(EXPIRED) Buy $50 Hotels.com Gift Cards & Get $10 Gift Cards Free

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Hotels.com launched a new deal yesterday giving a $10 gift card free when buying a $50 gift card.

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The Deal

Key Terms

  • Expires December 26, 2022 at 3:01am ET.
  • Limit 1.

Quick Thoughts

This works out to be a 16.67% discount on Hotels.com gift cards which is a decent deal as they don’t go on sale as frequently nowadays as they once did.

There’s a listed limit of one, but you might be able to get more than one order fulfilled by not entering exactly the same information each time.

Something important to be aware of is that Hotels.com only lets you redeem one gift card per reservation. That could make the $10 cards inconvenient, but thankfully they let you merge balances, so you can combine the cards to have one $60 card rather than having separate $50 and $10 cards.

Payment is processed by CashStar, so this won’t code as a travel purchase.

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Their website has always been a bit wonky and flaky. If merging two cards doesn’t work online, call the number listed on the website. The rep will process the merger.

Last edited 1 year ago by Rusty

Can you merge balances from cards that are already the product of being merged? For example, if I buy 2 $100 gift cards, can I merge them into a $200 gift card, then merge that $200 gift card with another?


Sorry to be obtuse here but you’re saying that as long as one card is not the result of mergers it should be fine?

Irene S

No that’s not the case. I was trying to merge one newly bought card to one old card with merge history. The website would not allow the transaction and gave me the response described below.

Irene S

Anyone encountered difficulties combining two Hotels.com gift cards?

I recently tried to combine on the linked site, but was told,

“Sorry, that card has previously been merged, and cannot be merged again on this site. Please contact Hotels.com gift card customer service at giftcards@hotels.com for further help.”

When I emailed, they said,

“In order for us to begin looking into your request we will require 2 things:
– Please type down all card numbers (if you have not already done so)
– Please provide proof of payment for all card(s) involved. This ideally should be in the form of a confirmation email or receipt from the gift card provider and should contain your email address and name.
Please note, only when both requirements are met can we begin looking into your query.”

One of the gift cards I tried to combine was bought years ago at a grocery store. Not possible for me to provide proof of payment, not to mention my email address associated with it.

For this reason I now refrain from buying any new Hotels.com gift card.


Call the Toll free number for gift card Services 1-888-999-4468.

They can merge with basic information, mainly they need to know the original balance on the card. If you don’t have that they can’t do anything.
Customer service like everywhere else these days is farmed out overseas. Useless!

If you don’t know your Original balance, just make a refundable booking using the funds, then cancel…..this will generate a totally new Gift card which will be emailed to you.
You will then have all the information you need to merge.
1.Original Balance(new gc balance)
2.it was a refund for a cancelled booking for the other question.

When they take you name and email, it really goes no where but into the merge transaction record.
Hope this information helps.


This. I just merged four gift cards ($50+$10) into a fifth one over the phone. Took about 5 minutes.