Check Citi Offers for savings at grocery stores, drugstores & more


Citi Offers tend to fly under the radar compared to their Amex Offer and Chase Offer counterparts seeing as the savings on offer aren’t generally as high as those other card-linked programs.

Despite that, if you have any Citi cards it’s worth periodically checking your offers as there can sometimes be some decent offers giving statement credits at retailers like grocery stores, drugstores and more. That’s the case right now, with Citi Offers for stores like Food Lion, Stop & Shop, Fred Meyer, CVS and more being available.

Citi Offers grocery stores

The Deal

  • There are Citi Offers for stores including:
    • Food Lion – 3% back
    • Fred Meyer – $10 back
    • Stop & Shop – 4% back
    • CVS – 2% back
    • Winn-Dixie – 5% back
  • Direct link to Citi Offers.

Key Terms

  • Various expiry dates.
  • Various limits.

Quick Thoughts

In many cases, Citi Offers aren’t anything to be particularly excited about due to the low percentage cashback rates and low overall limits. For example, the CVS offer my wife has on one of her cards is for 2% back with a limit of $3 cashback (i.e. $150 spend), while the Food Lion offer is 3% back with a limit of $8 cashback (i.e. $266.67 spend).

Having said that, any savings are good savings, especially if you’re planning on shopping at any of the eligible retailers anyway. It can potentially get even better if you can stack the savings with a Citi card earning bonus points at that retailer. For example, the Citi Premier card earns 3x at grocery stores, so earning a few bucks back on top of that if you shop at stores like Stop & Shop, Food Lion, Winn-Dixie or Fred Meyer could be a nice little bonus.

Be sure to check the terms of any offer you activate in case there’s anything important you need to know. For example, the Fred Meyer offer giving $10 back requires at least $50 of spend but it’s also only valid on orders from – not in-store purchases. You can use that offer up to four times though.

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I’m reluctant to add these, because invariably it will later get added to Simply Miles, and I get locked out of that as I generally prefer AA miles.


I noticed the same thing. They all seem to overlap and SimplyMiles covers more cards as well (including Chase Freedom Flex) so better to add with AA. Won’t be using citi offers much any more. Guess that makes my life more simple.


Agree there is little value in many of the Citi Merchant offers now, unless you just don’t care to accumulate any AA miles. SimplyMiles works across more cards with the option to stack with offers from other programs since the stacking with Citi Merchant offers is largely broken.