Bluebird is now eligible for Amex Sync offers!


Note: On January 8, 2016 American Express sent out a notice to a large number of Bluebird & Serve cardholders informing them that loading capabilities on their accounts had been terminated. For more information, see: Amex kills Bluebird and Serve for manufactured spend

For quite a while, Serve has had an edge over Bluebird not just for online credit card loads, but also for its ability to participate in Amex Sync Offers.  Now, Doctor of Credit reports that Bluebird has caught up and can now be registered for these offers.  You can now register Bluebird (and, presumably, Bluebird family accounts) with the frequent and often very lucrative Amex Sync Offers.  Unfortunately, REDbird (the Target Prepaid REDcard) is not yet eligible for these offers.

Bluebird Amex Sync

For a complete guide to Amex Sync Offers, please see (but ignore the parts where I say that Bluebird is not eligible):

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[…] was thinking of switching to Serve because Serve cards qualify for Amex Sync promotions (Bluebird now qualifies as well), and because it was possible to reload Serve cards for free at CVS.  So, in March, I […]


I still haven’t read any help on how to access and view (let alone register for) the offers assigned to one’s bluebird card, in the same way that you can for normal amex cards via one’s amex account login. Please help.

nancy smith

like hvae bLue brid card i see it but i did not get it


You no longer have to link via Twitter – The links are on the BB account, just like other Amex card (only see it on the app.)


Can you use the bluebird like a normal AmEx credit card on Small business Saturday or is there something more needed?


Most of these comments are in reference to Small Business Saturday. How do you access Amex Sync offers with the BB card? Please expound on the details of accessing these ongoing offers. Great to know it now qualifies, but more details please!


Exactly, thank you Pam.


BB & serve are good for the $30 promo .

What about these 2 cards? eligible for the small biz $30 deal?

American Express® Prepaid Card?

American Express for Target card? I have both of these but never used it for a year


I tried to register both of those – no go on either.


When I told the owner of my favorite local coffee place my Small Biz Saturday plans, he said, and I quote: “Tom, we will be more than happy to help you spend your money in any way you want.” 🙂


just go to and register your card there.

I also noticed that once I had registered one Amex card on my account login the others were not showing it as an available offer. But again you can go to the shopsmall site and register any eligible card there. I just did 6 for myself and 7 for my wife – of course there’s no way I could actually use them all! I can’t see myself asking any store to ring up 3 $10 transactions for 1 card let alone 6 or 7. I will probably get a few gift cards and buy some coffee from my regular roaster. I don’t buy things I would not normally use in a reasonable timeframe. Also, a few small mom & pop stores I do frequent do not like to charge small amounts on any card, least of all AMEX.


Amex sends you an email to confirm registration so you have a receipt for the registration.


Frank – did you receive registration confirmation in email for your Bluebird? I received one for all my cards that I added through MyOffers, but not the Bluebird. I did register the BB through shopsmall website, and received an on screen confirmation, but no email confirmation nor did I receive the “Thanks for participating in the Small Business Saturday offer” on the Bluebird card uses.


Frank, money is money and most small businesses are happy to ring up multiple transactions. I recommend simply buying 3 gift cards from them in 3 transactions, $10 each. Last summer, AMEX offered Small Business August in several cities, mine included. That promo was 3x $5 — which seemed like kind of a PITA for gift cards. Still, every small business I went into was happy to ring up 3 $5 transactions. Some merchants know how to do split transaction, and that’s faster, but not essential to the effort. I only encountered “attitude” at one place, a small pizza shop (but he did it anyway).


Like preacher, I don’t have an offer tab. I also don’t see a way to connect my twitter account to my Bluebird account.


I don’t seen an Amex Offers tab on my Bluebird account like I do on my other amex account. How do I add an offer to my Bluebird without this option? Can I only do it on Twitter?