 CCs), what would your Chase CC strategy be?

34:20 – Hi guys… Any chance we can get these ask anything YouTube videos every week?

35:27 – Do you know of any way to book Q-suites without high taxes using Chase or Amex (so no American).

36:19 – Carrie, what’s new with Drew? I miss seeing you guys…

37:05 – What’s the best downgrade path for BOA Alaska? Travel reward or cash 123?

39:13 – If hotels are hurting for occupancy, why don’t they lower their prices (significantly)?

42:07 – Since this is ask Greg anything — I am randomly in Ann Arbor right now and have no plans whatsoever. Can you think of anything that I should do or see here before I leave?

45:18 – Greg, if a stay at Hyatt from Dec 28th 2020 to Jan 1st 2021, how would the 4 elite night credit be allocated?

46:05 – Greg have you ever heard of any unspoken total Chase card limit? I currently have 6 personal and 4 biz cards with Chase, and I’ll get under 5/24 soon. Am I silly for being nervous about applying?

48:48 – Any thoughts on how much spend one can safely do at drugstores on Freedom cards? Greg, did you make it back to Ventana (and did I miss a post?)

51:55 – What’s the best way to cash out UR at 1.5 cents per point using the new Chase Pay Yourself Back feature?

53:44 – Can someone use a Chase freedom referral link to get a CSP?

54:10 – I’ll be 4/24 in November and would like to apply for the Hyatt card. Should I wait until 2021 so any elite nights don’t get lost at the end of the year? Mid-December

55:20 – Carrie, you did a great job guest hosting and reading the questions. Greg, do you think it would be possible to do a virtual FTU or Chicago Seminars?

56:57 – BREAKING: ​exclusive offer for pre-selected members: 3X AA miles…earn 3 miles for every $1 spent with World of Hyatt. Book and complete any number of qualifying stays between September 22 and December 31, 2020

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