(EXPIRED) Citi Prestige gets 5x bonus for online / cable / streaming (up to 7500 points)

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Citi is out with a new bonus for Prestige cardholders: get 5x points for online, cable, and streaming purchases (up to 7500 points) through the end of 2020. The fact that online purchases are included should make this very easy to max out with the holiday shopping season upon us.

The Deal

  • Citi Prestige cardholders can earn 5 ThankYou Rewards points for every $1 spent on online, cable, and streaming purchases through the end of 2020 (up to 7500 points)

Key Terms

  • Eligible cable and streaming providers include more than 20 platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video, Apple Music, Disney+, ESPN+, HBO NOW, Netflix, SiriusXM, and Sling TV

Quick Thoughts

Making $1500 in purchases should max this one out (the email Citi sent us said you could earn up to 7500 points rather than 7500 bonus points, so I’m assuming a cap at $1500 in purchases).

Note that it is not at all uncommon for Citi to pass along information to us that they fail to communicate to phone reps (and cardholders), so I wouldn’t be surprised if this information isn’t widely available for a while yet. The email they sent indicated that “eligible cardholders” can earn this bonus, which I take to mean any cardholder in good standing. Since there is plenty of time left in 2020, you could of course make a small test purchases and have plenty of time to check your earnings to be sure you’re getting 5x.

Given the prevalence of online shopping, it should probably be pretty easy to max this out before the end of the year even without streaming or cable purchases. If you’re planning a very large purchase, I recommend checking Doctor of Credit’s payments workshop for data points on the store from which you’re buying. The AT&T Access More card (no longer available) also offers a bonus for online retail purchases, but some stores inexplicably don’t count for the online bonus. I’d expect that if your chosen store is listed in the payments workshop as earning 3x on the AT&T Access More card, it’ll probably earn 5x with the Prestige card. For example, online camera shops Adorama and B&H Photo and Video don’t trigger 3x on the AT&T card, so I probably wouldn’t put a $1500 purchase on the Prestige card before testing a small purchase to see whether it codes differently.

Overall, it’s nice to see the additional spending bonuses like this keep coming from issuers, making it easy to earn a great return on most purchases.

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[…] 5X Online & More (through end of year): Citi Prestige cardholders can now earn 5X for online, cable, and streaming purchases (up to 7500 points) through the end of 2020. […]


I got this offer for all online purchases through 11-30-2020 on virtually all of my (and P2’s) Citi cards, for a max of $500 spend (2,500 TY points)


Gift Card Mall – Office Depot promotion–Save $15 on $300 Visa Gift Card–works as 5x online purchase thru 12/31/2020 on Citi Prestige card 

[…] is excellent.  Plus, this should stack with other promos that Citi has been offering, such as Citi Prestige 5X for online and more.  And, if you call Citi to ask for a retention offer, in my experience you have a good chance of […]


I was just told by a Citi rep that these bonus points will post as a bonus when the statement cuts, but will not be shown as 5x for each transaction.

Greg The Frequent Miler

Interesting. My 5X shows online with each transaction.


Well, let’s just remember this was a citi rep who said this. They are not always the most reliable…

So So

My 5x bonus has finally posted as a statement bonus. For me unlike the last 5x bonus promotion, it is not showing 5x online with each transaction.


I also had an Amazon purchase post on 10/10/2020 which credited at 1x. Maybe this is targeted after all?


Plenty of reports from different people I know and from online posts that everything seems to be posting 1x. I was targeted. Not sure what’s going on.


Might come in as a bonus at the end of the month?


That is not how it worked the last time. The 5x was obvious on the web interface once the charge posted and this time it is not. Either Citi has changed how it works, they have coded it wrong, this is targeted or some blogs are misinformed. I tried several different purchases that worked last time and this time nada.


Yep. I was targeted for what it’s worth but not seeing the bonus show up on my transactions. Will know for sure once the statement closes.

[…] to cardholders.  In another typical Citi move, their PR team is alerting major travel blogs that the Prestige will earn 5x points on online purchases and cable/streaming expenses thru the end of the year. I guess I’ll see an email from Citi in a few weeks telling me about […]


I finally product changed my 7 yr old Prestige card 2 days ago as they were unable to articulate any retention offer whatsoever. I would have kept it open if there was no pandemic as I’m deeply entrenched in the Thank You Points ecosystem. Strange way of conducting business.


Citi gonna Citi


I’ve never seen a retention offer for a product change. They only offer if you threaten to cancel.


Except I would put my B&H purchases on the Citi Prestige not withstanding since to me the +2 years for my warranty on electronics exceed the value of any points I receive.


It is hard to know, but it is insurance and insurance is about the unknown. 🙂 For expensive items, I am less willing to take the risk of self-insuring. It is a trade-off.


Will this work for paying a Verizon Fios bill?


It’s not $1500, it’s $1875 spend (4 additional points up to 7500). Regarding the categories, it counts more than AT&T AM as online, for example Paypal, Plastiq and utilities payments were counted during the last similar promo.

Last edited 2 years ago by Yuri

[…] This morning Nick posted a new deal for Citi Prestige cardholders: Citi Prestige gets 5x bonus for online / cable / streaming (up to 7500 points). […]


Seems like it might be targeted, I didn’t get the email for my Prestige card.


Same I didn’t get an email, but I will do a amazon $1 reload and see how it codes. Thank you nick!


Going back to this, the amazon transaction posted, but only 1TYP not 5TYP, I try reaching out to citi and they said there is not such promotion?

So So

Same here

[…] 5X Online & More (through end of year): Citi Prestige cardholders can now earn 5X for online, cable, and streaming purchases (up to 7500 points) through the end of 2020. […]