Capital One Venture X Card Improved Offer: 90,000 miles after $4k spend


Doctor of Credit has published a link to an increased welcome offer on the Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card. It gives 90,000 bonus Capital One miles, 15,000 better than the current offer, but only requires the same $4,000 in purchases within the first three months of opening. Since this offer is better than the current public offer, we’ve added it to our Best Offers table.

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The Offer and Key Card Details

Card Details and Application Link
Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card
75K Miles ⓘ Affiliate
75k miles after $4k spend within first 3 months. (Rates & Fees)
$395 Annual Fee

Click Here to Apply
This is an affiliate offer. Frequent Miler may earn a commission if you are approved for this offer
Recent better offer: Expired 3/14/22: 100K after $10K spend in 6 months + $200 credit for vacation rental spend in first year
FM Mini Review: This card offers annual rebates that easily mitigate the fee for those who travel often. Authorized users are free and also get access to perks like Priority Pass, Capital One Lounges, Plaza Premium lounges, and more. The card earns 2 "miles" per dollar on most purchases just like the Capital One Venture Rewards card, which are worth exactly 1 cent each toward travel. This makes the return on most spend similar to a 2% cash back card (though in this case you must redeem your miles to offset travel in order to get 1 cent per mile). One huge advantage over cash back: Capital One allows transfering their "miles" to airline miles & hotel points. Click here for our complete card review
Earning rate: 10X miles on hotels and rental cars booked via Capital One Travel ✦ 5x miles on flights booked via Capital One travel. ✦ 2X miles everywhere else.
Base: 2X (2.9%)
Other: 10X (14.5%)
Card Info: Visa Infinite issued by CapOne. This card has no foreign currency conversion fees.
Noteworthy perks: $300 annual credit for bookings made through Capital One Travel ✦ 10,000 bonus miles each year starting at first anniversary ✦ Up to $100 application fee credit for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck® ✦ Capital One Lounge access ✦ Priority Pass membership w/ unlimited guests (lounges only) ✦ Plaza Premium lounge access ✦ Cell phone insurance ✦ Trip insurance ✦ Primary CDW coverage ✦ Redeem miles for travel at value of 1 cent per mile ✦ Convert "miles" to airline miles & hotel points

Key Terms

  • Existing or previous cardmembers are not eligible for this product if they have received a new cardmember bonus for this product in the past 48 months.

Quick Thoughts

The Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card can make for a unique one-card solution in that it offers the best of both worlds: earn 2x “miles” on all purchases and then redeem those “miles” for paid travel at a reasonable rate of return or transfer those “miles” to airline partners. There’s also an enviable list of travel perks that makes the card a “keeper” in our opinion.

Our Reasonable Redemption Values pegs C1 miles at 1.45 cents each (meaning that we expect most folks to be able to get 1.45 cents of value per point without having to cherry-pick awards). That makes this offer worth ~$1,300…a terrific deal for only $4K spend.

It’s worth mentioning that if you’re in a two-player household where one person has the Venture X and the other has zero Capital One credit cards, you’re better off referring. You’d get 25,000 miles for the referral and the other person would get 75,000 miles for the welcome offer, adding up to a total of 100,000 miles. However, if the person opening the account has any existing Capital One credit cards, you won’t get the referral bonus so, in that case, it’s better to go for this 90k offer.

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I have the same card as an authorized user. Can I sign up for this promotion?


P2 applied and received this card about a month ago. I had her call Cap One today to see if they would honor this offer instead of her 75K offer. CSR specifically said “Where did you see this offer?” When she replied with “Online” the CSR said “we have been getting a lot of people calling in about this from a ‘frequent miler’ website. It is not publicly available so we cannot honor it.” Ymmv but I would screenshot if you apply with this offer in case they try to roll it back since it is not a ‘publicly available offer’.


Giggity! I’ve been planning on applying for the X as I’m cancelling my platinum card before the next AF. Couldn’t have come at a better time.

Thanks FM team!


does anyone know how long this offer will be open for?


Several questions, please:

  1. P1 and P2 have had a Capital One Spark Business card for over a decade (P1 is primary, P2 an authorized user). P2 got the Venture card ~5 months ago (when there was the 100k offer via a QR code). Given that we have a biz Capital One card, does that mean referrals are a no-go?
  2. Would it be better for P2 to apply for the Venture X, given that they got the Venture? Or the reverse? (P1 apply since they don’t have any card in the Venture series?)
  3. What is everyone’s best guess as to how long this will last?

Thanks everyone – take care!


Two questions:
1) Can I transfer C1 miles to United and IHG?
2) Could I open an account and then refer my husband, for a total of 190K miles?
BTW, I had a C1 free Quicksilver card for many years. I thought it was closed due to inactivity, but then AAA used it last month to charge my annual renewal, so I guess that means I have a C1 card after all.
Thanx for any insight.


1) No. For United, use Aeroplan to book the saver award space. Wyndham and Choice are the hotel partners. IHG only partners with Chase and Bilt.

2) They explain this above — I believe this is possible as long as your husband does not currently have a Cap 1 account.


Thank you, Brent!


Is the $300 travel credit calendar year or membership year?


I’m no expert, but reading the fine print (in the link to “rates and fees”) it appears to be membership year.



Arnold S

That does sound like a good offer, but how am I going to pull off $4,000 in manufactured spending? I think you guys have a page on how to reach these spend targets so I’ll start looking. Thanks for the heads up!


$4K in 3 months should be pretty easy to pull off without manufacturing spend, at least for anyone able to absorb the $400 annual fee.


This recession can’t come fast enough


Just called to try and get the bonus offer matched, I got the Venture X a few weeks ago. They are not matching. Bummer


Bummer. 🙁



Carl Pietrantonio

Damn. Came here to ask about this. Thanks for being the data point I (unfortunately) had a hunch about.


Any recent DPs of applicants with a decent number of cards (10+) already getting approved for this Capital One card?


I just got approved with 19 total active cards include 1 Capital One card (the regular Venture). But I also was only 4/24 so while I have a lot of cards open many of them are older (and I’ve been doing more business card offers recently).


Time to call and see if they’ll match since I just did the 75


Just got approved for the 90k offer. Thank!


Referral links still 75k, so 2 player mode it’s still best to refer to get the 75k offer and 25k referral.


If my friend refers me, do I and my friend we both get 25K referral bonus?


No, just your friend. I think Andrews post lacks context. If your husband/wife already has a card and you pool points it would make sense for your husband/wife to refer you. If neither have the card one should sign up for this then refer the other.

Seems like two player mode is poorly understood by much of this blogs audience.


Does capital one do offer matching?