(EXPIRED) Bilt Rent Day: 50% Bonus When Redeeming on Amazon (March 1 Only)

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Update 3/1/23: These Bilt Rent Day promotions are live for today (March 1) only.

Bilt Rewards has announced its Rent Day promos for March 1, 2023. The headliner of the monthly promotion is that Bilt cardholders will be get a 50% bonus towards redeeming points for Amazon purchases. That sounds great on the surface, but Bilt Rewards redeem at only 0.7 cents each at Amazon, so the 50% bonus will push it up to only 1.05 cents each, well below our Reasonable Redemption Value of 1.55 cents each for Bilt Points.

In addition, Bilt cardholders will once again have the opportunity to earn 2x points on purchases and will be able to bring a friend to SoulCycle on the 1st of the month. The Points Quest Trivia Show will also be back again.

For more information about Bilt, including details of the rent rewards program and the Bilt Mastercard, see our Bilt Rewards Complete Guide.

Bilt Rent Day

  • Bilt Amazon Redemption Offer
    • Bilt Points will be worth 50% more when cardholders redeem them towards Amazon purchases on 3/1/23:
      • Link a Bilt Mastercard® to your Amazon account at https://amazon.com/biltrewards. If a Bilt Mastercard is already linked to your Amazon account, you do not need to relink it.
      • After adding items to cart, select a Bilt Mastercard as your method of payment.
      • Choose ‘Use Bilt Points’ and determine the amount you want to use (can cover all or a portion of the charge with Bilt Points); the 50% increase in value of Bilt Points will apply automatically to your purchase.
  • Bilt Mastercard Spending Offer
    • Earn double points on the Bilt Mastercard on 3/1/23:
      • Dining – 6x points (normally 3x)
      • Travel – 4x points (normally 2x)
      • All other spend excluding rent – 2x points (normally 1x)
  • Point Quest featuring ‘Quiz Daddy’ Scott Rogowsky
    • Scott Rogowsky of HQ Trivia fame is hosting Point Quest host on March 1. There will be 5 questions worth 50 points per question. Get all 10 right and you’ll get a bonus 6th question good for an additional 100 points (350 total points available)
  • Monthly Rent Giveaway
    • Enter for a chance to have next month’s rent paid for. For your chance to win, submit your answer to the Rent Day Challenge phrase in the Bilt App on by March 1st. Follow @BiltRewards on Instagram for extra clues. Three winners will be randomly selected and announced on 3/2/.
  • SoulCycle
    • Bilt members can book a class at 56 SoulCycle locations nationwide on March 1st and receive a complimentary bike for a friend. Members can reserve the special-themed class via Soul-Cycle.com, SoulCycle app or directly through the Bilt Rewards app.

Key Terms

  • Bilt Amazon Redemption Offer
    • This promotional offer is valid beginning on 3/1/2023 at 12am ET through 11:59pm PT. Within the terms of this offer (“Amazon Point Redemption Bonus”), Bilt Points can be redeemed at Amazon.com (“Amazon”) for a 50% increase in value
  • Bilt Mastercard Spending Offer
    • Cardholders will receive double earnings up to 10,000 bonus points from 12:01am ET through 11:58pm PT on March 1, 2023. Cardholders will continue to earn 1x points on their rent payments when paying with the Bilt Mastercard. Don’t forget, cardholders must use their card 5 times each statement period to earn points.
  • Monthly Rent Giveaway
    • The Rent Day Challenge is back. Complete the phrase in the Bilt app correctly, submit your answer, and we’ll select 3 winners to get their rent paid (up to $2,500), on us. The giveaway will be open to Bilt members and non-members. Three winners will be randomly selected and announced on 3/2/23.

Quick Thoughts

Last month Bilt had a very good Rent Day promo: a 100% transfer bonus to Hawaiian Airlines. This month isn’t nearly as exciting. While a 50% bonus sound great, Bilt’s standard rate for Amazon redemptions is a measly 0.7 cents each. Because of that, the promo will only elevate them to 1.05 cents of value towards Amazon purchases, well below what could be had by transferring them to travel partners.

There might be folks out there who have millions of Bilt Points to burn. For them, the opportunity to redeem some of them for Amazon purchases at ~1 cent each could be appealing. For the rest of us with modest balances, it probably won’t move the needle much.

The normal 2x Rent Day spending offer makes the 1st of the month the ideal time to hit your 5 transaction minimum in order to earn points on rent and/or all of your card purchases, so don’t forget to bust it out on next Wednesday if you’re a cardholder.

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I need to give Bilt a second look after the death of the Plastiq-Amex relationship.


BILT only had 5 questions at 50 points each this month and I suppose there was a bonus for getting all 5 right. I only got 2 since I couldn’t care less about pop culture. I got them all right last month though!


Lol I messed up on French Doors…who knew??!


Hi Tim–I think your numbers may be off. From the March Rent Day Terms: “Bilt Rewards members will receive 50 Bilt Points for each correct answer to questions 1-5 in Point Quest. If all 5 questions are answered correctly, members will be eligible for an 6th bonus question. Members will receive 100 Bilt Points if they answer the bonus question correctly.”

Also @Pam–where did you find that there is a 250 point bonus for linking a Bilt card to Amazon?


Separate email from Bilt to cardholders(?)

Btw, I received last Fri – includes a link to Amazon (to then link your cc).

Last edited 26 days ago by Pam

Thanks Pam. I received e-mails from Bilt on February 24 and February 27 (as well as today), and as best as I can tell, none mentioned those 250 points. Also checked and my Bilt card is not linked to Amazon. Can’t find any reference in the March Rent Day terms. Maybe targeted–if so, you win!


How odd! This specific email came from members@members.biltrewards.com (and not rentday@biltrewards.com) if that makes any difference in how you search?


Hi DSK, you’re probs correct was targeted but anyway just a DP I received the 250 points advertised for linking with Amazon (nothing extra like last yr tho for purchasing). Thanks & have a great weekend


“ you can earn 250 bonus Bilt Points when you link your card on Amazon.com”

Worth $4-5 of Hyatt/AA points!

Also, “ On March 1st only, all (Bilt Collection) items will be 50% off.”

Last edited 1 month ago by Pam