Chase Offers Expiry Dates Might Not Be Fixed After All


A couple of weeks ago we shared that the expiry dates for Chase Offers were fixed, so it was best to add the offers immediately seeing as the end date wouldn’t be extended if you waited to add the offer.

It turns out that in some cases that’s not strictly true as some Chase Offers are having their expiry dates extended. The conclusion that it makes sense to add the offers immediately still holds true though – here’s why.

Original end date of the Staples Chase Offer

I’d loaded the Staples offer to some of my cards a few weeks ago but hadn’t been near a store to take advantage of it. I was pretty sure it was due to have expired before last night as a few days before I’d seen a warning that there was only something like four days left. When checking Nick’s post, I saw that it ended on December 14.

Except it didn’t.

When checking my Chase Offers, the Staples offer was still available which was surprising. It now showed as having 15 days left with an expiry date of December 31.

Staples Chase Offer New End Date
New end date of the Staples Chase Offer

That means my original observation that Chase Offers expiry dates are fixed was incorrect. The conclusion that you should load the offers immediately remains the same though. The expiry date of the Staples Chase Offer was extended on my account despite the fact that I’d already loaded it to my card, so loading it doesn’t seem to affect whether or not its end date will change.

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