[Update: Points Now Posting] Caution: Problems with Turkish transfers from Citi


Update 7/7/21: Readers are reporting that points are now finally posting, including from transfer requests that were submitted several weeks ago. That hopefully means that whatever the issue was on Citi’s end is either in the process of being resolved or has been fully resolved.

Update: My transfer from Capital One posted instantly. This is definitely an issue on the Citi side only and as per comments it is affecting other loyalty programs also. It may be wise to hold off on any transfers from Citi at the moment.

Mark this story as “developing”, but I thought it was worth a cautionary post. We have now had a handful of reports from readers who have made transfers from Citi ThankYou points to Turkish Miles & Smiles but that the miles have not shown up on the Turkish side. Several readers have very similar data points of making a transfer almost two weeks ago, having the points deducted from Citi, but then never seeing the points show up in their Turkish Miles & Smiles accounts. That’s obviously very frustrating to say the least, so it might be wise to hold off on making a transfer until we see some resolution and/or positive transfer data points.

The face you might be making while waiting for your miles to post in Turkish Miles & Smiles.

I first received an email about this situation about a week ago, but believed it to be an isolated incident. Then yesterday I saw another data point in Frequent Miler Insiders, so I put out a call for additional data points.

We had one reader who reports having successfully made a transfer two weeks ago, but a few others who report having initiated a transfer between 6/20-6/23 that still hasn’t shown up on the Turkish side. Frustratingly, Citi is saying that transfers can take up to 14 days and that a dispute can’t be filed until that much time has passed.

It’s worth noting that a couple of people experiencing this problem report that they have made multiple transfers to Turkish in the past without an issue, so this isn’t a case of people typing in the wrong account number or making some other type of user-error. At least one member of our Facebook group put in a second transfer earlier this week to see what would happen and the points still haven’t posted on that transfer, either.

In the past, transfers from Citi to Turkish have taken between 18-36 hours, so this current timeline definitely seems to indicate a problem somewhere. I’m not sure what to make of the one data point we have from a successful transfer two weeks ago as it seems all of the other data points we have from the past two weeks are negative. That said, we’re working with a very small sample size and would appreciate reader input. If you have made a transfer to Turkish Miles & Smiles within the past two weeks, was it successful? When did you transfer? From Citi or Capital One?

Ordinarily, I would hold off on posting until I had some more data points indicating a problem, but in this case I thought it was worth a quick note of caution rather than letting more and more readers end up in the same frustrating circumstances. Until we receive some positive data points, I’d recommend holding off on transfers to Turkish unless you can afford to float the points for a while. That is to say that if you don’t need to make a booking of imminent importance and/or you have other points or miles you could use in the meantime, by all means feel free to make a transfer and keep us updated with your data point. But for those who just have enough points for the booking they need, it might be wiser to wait.

At this point, I have only seen data points on this from Citi to Turkish. I’m unsure if Capital One transfers are experiencing the same problem, but I just now initiated a small transfer from my Capital One account as a test to see what happens. Again, if you have a pertinent data point about a recent (within the past two weeks) transfer, let us know in the comments.

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