All Chase Referral Links are now easy to find in one place


Chase has upped its refer-a-friend game quite a bit in the last couple of years and there’s decent referral bonuses on many Ultimate Rewards (UR) and co-branded credit cards. Referral offers often match the best available and, in some cases, are even better than the official public version. The 40,000 UR referral bonus on the Ink cards has been a particularly tasty development.

Previously, the easiest way to find your referral offers was this via this page, but it requires you to enter the last four digits of each card one-at-a-time. You could also go to individual cards on your Chase accounts and generate them that way (although many people never even realized that they were there).

Now, Chase has consolidated them all in on page, making it quick and easy to find referral links for all of your cards. Doctor of Credit wrote about this a couple of weeks ago and it appears that it’s fully integrated into all Chase credit card accounts.

How to find all of your Chase referral links

There are two ways to get to the landing page.

  1. Go to this link (you’ll need to log-in to your Chase account before clicking through). You’ll land at the following page:

Notice the drop down menu that, in this case, shows the number 1834. You can click on that and see all of your business and personal cards, then toggle through them to see the referral bonuses and the link as well (note that the last four digits of all the cards have been redacted in the image below).

The card shown above as -1834 is actually a card that I cancelled some time ago, so be aware that cancelled cards are displayed. Make sure that you’re sharing the link for an active card.

2. Go to any of of your cards in your online Chase account. On the menu at the top, select “More,” and then “Account services,” then “Refer-a-friend.” That now takes you to the same landing page (previously, it would only show referral options for that specific card).

Quick Thoughts

There’s nothing earth-shattering here, but it’s a nice improvement to Chase’s refer-a-friend program, making it much easier to get referral links for all your cards (there might be some that you didn’t realize that you had). Now, let’s hope it follows Amex’s lead on cross-brand referrals.

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