Chase Sapphire: 43% off Land’s End Purchase + Free Shipping!


For those of you who love to get stuff from Land’s End, here’s an outstanding deal.  If you shop Land’s End online by going first through the Mr. Rebates shopping portal, you can get 30% off the highest regular priced item, free shipping, AND 5% cash back.  But it gets even better (much better):  If you have a Chase rewards card with access to Chase’s Ultimate Rewards Mall, you can get an additional 12.5% back (in travel rewards).  Then, you can get another 1% back through Sears’ Shop Your Way rewards!  That means, if you purchase a single regular priced item, you will get back 30% + 5% (of 70%) + 12.5% (of 70%) + 1% (of 70%) = 42.95%!

Follow these steps:

1. Browse to the Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall and find Sears.  At the time of this writing, purchases from Sears via this portal are rewarded with 10 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar.  With UR points worth at least 1.25 cents each when redeemed for travel, that’s equivalent to a 12.5% rebate.  However,you want to buy from Land’s End, not Sears.  So, go to Sears from this portal and buy an e-gift card in the amount you need at Land’s End.  Sears owns Lands End, so a gift card from Sears will work at Land’s End.  It may take an hour or so to receive your e-gift card.

2. Go to Mr Rebates and log in (if you don’t already have an acount with Mr Rebates, you can do me a huge favor by signing up via this link.  Thanks!).  Find Land’s End, and notice they are offering a 5% rebate.  Also notice, there are some links for special deals.  The best deal, at the time of this writing, is one that says “30% off Highest Regular Priced Item + Free Shipping on $50+ Order”.  Click through that link to shop at Land’s End.  When shopping at Land’s End, make sure to pick a large item that is not on sale in order to get 30% off that item.  Before you checkout, though, read step 3:

3. Make sure you belong to Sears’ Shop Your Way Rewards program.  When checking out of Land’s End, enter your Shop Your Way Rewards number.  You will earn 1% back.  Note: you won’t earn Shop Your Way Rewards for the e-gift card, but you will earn for your final purchase.  Don’t forget to use your e-gift card to make your final purchase.

If you bought just a single regular priced item from Land’s End, you should now have the equivalent of 42.95% off!

To make things clearer, let’s walk through a scenario:

Suppose you see a nice jacket at Land’s End listing at $259.  Here’s what to do:

STEP 1: Figure out how much Sears credit you need.  $259 – 30% = $181.3 + tax.  I don’t think they will let you buy a gift card for exactly that much, so instead, buy one for $200.  By going through the Ultimate

Rewards mall, you have now earned 2000 UR points worth at least $25 in travel.

STEP 2: Via Mr Rebates, click through the 30% off link to get to Land’s End.  Find the jacket and add it to your shopping cart.  Thanks to the 30% discount, you save $77.70 right away.  The checkout amount should be approximately $181.30 (I say “approximately” because tax isn’t accounted for in this example).   Because you went through Mr. Rebates, this purchase will get you 5% cash back ($181.30 * .05 = $9.07 cash back)

STEP 3: Checkout.  Use your Sears e-gift card to pay.  Make sure to enter your Shop Your Way Rewards number to get an additional 1% back ($1.81)

So, let’s look at the final tally:

  • You spent $200 to get a gift card
  • You received $25 + $9.07 + $1.81 = $35.88 back in cash and travel
  • Your total outlay for the $259 jacket is $200 – $35.88 = $164.12
  • Depending on how much tax you were charged, you still have some Sears’ credit to spend!

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Awesome article. I like it.

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