How do you travel with young kids? | Ask Us Anything Ep68 | 7-3-24


In addition to our regular weekly podcast, we also host an Ask Us Anything Live on YouTube once a month where the Frequent Miler team answers listener questions about points, miles, rewards cards, and whatever else comes to mind. This episode (68) was streamed live on July 3, 2024 and can be viewed in full below.

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(01:25) – How do I know how much my points and miles are worth (and are all points and miles worth the same?)

(06:04) – I switched an upcoming trip to take a better flight the next day, which means I have to change Hilton/Hertz reservations. Both of them will re-price to higher costs than before. Any way to avoid?

​​(08:07) – What’s your prediction for the next points devaluation?

(10:33) – Thoughts on new turkish card?

(12:22) – ​​question for Nick I am product changing from my Marriott Boundless to Ritz carlton card. I receive my fna on August 3rd each year. when is the best time to product change? Hoping to get both certs.

(15:45) – If I rent a car with VentureX annual credit(at C1 portal), do I get the VX primary rental insurance on this rental?

(16:03) – When is good time to upgrade Hilton Surpass into Aspire in order to receive FNC from Surpass and then from Aspire?

​​(18:40) – Hi FM Team, which recent miles and points devaluation (Virgin Atlantic, Choice, etc.) has been the most disappointing for you? Happy Fourth of July!

(25:25) – ​​Are there any Hotel programs that combine Personal & Credit Card Nights together to get you Elite Status?

(28:05) – ​​Re: the new Schwab rule of only 1 million points cashed out at 1.1 and then .08 after. Are there good strategies for those who have high Rakuten spend turned into AmEx?

(30:36) – Most banks have been declining my credit card applications, mostly citing too many hard pulls on the credit report. What should my next move be to maximize points earnings?

(35:02) – how is Wells Fargo household sharing works? can I share between P2 cashback to P1 Autograph points?

(37:37) – How would you guys book business class award tickets from the US to Vietnam, I am on the east cost but happy to go to the west coast.

(40:50) – ​​a while back on the podcast a mailbag e-mail asked about a resource/deep dive on downgrading paths for cards. Any update on when that might be coming??

(42:08) – ​​I have Southwest companion pass and 170k points. Can you guys recommend me any good destination(s)?

(47:08) – ​​Nick, any tips for enjoying traveling with young kids? Our kids are 3 years and 3 months, and we feel like all travel outside family visits is on hold for at least a few years.

(52:37) – have you guys ever take a chance of ANA waitlist?

(54:02) – Flying Blue: can you reprice your flights if they go down in price due to promo rewards? can you add a free stopover on KLM operated flights as well?

(55:44) – ​​Any thoughts on the new Attune card from WF? There are some interesting categories, such as bookstores (Amazon), Sporting good stores (gun stores, ammo, shooting ranges), Barbers, nail salons, Ski…

(58:12) – Any recs for backpacks/luggage? Appreciate your tips and credit card advice!!

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