Centurion Lounge Seattle


A few days ago, my wife and I had a chance to try out the new Centurion Lounge at the Seattle Tacoma airport. It was great. It is modern, stylish, and spacious. The food was excellent (I especially loved the blackened chicken!). And I love that they have a dedicated coffee shop area with barista prepared drinks. My latte was delicious.

Now that Amex Platinum cards don’t automatically offer free guest access to Centurion Lounges, I was very happy that we each had our own Platinum cards with us. To avoid forgetting these cards, I have long kept mine in my travel wallet inside my go-everywhere backpack, and my wife has learned to do the same. Another way to access Centurion Lounges is with a Delta Reserve card, but only if you’re flying Delta same day. In this case we were flying Alaska Airlines.

Centurion Lounge Seattle Location

The lounge is located on the mezzanine level in the Central Terminal.  Look for the lounge in the central food court.  The lounge is accessible by taking the elevator or staircase located in the food court in the Central Terminal.

Centurion Lounge Seattle Photo Gallery

Centurion Lounge Seattle Entrance

Centurion Lounge Seattle Bar

Centurion Lounge Seattle Coffee Shop

Centurion Lounge Seattle Buffet

All of the food I tried was good. The blackened chicken (on right) was fantastic.

Centurion Lounge Seattle Lounge Seating

The lounge part of the lounge is easy to miss.  It’s necessary to walk past the bar, past the coffee shop, past the buffet room, and past the bathrooms to get to this area.


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Ryan del Mundo

Greg ya can leave that AMEX paperweight at home. You can enter with the app, I do it all the time.


Do you just show them the card in the app? I always thought they had to swipe it… or do you use ApplePay for that?


You access a “reservation” code via the Amex ap on your phone. You don’t have to have the physical card


Would an employee’s DL Amex Reserve allow him entry to the Lounge or only the primary biz cardholder? I’m referring to the AU card for which I pay $175 addional AF to Amex.


Have not been there since it expanded..Looks a lot better.


This is actually at a different location than the old one.


And no indication on any terminal map exactly where it’s located. Was through SEA earlier this month and could not find it.


It’s in the central terminal: https://www.thecenturionlounge.com/locations/sea/


Just opened last week. The old location was closed the week before for the transition/ training. It’s on the SW mezzanine of the central food court.


It’s crazy better than the old one. Just went this week and it’s night and day between the upgraded one and the smaller one that almost was always on a wait list. The coffee bar is a nice add for sure.


Wish I’d met you there! My family were lucky to be there on the first day of opening, and they were giving away Seattle bagged coffees and spices. Much bigger spaces, less crowded and better food.

Mary W

Wow, looks like a VAST improvement over the old lounge, which was extremely cramped. Can’t wait to check the new one out!